Stranger Than Usual

117 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: November 19-24, 2019

A Turkey Toss, an Inflatable Poop Emoji Pop-Up, and More Unusual Events
November 19, 2019
Watch the denizens of the Woodland Park Zoo go positively bonkers for raw and frozen Thanksgiving treats at Saturday's Turkey Toss.
Our arts critics have already recommended 55 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 43 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from an elf-themed Gingerbread Village to a chance to meet the crew of the Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam, and from Baby Goats & Pints to the Poo~Pourri Giant Poo Tour. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.
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  1. Author Talk: Lavash by Kate Leahy and Ara Zada
    Cookbook author Kate Leahy and chef Ara Zada will stop in Seattle to discuss their new book Lavash, which celebrates the titular soft flatbread in all of its versatility as well as other Armenian cuisine.
  2. MUSIC

  3. Techapella Pacific Northwest Fall 2019
    Musically inclined tech workers from Microsoft, Expedia, and Google will show off their a cappella chops. 

  5. Jon Boogz and Lil Buck (MAI): Love Heals All Wounds
    Choreographer-dancers John Boogz and Lil Buck will perform a piece, created through the Movement Art Is program, that responds to social crises while extolling diversity and empathy. If you've had your head stuck in the news lately and are feeling pent-up despair and rage, this sounds like a good remedy.

  7. Alyssa Battistoni: A Planet to Win
    Need a refresher on the Green New Deal? Alyssa Battistoni's A Planet to Win breaks down how the initiative would help dismantle the fossil fuel industry, build renewable energy landscapes and no-carbon housing, and guarantee free public transit. 
  8. Crosscut Talks Live - WTO: Did Everyone Lose the Battle of Seattle?
    On the 20th anniversary of the Seattle protests against a World Trade Organization meeting, which press materials argue [shaped] the dialogue around economic equity in the 21st century," join a conversation about the lasting impact of the event and what it foretold about our current economic and political reality. 
  9. Richard Louv: Connecting With Animals to Transform Our Lives
    Journalist and author Richard Louv explores the future of human-animal coexistence in his new book, Our Wild Calling. He'll come to Seattle to read. 
  10. The Science of Sports and Entertainment: Supporting the Roof
    How and why does the 44-million-pound roof atop Seattle Center's New Arena appear to be floating in mid-air? Get the lowdown on the engineering and science behind the majestic canopy that dates back to the Seattle World's Fair (and that now sits atop a brand-new building). 
  11. We Are Puget Sound: Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea
    Join Town Hall Seattle and Braided River for a presentation featuring their new multimedia book We Are Puget Sound: Discovering and Recovering the Salish Sea, part of their campaign to save this beautiful and important body of water. Contributors who'll be reading will include Suquamish Tribal Chairman Leonard Forsman, the Washington Environmental Council's Mindy Roberts, and Orca Recovery Task Force co-chair Les Purce.
  12. Writing into the Sunset with Annie Proulx
    Annie Proulx will share some of the wild findings she discovered while working on an essay about peatlands, including 140-year old marginal notations repeatedly accusing Alfred Lord Tennyson of plagiarism and rare photographs of the American southern swampland. 

  14. Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament & VIP Barbershop
    Make good use of all the hours of your life you've spent honing your ping pong skills by entering a tournament benefiting Mary's Place and No Child Sleeps Outside. VIP players will get the chance to play against celebrities (including champion hydroplane pilot Jimmy Shane and local restaurateur Ethan Stowell) and receive a trim from Seahawks celebrity barber Mark Baysinger.


  16. Miyagi Gourmet Fair
    Capitol Hill's bustling izakaya Suika has teamed up with Miyagi, a Japanese prefecture north of Tokyo on the east coast of Honshu Island, to come up with a special lineup of food featuring ingredients from the region and a curated selection of sake. 


