Daily Grill

750 SW Alder St. (Southwest Portland)
Portland, OR 97205
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Next to the Westin hotel—you know, that place where you see fucking Maseratis parked—is the Daily Grill, the Portland installment of the hotel restaurant chain. But surprise! This particular Daily Grill—small and almost hidden—is actually one of downtown's better-kept secrets, thanks to friendly, fast bartenders and a varied menu that offers everything from a hummus plate to filet mignon. Also varied: the actual space. There are dark tables, good for grabbing a quick drink with a friend or date, or there's usually basketball on if you want to sidle up to the bar, or, around the other side of the bar, there's a counter with embedded iPads (okay!) and a loungier area for quiet conversation. What the Daily Grill might lack in personality—you'll never forget you're sitting in a chain restaurant—it makes up for by being an easy and surprisingly pleasant spot to grab a quick drink, relax for a bit, or Google how to hotwire Maseratis. ERIK HENRIKSEN

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