Stranger Than Usual

95 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: February 11-16, 2020

The Seattle Dragons Home Opener, a Popeye Party at Mean Sandwich, and More Unusual Events
February 11, 2020
Our brand-new, reportedly "gimmick-free" XFL team, the Seattle Dragons, will have their home opener on Saturday. There are still plenty of tickets available. (Seattle Dragons via Facebook)
Our arts & culture critics have already recommended 70 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 54 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here‚ÄĒfrom a Flannel Formal to a chance to get married on a ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle (or Cowgirls Inc., if that's more your style), and from a Popeye Party at Mean Sandwich to a Whiskey & Wings Bar Crawl. For even more options this week, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar.
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  1. Westminster Dog Show
    At a live screening of the Westminster Dog Show, watch prize pups glide across a manicured course while you sip dog-themed drinks like "Pink Poodles" and "Salty Dogs." Come early to fill out a bracket.
  2. FILM

  3. Foosballers
    Did you know that there has existed an "underground league of professional foosball" for the past 40 years? Explore this peculiar sport and its eccentric practitioners as six players head to the Tornado World Championships.
  4. Power to Heal
    See a film narrated by Danny Glover about the history of segregated health care in the South and beyond, and learn about those who fought for justice. Stick around for a discussion with Lembhard G. Howell, the first African American to serve on the board of governors of the Association of Trial Lawyers.

  6. Don Brooks: Spirited Stone
    Spirited Stone: Lessons from Kubota's Garden is dedicated to the work of landscape designer and gardener Fukitaro Kubota. As you might guess, Seattle owes its beautiful Kubota Garden to this man, who even practiced his art while imprisoned in the Minidoka concentration camp for Japanese Americans.
  7. Friendship: Your Most Essential Relationship?
    Discover the power of friendship, "the relational equivalent of superfood," through a scientific lens with journalist Lydia Denworth, author of Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond.

  9. TapeGod Tuesday Valentine Market
    From tapes to records to cozy vintage sweaters, TapeGod has your back for out-of-the-box Valentine's Day gifts. 


  11. Border Doors: Unmasking Zones of Meaning
    Painted and mixed-media collage doors reflect the lived experiences of Mexican and Central American immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in this series of works created by high school students in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Closing Friday


  13. Chocolate Beer Week
    The Beer Junction will assume the role of a hops-loving Willy Wonka with a selection of chocolate-inspired beers. Order a sampler tray with at least four of them to receive a free side of assorted chocolates, and you might just receive a "golden ticket" to redeem for a prize.


  15. 2-REX BOY: A Short Film
    A mad scientist creates a Frankenstein-style dino-humanoid creature, sparking a Y-Files case in the lowest division of the FBI. This screening of the original short film T-Rex Boy will be followed by its sequel, 2-Rex Boy. 
  16. FOOD & DRINK

  17. Andrea Bocelli Family Wine Dinner
    Did you know that the dulcet-toned Italian opera crooner Andrea Bocelli's family has been in the winemaking business for over 130 years? At this five-course dinner prepared by chef David Kong (formerly of Perché No), Tuscan winemaker and expert Antonio Sanguineti will pair each course with a classic Italian wine from the Bocelli Family Winery.
  18. Ramen Night at the Taproom
    Slurp noodles cleverly made from scratch with Lowercase Brewing's repurposed spent grain and miso broth.
  19. GEEK

  20. Harry Potter Trivia
    Faye Fearless Trivia and Worthwich School of Wizardry will drill you with 70 original questions about Harry Potter and his magical friends and foes. 
  21. Seattle Science Slam #23
    Devon Royston will talk about the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our solar system, Jared Canright will explain how virtual reality is being used in new and exciting ways in education, and Charlie Triplett will talk about how "accessibility is the new black" in this edition of Science Slam. Have a beer and clap the loudest for your favorite presentation. 
  22. MUSIC

  23. Secret Concert in a Historic Mansion
    Explore the many rooms of First Hill's historic Stimson-Green mansion before cozying up in the library for some live music. You won't know who's performing until the show starts.
  24. Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus
    Belt Miley Cyrus's impossibly catchy tune "Wrecking Ball" with a smidge more polish than your solo shower rendition at this One Night Choir sing-along. 