  18. Festival of Historical Experimental Music for Percussion
    This genre-specific extravaganza promises a full weekend of experimental percussion music with the Allen Otte, the Harry Partch Ensemble, students of the UW Percussion Studio, and faculty directors Bonnie Whiting and Charles Corey.


  20. Soe Yu Nwe: Rebirth | Enigmatic Bodies
    Pottery Northwest resident artist Soe Yu Nwe shows sculptures that explore the concepts of self and nature.
    Closing Friday


  22. Symbiosis: The Model Exhibit
    For Seattle Architecture Foundation's 22nd annual model exhibition, designers have created model structures that exemplify "mutually beneficial relationships—the positive products and constructive outcomes of interdependence."
    Closing Saturday


  24. Three Sisters
    In the words of then-Stranger critic Brendan Kiley: "If Our Town gently probes at the sweetness and sadness of life, Chekhov's Three Sisters is a cleaver of doom." The titular trio pine for their former life in Moscow as they languish in the provinces; money problems and misplaced affections cause things to deteriorate further. Faculty member Jeffrey Fracé will direct UW's purposefully bare-bones production.


  26. Jason Nash
    YouTube star, filmmaker, and stand-up comedian Nash will deal out some riffs.
  27. FILM

  28. Ascent Outdoors Presents: Winterland
    Get stoked for another season of snow sports at the film premiere of Winterland, which shows professional mountain athletes doing what they do best in "fabled locations." 
  29. FOOD & DRINK

  30. Fish Skool with Fishmonger Ryan Rector: Uni & Oysters
    Gorge yourself on all the bivalves and uni you can eat while learning to shuck oysters and clean sea urchins at this hands-on workshop with Pike Place fishmonger Ryan Rector.
  31. Tea Blending Workshop
    Craft your own custom tea blend with Friday Elliott, owner of the geek-themed tea shop Friday Afternoon, who will discuss ingredients, flavor wheels, and tea chemistry.
  32. GEEK

  33. Astronomy in Space and Cyberspace
    UW professor Dr. Jim Davenport will talk about the relationship between clickbait and astronomy (his talk is titled "Astronomers HATE this ONE weird trick") and Professor Matt McQuinn will give an abridged history of the astronomical world. Drink beer and take in new information in a non-classroom setting.
  34. MUSIC

  35. That 1 Guy
    Experimental weirdo Mike Silverman takes the stage as That 1 Guy with a myriad of musical magic and bizarre hand-wrought techniques sure to surprise many.

  37. Bang the Gong!
    Asian American drag performers (Alessandra Hunt, Kung Pow Meow, Luna Sauvage, Rowan Ruthless, Rylee Raww, and Whispurr Water-Shadow) will perform songs from their cultural backgrounds in this variety show.
  38. Seattle Playwrights Salon: 2020 Season Reveal Party
    Find out what the Seattle Playwrights Salon has in store for next season at this celebration, where you can enjoy food, drink, and prizes.

  40. Nonfiction Panel
    Learn about the craft of nonfiction—including inception, research, the writing process, and publication—from award-winning reporter and author Lynda Mapes (The Witness Tree) and beloved local geology and urbanism writer David Williams (Too High and Too Steep and seven other books).


  42. The Falling & The Rising: A Soldier's Operatic Odyssey
    Expanding far past their traditional offerings, Seattle Opera will present this production originally created from a compilation of interviews with veterans and active-duty servicepeople at three different military facilities. The piece illustrates one soldier's journey as she navigates a coma-induced dreamscape after a violent roadside attack, all set to original music composed by Zach Redler.
  43. Violet's Attic: A Grand Ball for Wicked Dolls
    For an immersive show that really looks like it'll scare your button-eyes out of their sockets, try this dinner-theater production in which you, the audience, are cast as dolls belonging to a mean little girl. Cower from the "giant Jack in the Box" and eat doll-party treats for dinner.

  45. Creative Justice: Up from the Table
    Artists and organizers working with Creative Justice—an "arts-based alternative to incarceration for young people in King County"—show new work.
    Closing Sunday


  47. Scriptless in Seattle
    A gaggle of Facebook employees will divulge the mysteries of the universe after an opening set from improv duo Robots Falling Down Stairs. 

