Things to Do for Independence Day 2018!

8 Things to Do for the Fourth of July!
July 3, 2018

Independence Day
This is a bad movie. It is a bad movie that blew up the box office in the '90s due to a Super Bowl spot that showed a giant laser exploding the White House. It looked pretty goddamned amazing, to be fair. Most of the movie looks amazing. Roland Emmerich, who peaked with Stargate and has since rolled downhill with ever-more expensive flaming heaps of "cinema," spent half his budget blowing up the other half, and it absolutely shows. However: Being bad doesn't preclude being enjoyable, and Independence Day is very much that, too. Will Smith owning his inevitable superstardom. Jeff Goldblum owning his brainy beefcakery. A dog escaping a fireball by jumping into an alley. Bill Pullman's speech. That one guy saluting vigorously in response to Bill Pullman's speech. Randy Quaid, as plane-and-meat enema, as climax. It may be bad, but it's not really the Fourth of July until the Fresh Prince welcomes you to Earth. BOBBY ROBERTS
2:05 pm & 9:25 pm, Academy Theater, $3-4, all ages

Estacada Timber Festival
Get ready for some straight-up Oregon Oregon-ness, because the Estacada Timber Festival is back with the best lineup ever. First, you’ll witness brave ’n’ brawny loggers competing in feats of strength—like ax throwing, log rolling, speed climbing, Jack-and-Jill bucking, and taming the mighty obstacle pole! And as if that weren’t enough, there'll be live music, food trucks, a carnival, and goddamn FIREWORKS. ERIK HENRIKSEN
10 am, Estacada Timber Park, $5, all ages

Waterfront Blues Festival
The Waterfront Blues Festival is a Fourth of July tradition, a weekend-long gathering on the river to celebrate all styles of American music (not just the blues). With performers like Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Mavericks, The Motet, Commander Cody, and countless others performing under the sun, it’s the best way to be reminded that our crazy, conflicted country has birthed some pretty wonderful music. NED LANNAMANN
noon, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, $30, all ages

Portland Pickles vs. Cowlitz Black Bears
The Pickles close out a Fourth of July doubleheader with the second game in a home stand against the Cowlitz Black Bears. Stick around after the game for a fireworks show.
7:05 pm, Walker Stadium, $7-13, all ages

St. Paul Rodeo
It’s a Fourth of July tradition (for me, anyway). The St. Paul Rodeo is a scant 45 minutes out of town, and jam-crammed with quaint, fun, and decidedly AMERICAN events… such as the annual (and adorable) parade, carnival, BBQ cook-off, plenty of buckin’, ropin’, and ridin’—AND fireworks at night! Love it or leave it, commie! WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
8 am, St. Paul Rodeo, $16-30, all ages

Olympia Provisions' All-American 4th of July Party
Olympia Provisions transforms its parking lot into the staging grounds for an all-Independence-Day-long party, with a grill going (you gotta have a grill going,) live music, beer, summer games and more.
2 pm, Olympia Provisions Public House Eatery, free, all ages

Not Independence, Liberation!
A different kind of Fourth of July celebration—normally those include fireworks and barbecue. This one is a little less about blowing stuff up and a little more about raising money for social justice via delicious vegan baked goods, with Food Fight donating space for the city's many vegan businesses to sell their wares, with proceeds going to the Social Justice Fund's 2018 Coalitions & Alliances Giving Project.
10 am, Food Fight! Grocery

Slum Village
The Detroit hip-hop legends bless Portland for Independence Day, in honor of the highly influential LP Fantastic, Vol 2 turning 20 this year.
9 pm, Star Theater, $20

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