Stranger Than Usual

92 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: January 28-February 2, 2020

Body of Work: Tattoo Culture, Brouwer's Beerlesque, and More Unusual Events
January 28, 2020
Immerse yourself in the history and art of the tattoo at MoPOP's new exhibit, which kicks off with an opening party on Friday. (Grant Hinsley)
Our arts critics have already recommended 53 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 34 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here‚ÄĒfrom Brouwer's Beerlesque Add to a List to Lowbrow Opera Collective's #adulting, the revival! Add to a List , and from NerdFaire Con Add to a List to Celebrus Lupercalia Add to a List . For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.
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  1. Robert Burns Night with Traquair House Brewing Add to a List
    The Growler Guys' free celebration will feature a bona fide Burns lookalike performing the lyricist/poet's songs and poetry, complete with kilt and bagpipes. While you enjoy the entertainment, throw back some imported Scottish ales from Traquair House Brewery, including their house ale and Jacobite ale.
  2. GEEK

  3. Disney Trivia Add to a List
    Study up on the princes, princesses, and wicked stepmothers of Disney for this challenging night of trivia.
  4. MUSIC

  5. Choir Crawl: 'Don’t Stop Believing' Add to a List
    Belt the one Journey song that absolutely everyone knows at this "MTV Unplugged-style" sing-along.

  7. Sarah Beaulieu: Breaking the Silence Habit Add to a List
    Where existing laws fall short, Sarah Beaulieu offers new ways for businesses and leaders to properly respond to sexual harassment in the workplace in the age of #MeToo, including using skills like empathy, situational awareness, boundary setting, and intervention. 


  9. Jesse Garnett White: Beware the Dangers of Almost the Same Add to a List
    Trip out on Garnett White's humorous retro collages.
    Closing Friday
  10. Kathy Jones: Passages Add to a List
    Kathy Jones is a figurative painter, mostly of women, who creates evocative, narrative works in oil and cold wax.
    Closing Friday

  11. Tzyy Yi Young: Gather(ing) Add to a List
    This artist finishes her residency at Pottery Northwest with pieces and installations reflecting on "intimacy, community, strength, and altruism."
    Closing Friday


  13. Guys and Dolls Add to a List
    Enter the Runyonesque world of two-bit gamblers, nightclub dancers, and missionaries in Old New York at the Village Theater's production of Abe Burrows and Frank Loesser's musical.
  14. Steel Magnolias Add to a List
    Six strong Louisianan ladies share friendship and love at Truvy's beauty shop in Robert Sarling's stirring tale of empowerment, best known for the Dolly Parton film adaptation.


  16. Cocktails from the Land of Fire & Ice Add to a List
    Want to drink like a Viking? Guest bartender and Brennivín cocktail competition winner Madison Leiren will shake and stir up some libations inspired by her travels in Iceland and Norway.
  17. MUSIC

  18. Liner Notes and Open Mic Add to a List
    Hear a poetic reading of songs by legendary soul singer Ray Charles, and read your own poem in an open mic. 

  20. The Midwink Review Add to a List
    Mx. Pucks A’Plenty will host a hump day evening of saucy stripping.

  22. Art Wolfe and Dr. Samuel Wasser: Preserving Elephants in the Age of Extinction Add to a List
    Elephants have long been the sought-after targets of illegal poachers, and the intelligent, empathetic megafauna (did you know they shed tears for their dead?) are in rapid decline. Luckily, photographer Art Wolfe and author Dr. Samuel Wasser offer a glimmer of hope for the species with accounts from their book Wild Elephants: Conservation in the Age of Extinction, which details "government crackdowns" on poachers.
  23. Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker: A Very Stable Genius Add to a List
    These two Pulitzer-winning Washington Post reporters will read from their new book, fully titled A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America, for which they drew on many DC sources to reveal the "pattern and meaning to the daily disorder" in the White House.
  24. Dr. Scott Allen and Prof. Angelina Godoy: Children in Immigration Detention Add to a List
    Dr. Scott Allen, the "medical subject matter expert in detention healthcare" for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, is also a renowned whistleblower who, along with Dr. Pamela McPherson, spoke out publicly against family separation and family detention on the US-Mexico border in 2018. Tonight, he'll be joined by UW professor Angelina Godoy, who will share research on children held in detention on behalf of ICE in Cowlitz County. 


