Prefunq for Business

Prefunq your next meeting!

Is your company’s work-from-home culture missing something? Meetings all blurring together? Prefunq adds culture, creativity, and fun! 

Prefunq specializes in 10-15 minute performances by incredible local musicians to kick off your online meetings and happy hours. You pick the artist (or we can suggest one that’s right for you) and we’ll do the rest. It’s fast, easy, and will transform your office culture for the better. Plus, you’ll be supporting local artists who are currently unable to perform live shows because of the pandemic. You’ll be doing good for your company and your community! 

What People Are Saying

"Prefunq is the perfect way to not only support artists, but infuse a lovely, refreshing energy into your work life. We have a weekly Monday at 9am meeting which more or less is a predictable experience. Prefunq connected us with Shaina Shepard and she brought not only the music, but a fresh wisdom on approaching work and the week. Throughout the meeting, my colleagues were just blown away by it all. To have someone like Shaina Shepard play a few songs for us sets a phenomenal tone for the rest of the week. Prefunq worked closely with me to organize the concert, they are very communicative, and they also took the time to get to know our organization and supplied suggestions on who would work best considering the circumstances. Do you and your company a favor: Hire prefunq. Support the arts. And get ready for some stoked co-workers."

Andy Buffelen - Intentional Futures

"While we’re all battling the fatigue of wall-to-wall zooms during this pandemic, we were so happy to connect with Prefunq to bring some variety and joy into our weekly team meetings. It was an easy process to coordinate and our featured artist (Sharmaine Tillmon) was fantastic. The team was delighted with the entertainment and as a civically-minded company, we were proud to support local artists during this trying time."

Jen Haller - People Operations Manager, Attunely

"Working with Prefunq and it’s live music approach to our digital lives, greatly improved the excitement and morale at our recent company meeting.  And it felt good to engage in a company wide activity that also supported the arts.  The peformance was fun and inspired and the process for working with the artist and Prefunq was easy."

James Millaway - CEO, Zero


Participants Price
0-25 $125
26-50 $150
51-100 $175
101-150 $200
151+ $225