Lompoc Tavern

1620 NW 23rd (Northwest Portland)
Portland, Oregon
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For beer lovers, the Lompoc Tavern is a magnet. The kind that can lift old, junked cars and toss them onto other old, junked cars. And while their homemade brews achieve legendary status—IN YOUR MOUTH—it would be foolhardy to short shrift their equally delicious cocktails and pub menu. Their truffle fries and heaping nachos are some of your friends' faves, but please do try their mole pork soft tacos, which are topped with jalapeno citrus slaw, cotija cheese, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Dear god, they're delicious. Toss in near constant soccer games on the screen, $3 Bloody Mary and Mimosa Sundays, and Lompoc consistently proves itself to be a great meeting place to drink and feast for you and your pals—who are notoriously hard to please. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

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