  26. Susan Gans: Status Report Add to a List
    Susan Gans shows black and white photographs of Seattle's ever-changing urban landscapes, taken over the last decade.
    Closing Saturday


  28. The Rivals Add to a List
    George Mount will direct Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 18th-century comedy of manners, full of false identities and well-meaning deceptions, and, as the producers say, "duels, dandies, deceptions, and dudes with daddy issues." It's the play from which the term malapropism is derived, thanks to Mrs. Malaprop, a comic character who uses the wrong words that sound like the right ones. The more you know!

  30. Sound Affect Add to a List
    Sometimes, artists work in the immaterial realm of music and sound or meld visual and aural elements. This exhibition rounds up some of these pieces: Robert Morris's 1963 work Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, an object paired with a soundtrack of the artist sawing, hammering, and doing other construction; Jonathan Monk’s audio record, which pays tribute to Morris; Isaac Layman’s photograph; Alyssa Phebus Mumtaz's adaptation of Leonard Cohen's song lyrics; and Victoria Haven's mixtape.
    Closing Sunday


  32. DxD: Design for Civic Uprising Add to a List
    If you're curious about the role public design plays in inspiring civic action, join ARCADE for a panel discussion with Cleo Barnett (Amplifier), Anton Dekom (Neiman Taber Architects and AIA Committee on Homelessness), Nick Licata (the author of Becoming a Citizen Activist), and Stacy Smedley (Skanska).
  33. FILM

  34. 'Rock-Paper-Fish' Screening Add to a List
    A proposed hard-rock mine in the mountains above Alaska's Chilkat River puts five species of salmon, who return to the waters every year, at risk of survival. This documentary, which will be followed by a discussion with the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, features interviews with locals who oppose the project. 
  35. Women/Trans/Femme/Gender Noncomforming Night Out: A Screening of Afghan Cycles and Conversation with Local Community Leaders Add to a List
    "The greatest form of protest is on display in Afghan Cycles: women daring to ride their bicycles even though it's forbidden," wrote The Stranger's Nathalie Graham on Sarah Menzies' SIFF-featured documentary. "It's a feminist anthem for the ages propelled by two wheels and the drive for freedom." This screening will feature an introduction by the director, plus a post-film group discussion. 
  36. FOOD & DRINK

  37. Brimmer & Heeltap Sixth Anniversary with the Roving Cheese Shop and Taylor Shellfish Add to a List
    The quirky, cozy Ballard gastropub Brimmer & Heeltap will celebrate six years with passed hors d'oeuvres, oysters shucked onsite by Taylor Shellfish, a cheese bar from cheesemonger Alison Leber, and a dessert buffet.
  38. Brouwer's Beerlesque 2020 Add to a List
    For the third year in a row, take in burlesque from Ruby Mimosa, Faggedy Randy, Lady Drew, Sailor St. Claire, Hyacinth Lee, and Amara Strutt while sipping brews. Tickets include a complimentary beer from a local brewery, with all proceeds benefiting Old Dog Haven.
  39. Farmhouse Bottle Tasting Add to a List
    Sample funky, yeast-driven brews from sought-after Northwest breweries like Alesong, Dwinell, Garden Path, Little Beast, Propolis, and the Commons.
  40. Toki Highball Launch Party Add to a List
    Give Rob Roy's new Suntory Toki highball machine the fanfare it deserves by sipping the fruits of its labor with a dash of "Superjuice" (a proprietary blend of infused aromatic herbs). Sixties Japanese garage rock will be playing. 

  42. Cocktails & Karaoke for the Seattle Asian American Film Festival Add to a List
    Knock back cocktails and sing your favorite song in karaoke, knowing that proceeds will benefit the Seattle Asian American Film Festival Add to a List . 

  44. Eric Nuzum: Make Noise Add to a List
    Thinking of starting a podcast? Get some expert advice from audio storytelling strategist and creator Eric Nuzum, who shares tips on "learning to think the way your audience listens" in his book Make Noise. 
  45. An Update on Turkey Add to a List
    UW Jackson School Director ReŇüat Kasaba will address "the Syrian refugee crisis, the U.S. withdrawal from Syria, Turkish domestic policies, and Turkey‚Äôs relationship with Russia" at this World Affairs Council talk.

