Mia Farrington | Place

Thu - Sat, through Oct 2, 1 - 6 pm
Stephanie Chefas Projects Buckman Neighborhood (Portland)
This is an in-person event
All Ages
"For this new collection of work I began where I always do, which is with color. The colors for PLACE are a reflection of my time spent in the Painted Hills region of the John Day Fossil Beds. The red (iron-oxide-rich laterite soil), gold, black (lignite soil), sage, lavender (caused from rhyolitic lava) and white are all representations of colors that are found there. With each visit, these colors would change slightly depending on the time of year, the moisture levels and where the sunlight hits the hills. This can also be found in my paintings as each color has variations of the original hue.

Relationships are at the core of my paintings. How do we reflect our thoughts and feelings through color and shapes? How do we then translate these conversations and emotions into visual elements? How are our relationships with ourselves and others affected by where we find a sense of belonging? For me this PLACE can be found through color in nature. My hope for this series is that the subject of searching for a sense of PLACE forms a story and relationships with the diverging shapes and hues of the colors. The colors are meant to represent not only one specific place but all of the variations of what PLACE might mean to everyone that experiences the work. - Mia Farrington" (Promo Copy)
Masks are required and social distancing practices are encouraged.

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