47 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do This Week: April 5-10, 2016

Sex Stories, Scavenger Hunts, Magic Shows, And More Events April 5-10
April 4, 2016
David London, The Washington Post's "favorite mad genius magician" comes to Seattle for a show featuring magic, comedy, puppetry, surrealism, and philosophy.

Our critics have already recommended 53 great things to do this week, but there are hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from a Seattle "Shakesbeerience" performance to an urban adventure race on Alki Beach to a sexy storytelling series. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Breezy Manner
Chop Suey promises "psychedelic rock and electric folk from the far-flung corners of the world" at this performance that will feature DJ Veins & Fentar and a live set from somesurprises.

2. Cannabis Trivia Night
Thanks to Dockside Cannabis, you now have an outlet for all that ganja knowledge bouncing around in your brain. Sign up for Cannabis Trivia Night at Darrell's for a chance to win prizes and a certain victory for $1 tacos and drink specials all night long. Sign-ups at 7pm, trivia at 7:30pm.

3. FWD: Ekali and Gravez
Canadian instrumentalist and producer Ekali and Atlanta-based producer Gravez are teaming up to bring fresh and futuristic electronic music to Q Nightclub for the weekly emerging artist dance night, FWD.

4. Grotesque Gorelesque
Every first Tuesday, Grotesque Gorelesque presents a "monthly bloodbath" featuring a series of performances including live music, horror burlesque, and creepy spectacles that can't be categorized.

5. Power Up! Gaming Days
Game your heart out at this pop-up arcade with Nintendo, featuring the latest titles for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This event is free with entry to EMP—make sure to check out their Indie Game Revolution exhibit while you're there. (Through Wed)

6. Streets of Fire Sing Along
A performance of Jim Steinman's "Rock and Roll Fable" loosely based on the Orpheus myth, alongside a party for Cassandra, with bingo, a raffle, a bottle grab, prizes, and an open bar.

7. Karajokey
Unfortunate humiliation and true glee dovetail at Karajokey — a bimonthly Wednesday night event at the Rendezvous — wherein some of the best comics in town bravely take the stage but won’t know what's happening until they spin the Wheel of Misfortune. Their wheel-bourne fate decides whether they will be performing a comedy set or singing a mystery karaoke tune.

8. Lady Rizo: Multiplied
Teatro ZinZanni presents this new show featuring award-winning cabaret star Lady Rizo, who will explore how fecundity and parenthood fit into show business.

9. National Walking Day
Take a walk with the American Heart Association at their annual event, where they're attempting to create a national log documenting 100,000 minutes walked.

10. PubSci: Saving Lives Around the World by Shooting Mosquitos with Lasers
Drink beer and learn from Tola Marts (Mechanical Engineer at Intellectual Ventures Lab) about a mosquito laser that sees, locates, and tracks that disease-ridden pest, then "clobbers the mosquito dead with a lethal dose of laser energy." There will also be trivia, starting at 6 pm, and $1 from every beer purchased will be donated to the Pacific Science Center.

11. Sweetheart in a Chicken Coop and Other American Fairy Tales
The Moonshine Revival Tent presents a one night only performance of songs and stories, featuring a story set in an American fairytale world that's "half Appalachia/half Dust Bowl," and that centers around a man who falls in love with a runaway girl who has been transformed into a chicken.

12, Bawdy Storytelling: Heroes and Villains
Bawdy Storytelling ("The Moth for pervs," says the LA Weekly) is a sex-infused storytelling series in which celebrities and normal people alike hop on stage and regale the audience with tales of carnal treasure, brutal humiliation, physical humor, and emotional fatalism. Sex educators, porn stars, writers, and comics number among the performers, along with stories submitted from audience members.

13. The Bushwick Book Club: Original Music Inspired by Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle will take on Marjane Satrapi's devastating and hilarious graphic novel Persepolis in an event featuring live original music, comedy, an audience quiz, and art.

14. Cheap Wine and Poetry
Drink an extra glass of two-buck Chuck at the last Cheap Wine and Poetry at Hugo House's location on 11th Ave—and maybe get up the courage to participate in the open mic afterwards.