  47. Candlelight Meditation with Cats! Add to a List
    Survive the dark winter days with a candlelit guided meditation surrounded by kitties.
  48. Flannel Fun Run Add to a List
    Stay warm in your best flannel as you run a 5K along the Brooks Trailhead. Afterward, chow down on some s'mores. 

  50. Runic Writing Basics Class Add to a List
    Northwest Viking Alliance elder William Goetz will teach you the basics of runic writing, focusing on the development and evolution of runic systems. 
  51. Seattle Times Presents Pictures of the Year Add to a List
    This retrospective will offer a look at notable photos of 2019. Seattle Times staff will present a slideshow about each image and answer questions.


  53. Urinetown Add to a List
    The themes of scarcity, greed, populism, and capitalism running amok make the triple Tony-winning post-apocalyptic musical Urinetown, with music by Mark Hollmann, lyrics by Hollmann and Greg Kotis, and book by Kotis, a perfect satire for our times. This production is presented by Seattle Pacific University. 
  54. You'd Better Sit Down for This Add to a List
    The fringe theater will stage another play melding sci-fi and quirky comedy, this one by Eric Navarrette and Jasmine Joshua, in which a person named Margaret is summoned to the DMV (Department of Monster Verification) to learn that she has contracted "robotitis."


  56. Lowbrow Opera Collective presents: #adulting, the revival! Add to a List
    Lowbrow Opera Collective will continue its mission of making opera accessible and fun to the laypeople of Seattle by reviving their original work, #adulting. The story follows four Craigslist-united roommates who share their first forays into the world of bills and affordable couches.
  57. FRIDAY


  58. Empty Bowls Add to a List
    Choose a nifty handmade bowl from a selection of about 1,000 and then eat some soup (served in a separate bowl) at this annual fundraiser for the Emergency Food Network.
  59. MUSIC

  60. HEAT.wav (A Night of Chiptune and Hardware Dance Music) Add to a List
    Doing the robot has never been more appropriate than at this chiptune dance party with Seattle's Yufi, Eventual Infinity, kid_N0thing, and¬†Ohn DńĀka.¬†
  61. Old Rainier Brewery Band Showcase: Longward, Obol, Here Comes the Hooch Add to a List
    The inaugural Old Rainier Brewery Band Showcase will be graced by local punk-rockers Longward, Obol, and Here Comes the Hooch. 
  62. Past Curfew Add to a List
    Local hard-rock cover band Past Curfew will keep you up late with songs by AC/DC, GnR, Led Zeppelin, and more.
  63. Roller Disko Add to a List
    Roller disco is a long-lost art form that still thrives in a hardcore subculture of skating dancers, mostly in the Midwest (and at San Francisco’s divine Church of 8 Wheels). But the irresistible combo of movin' and groovin' while rolling on hardwood is having a minor 21st-century revival in hipper circles, too, and a motley crew of local DJs have cobbled together a rare roller disco pop-up at Southgate Roller Rink in White Center. Pro tip: Roller-skating rewards sobriety. Don’t drink/drug and dance (if you are on wheels), though there will also be a regular ol’ dance floor if you don't want to lace up those skates. GREGORY SCRUGGS
  64. Showdown! Siouxsie vs. The Cure Add to a List
    Members of local bands Fucked and Bound, Young Evils, Reader, Die Nasty, Razor Clam, and more will break from their usual setlists to bring you a night of classics by the Cure and Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees.
  65. Super Diamond Add to a List
    The Surreal Neil, Randy Cordeiro, is apparently a vocal dead ringer for Neil Diamond, who was impressed enough to perform twice with the tribute band named in his honor. Expect loads of glitter and throaty vibrato.
  66. Winter Beach Party! Beautiful Freaks, Jackie, Mr. Dinkles Add to a List
    Use the power of your mind to transport yourself to another time (summer) and place (a beach) with help from local funky rock bands Beautiful Freaks and Jackie.

  68. Masquerade XII: Heroines, Hellraisers & Holy Fools Add to a List
    Let Thelma and Louise, The Matrix, and The Big Lebowski serve as your costume inspiration for this evening of "Heroines, Hellraisers & Holy Fools," where you can dance to swing, blues, and more with the Valse Café Orchestra. 

