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Nancy Meyers’ work is like if the acclaimed late Norah Ephron shot all her movies through a sunny Instagram filter. And from The Parent Trap to the Father of the Bride series to The Holiday, they’ve always served as cinematic comfort food for me. I think the last Meyers movie I re-watched was Something’s Gotta Give, an early-2000s Hamptons-set love triangle between Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Keanu Reeves as a young, handsome doctor. I streamed it on New Year’s Eve when I was home sick with a brutal sinus infection (in retrospect, definitely an omen for 2020). The white/beige color palette and smooth pacing of Keaton and Nicholson gradually realizing they’re meant for each other went down easier than cough medicine. Imagine my excitement, then, when I opened Instagram and saw [the announcement of a new Father of the Bride film]—brought to me by none other Ina Garten, who definitely exists in the Meyers Cinematic Universe (MCU, because I don’t think that acronym is taken yet?). Based on the publicity around Father of the Bride 3 (ish), it isn’t going to be a full feature film, but rather some sort of cast/character reunion, likely done over Zoom. We’ve seen lots of TV show and movie casts do the same during the pandemic, including Parks and Recreation and The Princess Bride. I’m perhaps most excited to see Kieran Culkin (you might know him now as Roman on Succession) reprise his role as Matty, the adorable baby brother. by Blair Stenvick
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This is an online event

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