15. Gangstagrass
Genre-bending Gangstagrass was born out of a desire to know what bluegrass would sound like with rap vocals and beats. This band is the result.

16. Jane Comfort & Company
New York's Jane Comfort and Company will bring a layered and theatrical dance performance to Meany Theatre, featuring Beauty, an exploration of the image and perception of a classic American figure: Barbie.

17. Magnifique
Gorejess hosts this burlesque/variety cabaret that will bring you back to the 1920s. Their hook: "We will mix some of Seattle’s best premier burlesque performers with some of our gorgeous “ladies” from Le Faux giving you a whole new twist on burlesque never seen on stage before. By the end of the show your head and mind will be spinning: confused and shadowy which lady was real or just an illusion." (Opens today)

18. Memento Mori
Professor Vanderbeck presents this exploration of madness and mortality, inside Seattle's Death Museum. Be warned that the prof "believes that proper understanding of the underlying principles of the Universe allows him to penetrate the veil of the future and garner insight into the mysteries of space, time, energy, mind and spirit."

19. Pegboard Nerds
Danish/Norwegian electronic music group Pegboard Nerds comes to Seattle on their Nerds by Nature tour, just in time for Comicon.

20. Pop-Up! Speakeasy
A murder mystery immersive theatre experience, with live music from electro-swing band Good Co., burlesque performances, and presumably boozy "prohibition" fun.

21. Totally '80s Sing Along Encore
Sing along to your favorite '80s hits at Central Cinema! They promise more than 30 videos that include the Beastie Boys, Prince, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Men at Work, and Cyndi Lauper.

22. William Shatner Mouth, The Famished, and Mulder, It's Me
The only description for William Shatner Mouth is, "This band is everything you hoped they would be... and most likely a bit more... regardless of whether or not you even want more." They'll split the bill with Seattle rockers Mulder, It's Me, and The Famished, who "are a band dedicated to the delivery of fast fun in your face music."

23. Acrobatic Conundrum's Love & Gravity
Seattle circus arts company Acrobatic Conundrum presents their "Love & Gravity" show at Broadway Performance Hall. Featuring Carey Cramer, Terry Crane, Scotty Dont, Erica Rubinstein, Xochitl Sosa, Ty Vennewitz and local guests, this event will take on the question of love and relationships through juggling, aerial, and acrobatic performances.

24. Bootie Seattle: Onesie Night
Wear a onesie and prepare for a typically Bootie-style mashup dance party. "Onesie" is open to interpretation, however: "Whether you go for your favorite 'wonder pajamas,' or show up in a sexy romper or jumpsuit, just be ready to let loose on the dance floor.”

25. Healthy Dessert with Cannabis
Learn how to make a healthy dessert you still shouldn't overindulge in.

26. Ivan Amodei: Intimate Illusions
Illusionist Ivan Amodei will blow your mind with illusions and brain games; they warn that he might "manipulate time" and "discover a spectator's destiny." Don't sit up front if you don't want to know your future. (Through Sun)

27. Metalachi
Just like their name implies, Metalachi is a band that blends heavy metal and mariachi music.

28. Seth MacFarlane with the Seattle Symphony
Seth MacFarlane, a guy who makes jokes, will also make music with the Seattle Symphony, lending his trademark baritone to '40s and '50s hits.

29. Shen Yun 2016
New York-based Shen Yun performs classical Chinese dance and music currently banned in communist China; their performances feature both dance and opera, and are accompanied by a live orchestra. (Through Sunday)

30. Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage
A live symphony will perform the greatest Star Trek compositions from the last five decades of the sci-fi classic, as iconic film and TV footage from the history of the series is projected on a huge screen.

31. Wanderlust Circus
Portland's Wanderlust Circus, a traveling and ever-evolving group of performers (including acrobats, stilt dancers, clowns, and aerialists), brings their fantastical stunts to Seattle.