  70. The Choir Of Man Add to a List
    Nine British guys‚ÄĒexcuse us, "blokes"‚ÄĒrollick on a stage transformed into a functional pub and sing popular and pub songs, dance, and stomp to the beat.
  71. Debutante: A Coming Out Cotillon Add to a List
    Revel in the "charm, wits, and tits" of burlesque dancers.
  72. Night of Exactly One Heavy Add to a List
    Celebrate Heavy Scene Macaque's fifth drag birthday with the "first (and last) Heavy look-alike competition," plus roasts by alt drag friends Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill, Strawberry Shartcake, Vel Veeta, and Solana Solstice. Mamabot Macaque will co-host.

  74. Colin O'Brady: The Impossible First Add to a List
    In the winter of 2018, explorer and endurance athlete Colin O'Brady became the first person to cross the landmass of Antarctica completely alone. He'll share stories of his challenge as detailed in his new book, The Impossible First.
  75. Peter Curtis: Pavel's War Add to a List
    Local author Peter Curtis will read from his new book, Pavel's War, a novelized account of the author's family's escape to England from Nazi-infiltrated Prague during WWII.

  77. DEFY | YEAR 3 Add to a List
    Professional wrestlers will lay waste to their opponents in this DEFY match.
  78. The Great Small Dog Races: Corgis Add to a List
    Five champion corgis will race each other on ice (!) before a hockey match between the Portland Winterhawks and the Everett Silvertips.

  80. 'Body of Work: Tattoo Culture' Opening Party Add to a List
    This is the opening bash for the Body of Work: Tattoo Culture Add to a List exhibition, wherein you can be one of the first to see the work and chat with the artists.
  81. Winter Residency: Kimberly Deriana Add to a List
    Architect and artist Kimberly Deriana shows cattail mats made in collaboration with local weavers. Get a deeper look into the artist's creative practice at the first of two evening programs. 


  83. School of Rock Add to a List
    The tiny musical treasures of School of Rock‚ÄĒaka kiddos from around the region who learn to rock like pros and then play shows to a live audience‚ÄĒwill play roots rock Add to a List (Fri) and revive face-melters by¬†Iron Maiden and Judas Priest Add to a List (Sat).

  85. Nightingale: A Musical Add to a List
    In honor of the pioneering nurse Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday, the Washington State Nurses Association and the nonprofit HEARTS: Health & Arts will present a touring production of a musical based on her bold, dramatic life.

  87. Miha Sarani: Everywhere at Once Add to a List
    Sarani made the news in 2016 when his large-scale thesis painting of musician Sananda Maitreya was slashed in what some thought was a racially motivated act of defacement. In this exhibition, Slovenia-born Sarani delves into representation, authorship, the role of medium, and the painting process.
    Closing Saturday


  89. Admissions Add to a List
    Playwright Joshua Harmon (Bad Jews)'s new, award-winning play tackles affluent, "liberal white America" through the story of a prep school admissions chief named Sherri. In her professional life, she's successfully helped diversify the student body, but her ideals are challenged when her son reveals his determination to attend an Ivy League university.
  90. Bliss Add to a List
    The third of 5th Avenue's new musicals this season is Bliss, written by Emma Lively and Tyler Beattie and choreographed by Josh Prince (the Broadway choreographer of Shrek and Beautiful). It follows four sister princesses who sneak out of their castle, determined to be belles of the ball in their fairy-tale world.

  92. Body of Work: Tattoo Culture Add to a List
    Immerse yourself in the history and art of the tattoo‚ÄĒfrom First Nations practices to counterculture trends‚ÄĒwith artifacts, films, interactive stations, and photos. Don't miss an opening party Add to a List on Friday for a chance to chat with the artists.
    Opening Friday


  94. Beyond The Tippe: 2-Year Anniversary Edition! Add to a List
    Local favorite Deborah Tahara will head up this special second birthday edition of the stand-up series Beyond the Tippe. 
  95. Jonah Ray Add to a List
    Jonah Ray recently hosted Mystery Science Theater 3000 and hosts SeeSo, a mock travel show that follows the comic's misadventures from city to city. He'll come to Seattle to tell jokes about nerdy things. 

