All Music Venue near Portland

The Modern Age (PSU)

All-ages music venue on the Portland State University campus.
1825 SW Broadway (Basement of the Smith Center)
Southwest Portland
1825 SW Broadway
Southwest Portland
1620 SW Park
Southwest Portland
1210 SW 6th
Southwest Portland
(503) 517-6000
1210 SW 6th
Southwest Portland

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Spanning much of the downtown area and bordering the Willamette River, Waterfront Park is the best way to see our famed bridges and commune with every flavor o…
1020 SW Naito Pkwy.
Southwest Portland

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

If you want to feel super fancy, take in a show at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. The performing arts center is home to the Oregon Symphony, Metropolitan Y…
1037 SW Broadway
Southwest Portland
50 SW Morrison
Southwest Portland
529 SW 4th
Southwest Portland
1532 SW Jefferson
Goose Hollow

Kelly's Olympian

If someone were to make a Broadway musical about the Open Road and America, that Broadway musical would look a lot like Kelly's Olympian. The neon, the road si…
426 SW Washington
Southwest Portland
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Southwest Portland
211 SE Caruthers

PICA at West End

PICA’s programming has been known to bridge genres and provide a steady mix of local and nationally recognized artists. Does a reading from Lynne Tillman juxta…
415 SW 10th, Suite 300
Southwest Portland
303 SW 12th
Southwest Portland

Roseland Theater

Formerly known as the Starry Night in the 1980s (until the owner murdered an employee in 1990), the Roseland Theater sits on downtown’s main thoroughfare, West…
8 NW 6th
Southwest Portland


Valentine's is like going down to your cool friend's basement, where he's set up his own little bar. "Check this out!" he says. "It's ginger bourbon! Yeah? Try…
232 SW Ankeny
Southwest Portland

Star Theater

Like so many older buildings in the city, the Star Theater has been through some changes in the 100-plus years since it was built: It’s been a silent movie hou…
13 NW 6th
Northwest Portland


While the rest of Old Town slowly adapts to the new commercial landscape, Dante’s holds true to the downtown core’s less than savory roots. With its warm indoo…
350 W Burnside
Southwest Portland
128 NW 11th
Northwest Portland