Become a Prefunq Performer!

Your next gig is waiting!

As you know, Covid has made live performances nearly impossible, leaving a big hole in our culture and creating huge challenges for artists and performers. We want to change all that.

With Prefunq, performers can connect with audiences, build a following and get paying gigs from wherever they are, while bringing some culture and joy back to people's screen-based lives.

Prefunq specializes in 10-15 minute performances by incredible local musicians like you to kick off online meetings and happy hours for businesses, as well as special online events for private parties. Performers typically start the meeting, introducing themselves and playing a few songs of their choosing. It turns out to be surprisingly intimate and fun for both performers and audience.

How much do the gigs pay? We charge clients by the number of participants (see our pricing page). Performers get 75% and Prefunq gets 25%. Artists are paid within one working day of their performance.

Drop us a line to get started. We can't wait to hear from you!