Teardrop Lounge

1015 NW Everett St. (Northwest Portland)
Portland, OR 97209

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It'd be hard to spend the entire night at Teardrop; it's not the place you go to knock back beers or get a chardonnay buzz. It's craft cocktails or GTFO, and in that department they're one of the best—a nerd's paradise of elixirs and bitters and spirits set aflame. It can get cramped on weekend nights, but it's worth fighting for if you appreciate the lore and artistry that goes into your (around $10) cocktail. Of course, should you have the funds and the lack of obligations to sleep off a mixture of alcohols the following day, feel free to work your way through the impressive and varied cocktail list; it's like a drinkable tour through time and around the world. MARJORIE SKINNER

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