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Yo La Tengo

Multiple dates through Aug 2, 10 am
This is an online event · Online
$20 - $22
For as long as I’ve been conscious of the changing seasons, the beginning of June has marked the beginning of summer. Soundtracking the former can take shape in any number of ways: looping A Tribe Called Quest albums, or making yet another chillwave playlist. When it comes to hushed summer nights, however, nothing feels quite as fitting as Hoboken, New Jersey, indie rock lifers Yo La Tengo—whose sets in this livestream are played in the "formless" style of the Amnesia recordings. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what to expect from these shows; Yo La Tengo have always hated the habitual.

To purchase tickets to the 6/2 show, click here.
To purchase tickets to the 6/3 show, click here.



Online Portland, OR 97214
This is an online event