Mansome was conceived around Morgan Spurlock's own porn-style mustache, and the film feels as if—in slowly amassing his cottage industry of novelty documentaries—here Spurlock just let a conversation with Will Arnett go too far. It's a regular Arrested Development reunion: Arnett and Jason Bateman sitting in a bubble bath, competing for who has the lowest voice, is only one example of Spurlock's heavy reliance on interviewing comedians and writers. And it works: John Waters waxes eloquently about his trademark pencil 'stache. Zach Galifianakis deliberately avoids talking about grooming entirely. The first 40 minutes of interviews are totally chucklesauce. Unfortunately, Mansome is front-loaded. At the 45-minute mark—usually the part of a documentary that contains a point—things begin to slow down because, well, there isn't really a point to Mansome. by Suzette Smith
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Morgan Spurlock
Will Arnett, Judd Apatow, Jason Bateman