  26. Humanities WA Think and Drink: Is the Internet Making Us Miserable?
    It's a question that's been posed at countless post-Y2K dinner tables: Are smartphones destroying our lives? Everyone has an opinion, so grab a drink and dive in with Humanities WA and UW iSchool assistant professors Alexis Hiniker and David Levy. 
  27. The Revolution Question: Feminisms in El Salvador, Chile and Cuba
    Professor Julie Shayne will lead a discussion on feminist heroes of three Latin American liberation movements. 


  29. Monster Mash Up
    In this very cute collaboration, Franklin High School ceramics students have transformed 2D monsters drawn by John Muir Elementary School pupils into clay sculptures.
    Closing Sunday


  31. History Through Cocktails
    Learn the lore behind your favorite libations, from fizzes to slings, with Brimmer & Heeltap bar manager Scott Hart.
  32. Popeye Party at Mean Sandwich
    In honor of everyone's favorite bulky-muscled, spinach-loving cartoon sailor, Filson will throw a release party for their new line of Popeye gear at Mean Sandwich, complete with giveaways. Chow down on a "Wimpy Burger" (inspired by Popeye's perpetually mooching pal) with some cold beer, get some ink at a tattoo pop-up by Rempe, and take in live music performances by Monsterwatch and Beverly Crusher.
  33. GEEK

  34. Name That Tune with Betty Wetter
    Study up on the Billboard Hot 100 and win prizes for your musical aptitude with host Betty Wetter.
  35. MUSIC

  36. Wanders By Trade
    Enjoy an evening of Bob Dylan covers with local tribute band Wanders By Trade.

  38. Fantasy Island Night
    Enter to win free tickets to the upcoming film Fantasy Island, plus two $100 gift cards, at this tropical party with themed cocktails and "Fantasy Box" karaoke. 

  40. Ladies Night: A Dedication to Female Rap
    Local drag queens Skarlet Dior Black and Londyn Bradshaw will bust out their best material for this show dedicated to female rappers. Alessandra Hunt, Dion Dior Black, Issa Man, Macy Marcs, and Mila Skyy will help round out the bill.

  42. Dan Esty: Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future
    Most of the United Nations has acknowledged the urgent need to make our economies ecologically sustainable. But the United States is still paralyzed by partisanship and basic disagreements, according to Yale professor Daniel C. Esty, who'll be sharing ideas for action from his new book A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future. 
  43. A Rapid Response Discussion on the Coronavirus and Global Health Emergencies
    Freaked out about the coronavirus? Join the World Affairs Council and the Washington State China Relations Council for a rapid-response panel discussion on the local national, and global responses to epidemics such as this one. 
  44. Scand30 Lecture: Money Can’t Buy You HYGGE
    Sure, a fancy candle and a pair of hand-knit socks are welcome participants in a hygge scene, but material objects can only get you so far in achieving the Scandinavian feeling of warmth and contentment. This talk will explore the pros and cons of the Americanized version of the Danish-bred phenomenon.
  45. Siri Carpenter: The Craft of Science Writing
    Join Siri Carpenter, the President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, for a talk on her new book, The Craft of Science Writing: Selections from The Open Notebook.

  47. Atlas and Oasis Grand Opening
    The U-District's new travel library/gallery/shop Atlas and Oasis, "dedicated to a love of travel and the art and handicrafts from lesser-visited parts of the world," will have beer, wine, and snacks on deck at this grand opening party. 


  49. Matt Christman's Guide to Springfield
    Chapo Trap House host Matt Christman, a bonafide expert on The Simpsons, has been tasked with selecting the five greatest episodes of the hit sitcom, with a special focus on the show's hero, Homer. Watch them all with added intros from Matt. 


  51. Asylum In Georgia
    After having a meltdown on live TV, a Texas anchorwoman is sent on administrative leave to a tiny town in Georgia. She meets the persnickety locals, muses over the mysterious disappearance of her late father, and worries about her son, who she's just dropped off at college in Atlanta. If that all sounds too heavy for your liking, don't be fooled‚ÄĒit's a comedy.¬†

  53. John Dempcy: Rhythm and Rhyme
    As the show title suggests, abstract acrylic painter Dempcy draws the eye into pleasing, measured patterns in muted, earthy colors, "letting the gestural flow of his brushstrokes lead him to artistic pathways of discovery." He's inspired by Northwestern biodiversity, science, and music.
    Closing Saturday