  49. ¡Págame!: Pay Equity For All
    Celebrate Latinx Women’s Equal Pay Day by hearing personal stories from Latinx women business leaders.
  50. FILM

  51. Absinthe Films: IsleOfSnow + Easy Giant Live Music Experience
    Watch "snowboard films for people who ride," featuring a live story by Easy Giant music.
  52. FOOD & DRINK

  53. Fremont Brewing Beer & Cheese Pairing Night
    Taste four types of artisan fromage curated by Alison Leber (a.k.a. the "Roving Cheesemonger) alongside specially brewed mixed-fermentation beers from Fremont Brewing's Black Heron Project, which specializes in small-batch, experimental brews showcasing local grains, hops, and fruit.
  54. Glögg Season Launch Party
    Ballard's Scandinavian drinking destination Skål Beer Hall will toast to the seasonal addition of glögg, a Nordic mulled wine, to their menu. Theirs is made extra festive with aquavit and served in mini Viking tankards, so you can channel your inner Norse seafarer.
  55. Guerrilla Pizza Kitchen Pop-Up
    This pop-up claiming to lead the "weird pizza movement" with naturally fermented dough will bring "funky pizza, beany soup, bitter salads, and Lizzo" to Captain Black's for an evening.

  57. Cirque Musica Presents: 'Holiday Wishes'
    Holiday music (performed live by a symphony orchestra) and circus arts—acrobatics, aerial, comedy, and more—combine in this family-friendly spectacular.

  59. Brad Craft: The Hat and Other Sentimental Essays for My Father
    Brad Craft will read from his book of personal essays all about "going back home, fathers and sons, family, and yes, hats." There will be treats.
  60. Promises, Promises: Rebecca Clarren and Lucy Tan
    Fiction author Rebecca Clarren (Kickdown) and Lucy Tan (What We Were Promised) will link up for a reading. 

  62. Westland Distillery's 4th Annual Winter Market
    Shop for gifts from local makers and sip some single-malt whiskey. 

  64. Collective Conscience Book Release
    The art cooperative Push/Pull invites members to contribute nicely priced work to this non-themed exhibition. All the pieces are ready to take home, and you can also buy an issue of the third Collective Conscience comics and illustrations anthology.
  65. Knit Through History at the Log House Museum!
    Explore the history of Duwamish Peninsula knitting patterns at this narrated knitting circle. Bring your own yarn or pick some up from the Log House museum store. 


  67. Faeriestruck
    "Natacha Belova-inspired" puppets from found and reused materials abound in this story about a young girl who "sells her family out to a changeling in exchange for an adventure in Faerieland."
  68. Men on Boats
    This new play follows a group of explorers having misadventures on the Colorado River in 1869.


  70. Corduroy
    A cute little bear, a night watchman, and a loving little girl will no doubt bring adorability and cheer to you and your children in this adaptation of Don Freeman's classic picture books.
  71. The Moonshine Revival Tent: Sweetheart in a Chicken Coop
    The Moonshine Revival Tent—made up of Sari Breznau, Bret Fetzer, Mike Gilson, Christine Longe, and Jillian Vashro—will stage a quirky folk tale about a young fellow who falls in love with a woman who's been changed into a chicken. Each performance will feature a special guest: musicians the Dutiful Dreamers (Thursday), Kurdish percussionist Ahmad Yousefbeigi (Friday), comedian Brett Hamil's alter ego Burl Dirkman (Saturday), and the Half Brothers (Sunday). 

