Yur's Bar & Grill

717 NW 16th Ave. (Northwest Portland)
Portland, OR 97209
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Yur's is not particularly memorable in that it's a neighborhood dive bar of prototypical designation, but also because one's memory tends to gray out after a couple of their robust boozy pours. Boisterous barflies gather alongside off-duty cab drivers and neighborhood kids in this spacious watering hole to swap tales and make the most of happy hour's waning minutes. There's a little bit of a "drink while the drinking's good" feel to the joint, but it's the perfect place to have some fortifying shots before a show at the Mission Theater or to bolster oneself for tent shopping at REI. Yur's is filling up growlers, too, so you can take a bit of the saloon back home with you. COURTNEY FERGUSON

Upcoming Events at Yur's Bar & Grill

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