32. Big Top Rock: Rock This Way
Teatro ZinZanni goes family-friendly in Rock This Way, an all-ages rock show featuring music by Jen Ayers and The Parkway Boys, with circus performance by Duo Madrona, Ling Rui, and Max Voronin and dancers Victoria Smith, Riley Marshall, and Lily Jacobs. (Opens today)

33. Concert II: Musica Electronica
The Seattle Modern Orchestra presents this electronic concert, featuring three works from three different generations and three stages of technologic development.

34. David London's Magic Outside The Box
David London's one night only performance of Magic Outside The Box is much more than magic, promising entertainment including comedy, puppetry, surrealism, and philosophy.

35. The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show
Enjoy a four-course meal (with choice of entree), but know that a killer is in the room, and they may just be hidden at your table. Dinner theatre gets an extra interactive boost at this murder mystery event with a prize package for best detective.

36. Encyclopedia Greenwoodia Release
Celebrate the release of new anthology Encyclopedia Greenwoodia, about the Seattle neighborhood, at the Greenwood Room in the Greenwood Senior Center. All proceeds will go towards the Greenwood Recovery Fund, helping rebuild what was lost in the recent explosion.

37. Funbucket
You know the improvisors have thought their plan through when they invite audience members to put any item of their choice in the mysterious Funbucket...except liquids or anything that comes from a body. Bring weird stuff and watch them make it weirder.

38. Heroes of the Dorm
It's the finals of nerd March Madness (the collegiate tournament for Blizzard's popular battle video game Heroes of the Storm), which will be broadcast live on ESPN2. Seattle fans can watch the Heroic Four and the Grand Finals live in person at the CenturyLink Field Events Center, where Blizzard will give away special prizes.

39. High Art: Cannabis and Creative Expression
Learn about painting while enjoying the creative influence of cannabis. They'll provide munchies, beverages, everything you need to paint, and glassware and accessories for weed consumption—but you'll need to BYOC (bring your own cannabis).

40. MAGCON Tour Seattle 2016
Internet trolls come alive in this performance/meet n' greet centering around "pranks" and destruction of property.

41. Six Degrees of Inebriation
Raise money for local charities (TBD) while trying beers from six different breweries: Firestone Walker, New Belgium, Deschutes, HUB, Sierra Nevada and Two Beers. They also promise an interactive game show from 4-6 pm—sign up early!

42. Seattle Rock Orchestra Quintet
The Seattle Rock Orchestra Quintet (along with singer Tamara Power-Drutis) takes on a program that reimagines the work of artists such as Radiohead, Beck, Bjork and others as intimate and emotional chamber works born for the recital hall.

43. Street Scramble Alki
Spend your Saturday morning exploring the neighborhood of Alki in this urban scavenger hunt adventure race. Runners, walkers, and bikers in groups of two to five are given a map with designated checkpoints, each worth a certain amount of points, and are challenged to visit as many as possible (and prove it, by answering multiple-choice questions) in either 90 minutes or three hours for a chance to win awards.

44. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Lex the Hex Master, Davey Suidcide, Trilogy, and Con-Crete
The Canadian Juggalo invasion continues, this time unloading Twiztid onto the El Corazon stage. Twiztid brings with him the clown thrash underground scene that no one knew existed.

45. Books, Beer, and The Bard: Shakesbeerience Greatest Hits
To celebrate First Folio at SPL, Seattle Shakesbeerience ("script in one hand, drink in the other") will perform their greatest hits including Taming of the Brew, Rumeo & Brewliet, and "The Hangover Part 4 (popularly known as A Midsummer Night's Dream)."

46. Hari Kondabolu's Scratch Night
It's not always a guaranteed pleasure to watch comedians working out new material, but Hari Kondabolu is not just any comedian. You could make the case that his asides, self-edits, and ad-libs are as funny as the individual finished bits. Though the finished work is, all in all, a whole other level of funny. These shows give small audiences an intimate look at the process of a comic whose trajectory is thrilling to behold. SEAN NELSON

47. Sinful Sundays
The first edition of this weekly "sinfully sexy and fun" burlesque, circus, and variety show features "crazy punk-style burlesque troupe" Medusa's Maidens.