  73. Washington Love and Rockets: Art Opening
    Cleopatra Cutler shows paintings of some of her favorite rocket launches and landings in Outer Planet's inaugural art show.
    Opening Thursday
  74. FRIDAY


  75. Christina P.: Ride or Die Tour
    Christina P. hosts the Your Mom's House podcast with her husband, Tom Segura. She's got a local connection: Netflix special Christina P: Mother Inferior was filmed at Seattle's own Showbox. Hear her crack wise onstage about motherhood, life, and aging. 
  76. The Fremont Troll Farm
    Local and touring comics will make jokes in the Fremont arcade bar Add-a-Ball.
  77. Jeff Foxworthy
    The Portland Mercury's Wm. Steven Humphrey sums up Foxworthy as "the creator of the 'You know you're a redneck...' line of not-very-funny jokes, the host of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, and the early-'90s equivalent to Larry the Cable Guy."
  78. FOOD & DRINK

  79. Kirkland (Ugly Sweater) Holiday Wine Walk
    Explore downtown Kirkland's galleries and boutiques while you sip wine samples from tons of Washington wineries. Wear a holiday sweater.
  80. GEEK

  81. Happy Hour: Science Improv
    Infinity Box Theater Project invites you to witness a lively science-themed improv competition between Science Communication Fellows and other on-the-spot professionals. 
  82. MUSIC

  83. 100% That Queen - A Dance Party of Lizzo and Other Queens!
    Local drag performers will join you for a dance party paying tribute to Lizzo and her divine contemporaries.
  84. Allen Stone
    Deeply divisive white boy soul singer Allen Stone has graced these pages often by fans and foes alike. Following a two-night gig in Seattle, he'll play some neo-soul classics at the airport.  
  85. The Best 80s Party Ever! (So Far) with Nite Wave
    High-energy '80s tribute band Nite Wave will bring you renditions of your favorite big-hair hits by Duran Duran, the Cure, Prince, Depeche Mode, and the like.
  86. Lady Gaga Nite - Total Request Live! with Poker Face & Bleeding Tree
    Belt your favorite Gaga hits with cover bands Poker Face and Bleeding Tree. 
  87. Magic of Movement
    Swing dance performers will show off their flourishing moves and invite guests to join them on the dance floor. If you don't feel like joining in, you can just show up to watch and eat bites from Tin Table. 
  88. Neon Rose Fest 2019
    Synth City presents a night of darkwave electronic music with Tokyo Rose, Betamaxx, Lucy in Disguise, DreamReaper, and other artists. 
  89. Sadie Hawkins Dance at Seattle’s Friendly Southgate Rollerdrome
    Channel your inner Cold War-era square at this mockingly wholesome sock hop with local sludge-rock bands Flesh Produce, Amethyst de Wolfe, Power Strip, No Baby, Service Animal, and Sluglicker. 

    This jungle-themed DJ dance party will be extra fun thanks to the fact that ticket proceeds will benefit the Amazon Watch and Washington Trails Association. 

  93. Bubble Pop
    Kylie Mooncakes will host this night of drag acts by Dolce Vida, Issa Man, Noona, and Lüchi, set to J- and K-pop.
  94. Dark Diamonds Burlesque Presents: DARQUE—All Shades of Night
    The artists of Dark Diamond Burlesque will star in a POC- and goth-centric show hosted by the fabulously spooky Isabella L. Price. 
  95. Killer Bunny's Bloody Killer: A True Crime Drag Show!
    Drag and true crime will comingle thanks to Killer Bunny (aka "the Man of Macabre"), Helen Tragedy, Angela Visalia, Kitty Glitter, and others. 
  96. Magic Queendom
    See Disney done dirty by Strawberry Shartcake, One (the current Miss Bacon Strip), and Mermosa as they cavort through the Magic Queendom, leaving devastation in their wake.
  97. Path with Art: Fall Showcase
    At this one-night show, hear readings and enjoy musical and theatrical performances by students of Path with Art, which helps people experiencing homelessness and addiction express themselves creatively.
  98. Poi Meets Girl: A Drag Queen and Flow Arts Mashup
    Drag queens and masters of flow arts (including Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill, One, the Fractal Phase, Rowan Ruthless, and Ümlaut) will give each other's respective artforms a go. 

