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Black on Both Sides: A Vigil and Dance Party for the Black LGBTQIA

Multiple dates through Jun 30, 8 pm
Revolution Hall Buckman Neighborhood
"About one year ago today would have been this years Trans Pride March in Portland, Oregon. The event would commemorate the tail-end days of the initial Stone Wall movement in 1969. Being Black Trans and Queer is magical. During a time where there seems to be a question still of how to celebrate Pride amidst fears that to do so is taking the focus away from BLM, we’re here to say we are BLM and have always been. Every day is Pride. We’ve celebrated with cook outs, house parties, public displays of affection, marches, vigils, bricks, tournaments and readings. We demand a quality of life and to live freely. Join us. All donations go to this event’s artists, speakers, BLM, the Black Trans Lives Matter movement, and Shock Bloc."

Revolution Hall

1300 SE Stark #110 Portland, OR 97214