  97. Eagle Festival Add to a List
    This festival celebrates eagles, who return to the Stillaguamish River every winter to feed on salmon that have come to spawn in the clean river gravel. There are lots of events around Arlington, including an eagle photo contest, paddle rafting, an "extreme chainsaw sculpture show," nature exhibits, a bird identification walk, and much more. 
  98. NerdFaire Con! 2020 Add to a List
    If you consider yourself a nerd or a geek, you're bound to find something to hold your interest at this family-friendly catch-all mini-con featuring local shops and creators.
  99. FILM

  100. The Grave Plot Film Fest part 2 Add to a List
    Resurrect Halloween in February with a panoply of gory, nasty, scary, funny short films.
  101. The Singing Shoes Add to a List
    Bulgarian singer¬†L–Ķa Ivanova (whose communist country sent her to a labor camp for promoting "retrogressive" behavior in her music) and composer Edi Kazasyan are at the center of the 2016 docudrama The Singing Shoes, screened here for free.¬†
  102. GEEK

  103. Kick Off The Cons Add to a List
    This "convention about conventions" invites local cons, fairs, and shows to gather under one roof for a big geeky party full of artists and vendors, demos, tabletop games, and cosplay contests, rounded out with the Gala Geek Awards. 
  104. MUSIC

  105. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Inspired Dance Party Add to a List
    Well-worn crop tops and glittery eyeshadow are most welcome at this throwback DJ dance party featuring the likes of Queen, David Bowie, Prince, New Order, Fleetwood Mac, and other artists from the '70s and '80s. 
  106. Buddy, Ritchie, & The Bopper Add to a List
    Groove to hits by three late, great musical legends: Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J.P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson. 
  107. Celebrus Lupercalia 11 Add to a List
    The pre-Roman pastoral festival Lupercalia celebrates love, health, bounty, and fertility, and is apparently the original version of Valentine's Day. Like any harvest-y festival, the best way to celebrate is by releasing your inhibitions on the dance floor. This 11th annual event will feature a live music stage with sets from Modular Nights DJs, Crosby Morgan, Cryptomeria, Demetrius Patin, Horse with One Leg, Jesse Whomst, and others. You can also look forward to Central American food, live visuals by Bill Ball, and cool costumes.
  108. ECA Presents: Kidstock 2020 Add to a List
    This annual arts celebration geared toward kids and families features musical performances, theater productions, and arts workshops. This year's highlights include Main Stage sets from Recess Monkey, Northwest Tap Connection, Bailadores de Bronce, and the Not-Its! 
  109. Festival of Friends Events / Presents : Discography - Volume 2 Add to a List
    Festival of Friends presents this night of classic covers of songs by the Cult, Temple of the Dog, the Rolling Stones, and Hole. 
  110. Jai Ho! 9th Anniversary Party 2020 Add to a List
    Jai Ho, a group known for all-night Bollywood dance parties, will throw yet another blowout for their ninth anniversary. Expect house, bhangra, and other Indian-flavored beats in a wild high-energy zone with live DJs, along with henna by donation and a bhangra dance lesson at the beginning. 
  111. Laser Opera Add to a List
    In anticipation Yardbird Add to a List , Daniel Schnyder's jazzy opera about legendary bebop artist Charlie Parker, enjoy a sneak peek of the music paired with laser choreography.  
  112. Platinum Spandex and Atomic Pop Birthday Extravaganza Add to a List
    Get in on an '80s pop explosion at this birthday party for Tommy Platinum of Platinum Spandex with support from Atomic Pop. 
  113. Silent Disco Costume Party: Angels Demons and Robots Add to a List
    Dress as an angel, demon, robot, or "some combination" and get down to Latin and hip-hop jams with locals DJs Meglados, Accia, and Yambu. Outdoor heaters will keep you nice and toasty on the rooftop. 
  114. Wacken Metal Battle USA 2020 Add to a List
    Bands across the country lay waste to the stage for the chance to represent their country in Austin's Wacken Metal Battle USA, which claims the title of "world’s largest outdoor metal festival." This preliminary show with contenders Sin Circus, Krystos, South Kitsap Infidels, Machinery of the Universe, Octopus Attacks Shark, and Ugliest Man Alive will determine who will go to the main event in early February.