  100. Elaine Sciolino: The Seine
    Sciolino, former Paris bureau chief for the New York Times and author of The Only Street in Paris, will share more glimpses of Gallic history from her new book, which uses the river Seine as a focal point to talk about such figures as "Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, World War II soldiers, and [...] Joan of Arc and of Napoleon Bonaparte."
  101. Heather Havrilesky: Embracing the Imperfections of the Everyday
    Heather Havrilesky, the self-improvement expert behind the acclaimed Ask Polly advice column, will share insight from her new book about embracing our imperfections.

  103. 'Beholder' Issue 2 Release Party
    Welcome a new issue of this comix/lit/art zine devoted to marginalized artists and writers. Hear music by Dion Warrick and Brit plus DJ Hanssen.


  105. The Astonishing Adventures of Professor Clicktime
    Help Professor Clicktime and their fellow adventurers by voting on random photos that will inspire the course of their expedition.
  106. FILM

  107. Warren Miller's Timeless
    No one captured the magic of winter slopes better than the late, great ski and snowboarding filmmaker Warren Miller. Celebrate his legacy by watching pro athletes glide down mountains in this new film by Warren Miller Entertainment.

  109. And All That Stayed Was Stillness
    This dance performance by local choreographer Zoe Wilson moves through the stages of grief in four acts. 
  110. Casa Patas Flamenco: Raíz de 4
    Watch flamenco dance in its "purest styles" by Rafael Peral and Marisa Adame and the onstage guitarist and percussionist of Casa Patas.
  111. Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Vol. 17
    Puppetry's already pretty strange—it involves a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to invest emotions into a bundle of cloth on strings. Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam apparently kicks the weirdness up and rides it into Bizarro Land.
  112. Sonnets for an Old Century
    This concert reading written by José Rivera and directed by Sheila Daniels (which "captures the subtle, often overlooked treasures of everyday life") will include faculty, alumni and current students of the Conrish theater department.


  114. Poo~Pourri Giant Poo Tour
    A pop-up centered around a giant inflatable poop emoji is puzzling enough on its own, but what if we told you its purpose was to house your toxic thought patterns so that you can leave said inflatable poop emoji feeling mentally and emotionally sound? After you've read that sentence a few times, head to Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray's three-day event to release your mind crap and shop for free samples from the purveyors of odor eliminators. 

  116. Iron Circus Tattoo Expo
    Meet a handful of the region's best tattoo artists and get some ink and piercings on site. 
  117. MUSIC

  118. Boy Bands Vs Diva's Vs Your Mom. It's Hot In Here Edition
    DJ Indica Jones will spin your favorites by boy bands and divas alike.

  120. The Originals
    Prep-school boys accused of plagiarism have to decide what they value more: the truth or the unspoken schoolboy code of honor. Play Your* Part will present this staged production. 
  121. TumbleWEEDS
    The Collective We will stage a reading of a play by Anuhea Brown, which deals with her experiences growing up in Las Vegas.


  123. Felipe Esparza: The Bad Hambre Tour
    The Last Comic Standing winner from 2010, Esparza (Translate This, They’re Not Gonna Laugh at You, The Eric Andre Show, the podcast What's Up Fool?) will bring some laughs.
  124. Kill Shot Presents: 'Welcome to the Killerdome'
    Improv/sketch trio Heather Mabson, Katelyn Hart, and Mac Suits Baer will hold "auditions" for a new member of their troupe. Pity the poor souls who take them up on it.
  125. Swipe Right
    As you might guess, this improv show is all about searching for love and lust in the digital age. 

  127. Empty Bowls
    Choose a nifty handmade bowl from a selection of about 1,000 and then eat some soup (served in a separate bowl) at this annual fundraiser for the Emergency Food Network.
  128. Midgard Expedition Modern Day Viking Voyage
    Meet a crew of seafarers before they embark on a "modern-day Viking voyage" to spread the message of environmental stewardship in a handcrafted longboat made from sustainably harvested timber. There will be a presentation from Bjørn Heyerdahl, the expedition leader and grandson of Grandson of Thor Heyerdahl, and lots of beer. 
  129. Turkey Toss
    How do the zoo's carnivores react to a raw, store-prepared turkey lunch? See for yourself at this annual Thanksgiving enrichment.

