Where to Find Portland Cannabis Dispensaries... That Deliver!

April 20, 2020

Good food from great chefs isn't the only thing you can get delivered to your door while hunkered down during the coronavirus crisis. In fact, one of the best ways to take the edge off these increasingly fraught and heady times is a Northwest tradition: enjoying a smoky treat (or two.)

for a list of Portland-area dispensaries ready to take your online or over-the-phone cannabis orders.

It's a good idea to visit their sites for specifics—some of these dispensaries have certain conditions you must meet in order to fulfill the order, and some will be offering special deals for new customers and medical patients as well.

Make sure to check back for updates to our list as more dispensaries make delivery options available. If you know a dispensary is delivering during this crisis, but you don't see it on our list, drop us an email and let us know. And if you've contacted a listed dispensary and their addition was made in error, get a hold of us and we'll fix it right away.