Bailey's Taproom

213 SW Broadway (Southwest Portland)
Portland, OR 97204
Mon-Sat 12 pm-12 am

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(Bailey's Taproom)
Bailey's Taproom isn't just the best beer bar downtown, it's become one of the best places to get a pint in all of Portland. Boasting a staggering, quickly rotating selection of 24 excellent and/or über-rare beers—at terrific prices, mind you—Bailey's is inviting and unpretentious. Well, except for the high-tech digital tap board, which allows you to see how full each of the kegs are. (The website also has the info, allowing you to plan your visit around a particular pint.) Want to bring in outside food? Bailey's lets you. You can even order Mexican food from Santeria across the street, and they'll deliver it to your table. If you're downtown and need a good beer, there's nowhere else. NED LANNAMANN
Mon-Sat 12 pm-12 am

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