  131. Nepal Festival
    Enjoy an afternoon of Nepalese music and dance performances for free. 
  132. FILM

  133. Seattle Hip Hop Film Festival 2019
    Watch hip-hop themed movies from around the world, including Georgio Brown's local hip-hop doc The Coolout Legacy, and meet the filmmakers afterward at the first edition of 206 Zulu's festival. 
  134. FOOD & DRINK

  135. Baby Goats & Pints
    Frolic with 10 baby Nigerian Dwarf kids from the Skagit farm Rainy Sunday Ranch, nosh on vegan and traditional tamales from Los Tamaahles, and throw back a few pints from Scuttlebutt Brewery.
  136. The Freaks Come Out at Night Brewery Door Release
    Hellbent will release a new beer, the Freaks Come Out at Night Imperial Stout, from their brewery door for the first time ever. Get a behind-the-scenes tour, try a special tasting with head brewer Brian Young, and be among the first to snag a four-pack.
  137. Seattle Onesie Bar Crawl
    Slip your arms and legs into a singular garment for this wild annual bar crawl.
  138. Wild Ginger's 30th Anniversary Dinner Series
    To celebrate 30 years of business, Seattle's Southeast Asian mainstay Wild Ginger will throw a multi-course meal with favorite dishes from over the years, vintage wine pairings, and tales from their past.
  139. MUSIC

  140. The "City Noir" CD Celebration featuring Billy Brandt
    Described in press materials as "part film noir, part speakeasy, and part abandoned church," this hard-boiled night of mystery will feature live music from Billy Brandt (whose new album is appropriately titled City Noir), drinks from Kwanchai Vodka, and performances from Darelle Holden and Robin Kallsen.
  141. Astronauts & Aliens: A Themed Live Music Event
    Seattle psych-rockers Moon Darling will dole out '70s-inspired bluesy riffs with additional local support from Heather Edgley and Hotels at this post-Halloween costume party. Dress as a space traveler from Earth or another planet of your choosing. 
  142. Party Like Post - A Post Malone Dance Party!
    Get down like Post Malone, a man who makes hip-hop for people who love pop music and hate hip-hop, at this DJ dance party. 
  143. Petty Theft, SOS
    Experience all the greatest hits of rock legend Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Petty Theft, a San Francisco-based Petty tribute group. They'll be joined by Police tribute band SOS.
  144. Reckless - Celebrating the Music of Bryan Adams
    This cover band will bring their love and appreciation for Canadian songwriter Bryan Adams to the stage. 
  145. Seattle Peace Chorus Presents "People of the Drum"
    Seattle Peace Chorus will honor indigenous peoples by performing a choral composition by Frederick N. West.
  146. Spellbound: Thankskilling 2
    A "gothluck-style deathrock experience" awaits you at this special Thanksgiving edition of the punk/industrial dance party Spellbound with DJ Voodoo. Bring your favorite dish and dress in your favorite goth garments. 
  147. PARTIES

  148. Fetch NW presents: Hollywood... But With Dogs
    Furries and pups of Seattle can choose between a chill speakeasy-style room and a womp-womp-style DJ room at this kinky party. 
  149. Pray for Snow: 3 Snow Movies & DJ w/ 10 Barrel Brewing
    Check out three snowboarding films ("Romance," "Hold My Beer," and "Watch This"), win raffles, drink ales from 10 Barrel, and get excited to shred to some gnar this season. 
  150. Queer Magic Dance Party!
    DJs MIXX America and Frame Antonio will head up this queer dance party in support of the LGBTQ+ youth program Camp Ten Trees. 
  151. Ricksgiving 2019! A Rick And Morty VR Party
    Don your favorite Rick and Morty-inspired costume for the chance to win a cash prize, dance the night away to intergalactic tunes, and enter virtual reality experiences. 

