Your Guide to Portland Sports Bars: Where to Watch Basketball, Soccer, and More

August 7, 2020
Dame won't actually be dropping dimes from the picnic table at the Hi-Top this summer... but he could if he wanted to. (Hi-Top Tavern via Facebook)

Adapting to pandemic life hasn't been easy for anyone, and finding some semblance of "normalcy" is like a cool drink on a hot day. Or a cold beer at your favorite sports bar while you watch the Blazers make a fool out of the nonbelievers.

Well, speaking of beer, and Blazer games: That sense of normalcy is back (sort of), albeit modified to adhere to safe social distancing guidelines (as they should be): The NBA's got teams in a bubble, MLS has their tournament going on, MLB is... doing that baseball thing, we guess? And sports bars in Portland are ready to welcome small groups of sports fans back inside to catch all that summer action—or outside to watch the game on their patio (Hello Hi-Top and Tough Luck!)

That's where we come in! We're keeping track of which sports bars in town are offering dine-in options, so if you want to enjoy some wings, or nachos, or a slider and a pint while Dame, Nurk, Melo, CJ, and the crew set the bubble on fire, so long as you're observing best practices—you can do that!


This isn't a complete list: We'll be updating it regularly as more sports bars begin reopening, and if you know of a spot that's already open but you don't see them listed here, email us and we'll get the update in ASAP.