Papi Sal's

3612 SE 82nd Ave (Lents)
Portland, OR 97266

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This food cart serves a unique combination of Puerto Rican barbecue and Philadelphia comfort food made with local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Owner John Hatch, a.k.a. "Papi Sal," is Russian and Puerto Rican and was adopted into an Italian family in Philadelphia. The cart serves a variety of sandwiches on house-baked bread, such as "The Jawn" (slow-roasted Puerto Rican lechon with oregano jus, Puerto Rican barbecue sauce, sofrito mayo, and chicharrones on an Italian sesame seed roll), which is named for an all-purpose Philly slang word meaning pretty much anything, the "Mr. Burns" (a fried egg, sour cream and onion dip or sofrito mayo, and hot roasted peppers on a sesame seed baguette), and a "veggie jawn" (semolina onion rings, portobello mushrooms, vegan Cheez Whiz, sofrito mayo, and sautéed onions on a sesame seed baguette). There's also coconut garlic poached white fish, almojabanas (Colombian cheese bread), and alcapurrias (a popular Puerto Rican fritter dish).

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