  153. Buy Artpop on iTunes ft. Evah Destruction
    Celebrate the re-release of Lady Gaga's 2013 album ARTPOP with performances by Evah Destruction (Dragula Season 3), Duella Couture, Tinashéa Monet, Melissa Fint, Hot Pink Shade, and Rylee Raw.
  154. A Charlie Brown Christmas Live On Stage
    Enjoy a live version of the Emmy-winning Christmas special, including a sing-along at the end.
  155. Interdisciplinary Performance Series: Joan Laage and Katrina Wolfe
    Joan Laage and Katrina Wolfe will each perform a solo dance, then join together for a duo, with live music by Joey Largent and Amy Denio.
  156. Unclothed
    Six artists will explore the pressures of body conformity in this site-specific performance art piece. 

  158. Holiday Bookfest
    Two dozen Pacific Northwest authors will chat with readers, read excerpts, and sign copies of their books. 

  160. Seattle Cranksgiving 2019
    Hop on your bike and go on a scavenger hunt for canned food to donate to the Rainier Valley Food Bank at this pre-Thanksgiving tradition. Afterward, head to Swift Industries for an afterparty flowing with Rainier Beer.

  162. Local Comic Shop Day & 3rd Birthday Celebration
    Eat cake and geek out over rare prints and portfolios from comic artists from the '70s and '80s. 


  164. Fall/Winter Market
    Shop handmade goods and fine art, eat snacks, and make your own screen print with artists Kamla Kakaria, Jessica Mercy, Nikki Barber, Sean Lafferty, and Kerstin Graudins.

  166. Julefest
    See how Nordic countries ring in the Yuletide by tasting Scandinavian treats, seeing performances from local Nordic groups, and shopping for house-made wares.
  167. Fantasy Lights WALK
    Spanaway Park will be illuminated with dazzling light displays and scattered with food trucks for your strolling pleasure.
  168. Seattle Festival of Trees
    The historic Fairmont Olympic hotel celebrates the winter season each year with a fancy dinner (Sat), caroling, an impressive display of decorated trees in their lobby, and a teddy bear suite.
  169. Sheraton Grand Seattle Gingerbread Village
    For the 27th year in a row, diabetes research center JDRF Northwest has invited local architecture firms to use their skills for a holiday tradition: crafting an elaborate gingerbread village that uses 1,850 pounds of gingerbread, 150,000 pieces of candy, 350 pounds of fondant, and 15 gallons of egg whites, according to press materials. This year's theme is #ElfLife, featuring pixies, gnomes, and pucks from across genres.
  170. SUNDAY


  171. Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling
    Share a secret and watch improvisers act it out. In between these acts, storytellers will regale you with true-to-life experiences inspired by their "topic bowl" selection. "It's The Moth meets Whose Line Is It Anyway," say the organizers.

  173. Esther Helfgott: It's About Time Writer's Craft Anthology
    Billing itself as "Seattle's longest-running rose and poetry reading series open to anyone in the community," It's About Time will celebrate its new collection So, Dear Writer: An It’s About Time Writer’s Reading Series Anthology with readings from Bethany Reid, John McFarland, Susan Rich, and Esther Altshul Helfgott. 
  174. Introduction to Ethnobotany
    Level up your passion for plants by diving into some regionally specific ethnobotany (aka the study of where plants come from and how they affect us).  

  176. Tacky Turkey Sweater 5k
    Run a 5K in your ugliest Thanksgiving-themed sweater to jump-start the holiday season.

  178. Skate for Wa Na Wari: The Rent Party
    Support Wa Na Wari, a center for black art in the Central District, by skating around to tunes by DJ Top Spin, enjoying bites by Chef Tarik Abdullah, and seeing a skating performance by 52Kings.