Women, Trans, and Femme Riders in Early Cycling History

This event is in the past
Tues March 26, 2019, 7 pm
evo Buckman Neighborhood (Portland)
Tessa Hulls is a visual artist, comic, writer, and adventurer who has biked solo all over the planet, rolling over approximately 14,000 miles of paved road and donkey trail at 12 miles per hour. No matter where she went on her long rides, she always heard the same thing from passersby: "You know, a woman can't travel alone." This constant refrain provoked Hulls to add another line to her résumé: feminist historian with a focus on little-known turn-of-the-20th-century adventurers. After digging up tons of primary source material about female-identified bikers of yore, she's now out on a lecture tour to show that she can travel alone, thank you very much. And what's more, she's following in a long but undersung tradition of women adventurers who used a two-wheeler to fight for their rights. by Rich Smith


200 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Portland, Oregon 97214