Erinn Kathryn: Lands of Enchantment, window exhibition

Every day, through Nov 30
Paragon Gallery North Portland (Portland)
This is an in-person event

The Paragon Arts Gallery at Portland Community College, Cascade Campus is proud to present Erinn Kathryn: Lands of Enchantment, a window exclusive exhibition of four large dioramas challenging the glossy, picturesque, Kodachrome mirages of white settler America. Erinn Kathryn was initially inspired by a vintage postcard diorama she found in a local shop, captivated that someone took the time to create such an homage to a place they had traveled. Postcards are the talismans of tourism. They memorialize one's experience in a place, idealize the place itself. Beginning in 2019, Erinn Kathryn created a series of her own postcard-sized dioramas revealing truths obscured by the idyllic imagery. Over the postcard, displayed in a small box, she layered text: black text naming the indigenous tribes who have stewardship over the land and red text revealing an unspoken truth about the current condition of that land. For this window exhibition, Erinn Kathryn has enlarged the dioramas and the vintage postcards for a powerful punch.

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Paragon Gallery

815 N Killingsworth Portland, OR 97217

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