About Prefunq

Prefunq is about expanding culture, connection and community.  As our lives become increasingly tied together by technology and the digitization of how we communicate, Prefunq is a platform that infuses soul and personality intro our online lives.  And, at the same, Prefunq puts to work many of the local musicians and live entertainment artists that want to perform and grow their fan following.

Prefunq allows you to book local and national musicians and other artists to appear at your meetings or other virtual events.

For business and organizations, Prefunq provides a short and creative approach to building culture, disrupting the routine of video based meetings, and supporting community artists.

For individuals and small groups, Prefunq provides a fresh approach to engaging with friends and the entertainment experience.

If you would like to have a Prefunq artist play at your online event or meeting, contact us here and we’ll match you with a performer. You can also browse our featured artists here.

If you’re a performer and would like to become a Prefunq artist contact us here.