  116. The Peking Acrobats Add to a List
    The Peking Acrobats have been featured on TV, the stage, and the silver screen (you may have caught them in Ocean's 11). Watch the fabulous athletes do improbable feats with their bodies: human pagodas, somersaults, leaps, contortion, tumbling, and more.
  117. Mod Carousel Presents: POP! A Pop-culture Extravaganza! Add to a List
    Boylesque stars Paris Original, Trojan Original, the Luminous Pariah, and Moscato Extatique will bring you cabaret material inspired by today's popular culture. They'll be joined by more local stars Ruby Mimosa, Karmen Sutra, and Caela Bailey. 
  118. Salvage Rituals Add to a List
    This work-in-progress featuring local performers like Alyza DelPan-Monley, Sophie Franco, and Alice Gosti is best described by the organizers: "A rigorous movement score takes place on a hexagonal platform constructed of piezoelectric tiles, which transforms the mechanical stress from the performers' bodies into electrical current, actively powering the stage lights." A dance party with DJ Alice will ensue after the show. 

  120. Bonnie Yochelson: Beyond 'How the Other Half Lives' Add to a List
    Art historian Bonnie Yochelson cataloged social justice warrior Jacob A. Riis's complete collection of photographs (owned by the Museum of the City of New York) and used her findings to curate a major, now-traveling exhibit for the museum back in 2015. Join Yochelson for a talk that delves into Riis's photojournalism publication Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York (1890) and beyond. 
  121. Exploring Modern History: The Burke Museum Add to a List
    Edward Lalonde, a principal architect for local firm Olson Kundig, will discuss his 10-year process of working on the new Burke Museum.
  122. Geeky Open Mic Add to a List
    Comedians, storytellers, singers, and poets with a yen for geekdom can try out original material in a supportive space. 
  123. Jeanine Cummins: American Dirt Add to a List
    An Acapulco bookstore owner with a nice life is suddenly forced to flee to the border in this Oprah Book Club-selected novel. Though it's received some praise, Cummins's book has been roundly criticized by many Mexican authors, who take issues with its inaccuracies and stereotypes.
  124. Matt Parker: Humble Pi Add to a List
    If advanced math strikes you as useless to laypeople in the real world, "stand-up mathematician" Matt Parker is determined to change your mind. The star of the YouTube series Standupmaths and Numberphiles will come to Seattle for some funny nerdy stuff. 
  125. Mitzi Szereto: The Best New True Crime Stories Add to a List
    Meet Mitzi Szereto, the editor of The Best New True Crime Stories: Serial Killers, and ask her questions about the cult genre in a Q&A. Bring a buddy. 

  127. Papercutting with Margret Darrah Add to a List
    Make a cute gift for your valentine using the timeless skill of papercutting‚ÄĒan art form that dates back to the¬†fourth century AD‚ÄĒwith Margret Darrah.


  129. Heartbreak Science Fair Add to a List
    Valentine's Day got you down? See how your fellow melancholy Seattle residents are dealing with their feelings. Artists, performers, and sciency folks show art and experiments relating to heartbreak in this exhibition, which is also taking place at Vermillion Add to a List . At the opening fair, enjoy live music and other performances.
  130. SUNDAY


  131. Snohomish GroundFrog Day Celebration 2020 Add to a List
    Trusting just one groundhog to deliver a very important weather forecast is risky. Snohomish has the right idea by adding a clairvoyant frog into the mix. Stand by as Slew the frog declares either an early spring or a prolonged winter in his "frognostication."
  132. FOOD & DRINK

  133. The Oregon Trail Add to a List
    Try not to fall victim to dysentery at chef Eric Rivera's seven-course tasting menu, inspired by everyone's favorite educational computer game.
  134. Son of a Brunch!
    Nurse your Saturday-night hangovers with a healthy dose of comforting Southern fare from Sunset Fried Chicken and drag performances from Kaleena Markos, Stacey Starstruck, Kitty Glitter, and Siren every Sunday, starting this week.

  136. ArtVenture: Welcome Signals with Juliana Kang Robinson Add to a List
    Artist Juliana Kang Robinson will lead a talk on how art can be used to foster inclusive, welcoming communities in Seattle and beyond. 
  137. Grand 'We Moved a Little Bit' Party Add to a List
    To celebrate the grand opening of their new Market Street location, Monster: Art, Clothing & Gifts will show art by local public mural celeb Ryan "Henry" Ward, plus Cathy Wu, Dave Bloomfield, Andrew Saeger, Eli Wolff, and El Sage. Pick up a handmade button and enjoy live painting demos. That's if everything "goes as planned." If the opening is postponed, you can still join the shop on the sidewalk outside the store for live painting and free gifts for the first 300 people. 

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