In Lieu of An Ocean (send Flowers)

Multiple dates through Sep 28
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"IN LIEU OF AN OCEAN (SEND FLOWERS) is a program of recent videos by seven artists with corresponding (appropriated) video context borne out of samples of recent American history. At the heart of the program is a range of urgencies, desires, interventions, and extrapolations of time into other kinds of time. Instead of a monologue, it is an overlapping constellation of devices, both literary and cinematic; a conversion of simultaneous conversations into a timeline overloaded by speech as well as the many references within this speech. Interspersed throughout the program are news clips, interviews, and other found “footnotes” connected to as well as, at other times, in contradiction of, the range of experiences manifested in the works of the seven artists included in the program." (Promo Copy)

Sept 28 is an outdoor screening with Mobile Projection Unit (location TBA).

This is an online event

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