  55. A Night Like This
    Witness acrobats and variety artists act out stories from "exotic travels to the Seven Seas" through dance, aerial feats, song, and more. Michael Cunio of Postmodern Jukebox will step into the role of Master of the House, while Christine Deaver will be your raconteuse. As always, your ticket will include a multi-course dinner.
  56. FRIDAY


  57. Cupid's Rejects
    Round out your Valentine's Day with comedy from Sophia Hatz, Mikey Pullman, Cara Rosellini, Huynx, Ashley Gutermuth, and host Duante Barnett.
  58. FOOD & DRINK

  59. Cookie's Fried Chicken at Good Day Donuts
    Nothing says "romance" like fried chicken and donuts. The meme-loving, finger-lickin'-good pop-up Cookie's Country Fried Chicken will team up with White Center's Good Day Donuts for a special collaboration including "cuddle combos" and donut-chicken-sandwiches (including one with chicken "smack dab in the middle of a pickle fritter"). They promise extra napkins will be provided.
  60. Flannel Formal
    Break out your fleeciest flannels and your party tartans for this dressed-down Valentine's Day formal, which bars entry to anyone not clad in plaid. Tickets include a cool mug, access to a s'mores party, a live set¬†from DJ Supreme La Rock, and more.¬†Kahl√ļa will provide cozy cocktails like boozy hot cocoa and espresso martinis.
  61. MUSIC

  62. Laser Loves Me
    Cozy up with someone cute and enjoy a "heart-throbbing playlist" set to shimmery laser art. If you're feeling the opposite of mushy, opt for Laser Loves Me Not, featuring "music for the strong-willed and independent."
  63. Maiden Seattle
    Nothing says "I love you" quite like tributes¬†to metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. For those looking to shake things up on Valentine's Day, this quartet of heavy metal bands‚ÄĒMaiden Seattle,¬†Judas Rising, RivetSkull, and LorPan‚ÄĒpromises an unconventional and memorable approach to a holiday created to sell cards, candy, and flowers.
  64. Millennium Age Hosts Silent Party Seattle: R&B Wars ‚ÄĒ Valentine's Edition
    Three R&B DJs will compete for your love and affection by bumping Trey Songz, Rihanna, and more at this silent disco.
  65. Valentine's Day Heartbreak Covers Night
    Local pop-rock acts Sylvi, Navid Eliot, Debbie Miller, Kelsey Sprague Music, Sam Russell, Peter Donovan, Heather Reynosa, and Ghost Moon will help you nurse your wounded heart with a night of live music and comradery. 

  67. Heart-Shaped Box
    Morgue Anne and her saucy friends will fete V-Day with acts about the heartwarming‚ÄĒand aggravating‚ÄĒaspects of romance.
  68. Love is in the Hair: Glam Metal Burlesque
    Dorathy Daggers will preside over this night of hair metal-themed erotic dance, starring some talented Seattle regulars plus special Portland guests Christy Jade and Jaxin Ryan.

  70. After-Hours: No-Pressure Valentine's Day
    How familiar are you with the cloning practices of sea anemones? What about the mating rituals of octopuses or sea stars? At this "no-pressure" Valentine's Day affair, you and your date (or you and your friends) will be presented with boozy beverages, a live DJ, and all the information you've ever wanted to know about the courtship behaviors of local marine residents.
  71. Cheap Date Night
    Climb on some rocks, eat grilled cheese sandwiches (by donation), and win cool prizes with your frugal valentine. 
  72. Get Married at Cowgirls Inc.
    The mechanical bull-bearing bar will get you hitched to your one and only until death do you part, Coyote Ugly-style. They'll provide decorated tables, an ordained officiant, champagne, wedding cake, and a photographer.
  73. How To Make Your Valentine’s Heart Spin
    Take a romantic ride on the Seattle waterfront's giant Ferris wheel to the next level by booking a private cabin complete with two glasses of champagne. Under-21 couples will be served sparkling cider.
  74. Valentine's Day Party with Drunk Cupid!
    Party with Drunk Cupid while dancing to saucy jams provided by DJ Madmax Wallace. Anyone's invited, but singles are promised a wealth of other singles to flirt with. 
  75. Vows on the Bow
    Want to declare your love while sailing along the Puget Sound? Whether you're looking to renew your vows or tie the knot for the first time, the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle will serve as your unassuming (and windy) wedding venue on Valentine's Day. 

