Maya's Taqueria

1000 SW Morrison St (Downtown Portland)
Portland, OR 97205

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If cheesy nachos—and a troubling amount of cheese at that—are a must-have, you don't have to go far from Pioneer Square to be satisfied. Maya's Taqueria—holding down the corner of SW 10th and SW Morrison for decades—provides a vast array of Mexican food options AND a full bar. Whether you want Tex-mex style dishes like taco salad or Columbian pupusas, Maya's has it covered. The aforementioned nachos are dear to my heart for their multi-layered approach to cheese: It's throughout the nachos so that you aren't left with cold tortilla chip bones at the end. I'm also always down to mess around with one of their breakfast burritos (served all day!) and—during my academic years—risked being late to class on many a morning to do just that. I was never actually late, though, due to Maya's speedy service. SUZETTE SMITH

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