  77. 'Qualifications of Being' Release Party
    Flip through a copy of trans and Two-Spirit artist Raven Two Feather's comic-based zine, Qualifications of Being, and enjoy a live performance from the Two-Spirit Drum Group.
  78. Art Battle Seattle
    In this live painting tournament, local artists transform black canvases into colorful pieces in three rounds. Watch the artists at work, then help decide which piece should win. DJ Nightwatch will provide the beats. 
  79. Friction Erotic Art Show & Art Prom
    Bestow your valentine with some erotic art by a local artist, and enjoy live painting by Lily Ruiz and other sexy surprises while you shop. Later in the evening, DJ Jessie Beans will make your prom dreams come true with the best of the '90s and 2000s.


  81. Comedy of Love 2020
    Make your Valentine's Day spontaneous and silly at this show inspired by your loves, lusts, and romantic mishaps.
  82. Date Night Showcase
    Seattle comics will lighten the mood with jokes about all that is "single, married, dates, awkward, and everything else."
  83. FOOD & DRINK

  84. The Blind Cafe Experience - Music + Social In The Dark
    Spend Valentine's Day dining in the dark with the Blind Cafe, a traveling pop-up experience that hosts sensory tasting dinners in 100% darkness to raise awareness for social issues. For this event, they will greet guests with dark chocolate and red wine by candlelight before they are engulfed in darkness for a vegetarian meal and music from Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra.
  85. MUSIC

  86. The 5th Annual "Dead Of Winter" with the Andy Coe Band
    For reasons unknown, Seattle loves itself some Grateful Dead, and so Nectar will host its fifth annual Dead of Winter concert, originally formed to pay tribute to folk legend Jerry Garcia, featuring a live set by psychedelic jam enthusiasts the Andy Coe Band.

  88. Moxie
    Jerboa Dance Company's family-friendly performance promises a dance- and acrobatics-filled journey "from a 1920s beach party to a 1950s technological snafu."

  90. Ryan W. Kelly: Forest from the Trees
    Wander through a dreamy, illogical "ad hoc forest" fashioned from¬†papier-m√Ęch√©, ceramic, and wood.
    Closing Saturday


  92. Science Comedy with Dr. Matthew Murtha
    Scientist and comedian Dr. Matthew Murtha will prove that researchers can have a sense of humor in his hour-long special. Valerie Bentivegna (Bright Club, Edinburgh Festival Fringe) hosts.

  94. Ellensburg Cowboy Gathering
    Trot your faithful pony over to Ellensburg to "relive the sights and sounds of the old West" with three days of gear shows, open mics, and live music with the likes of Barbara Nelson, Doris Daley, and Eli Barsi. 
  95. Seattle Yiddish Fest 2020
    This three-day intensive workshop includes classes, jam sessions, and live performances led by experts in traditional Yiddish song and dance, including the Klezmatics' lead accordionist, Lorin Sklamberg, and dance instructor Cantor Sarah Meyerson. 

  97. Anti Couture: Anti Romantic
    See vibrant, one-of-a-kind embroidered clothing items by anti-couture (and, for this occasion, anti-Valentine's Day) artist India Spence.
    Opening Friday


  99. Bird Fest
    When your friends and family visit from out of town, impress them with your casual knowledge of the winged creatures in your own backyard by attending Burien's Bird Fest. Coolest of all, you'll get to play a part in the annual Backyard Bird Count.
  100. State of Africatown 2020: The African American/African Gathering
    Get the latest on the goals, opportunities, and challenges facing Seattle's African American and African Diaspora community in 2020 and beyond.
  101. FILM

  102. Dark Romances: Bleeding Hearts
    Bring a date who appreciates sleaze, dominatrixes, bloodthirsty hamsters, sexy ghosts, and brain-sucking monsters to this $2 VHS screening of some Valentine's Day-worthy short films, courtesy of Scarecrow Video. 
  103. FOOD & DRINK

  104. Third Anderson Winter Beer Festival
    Try over 50 ales and ciders from McMenamins and other breweries, and enjoy live music, food specials, and other activities.
  105. Whiskey & Wings Bar Crawl
    Storm local bars for whiskey and wing pairings, whiskey and bourbon specials, and more boozy and saucy surprises. 
  106. MUSIC

  107. Acapellapalooza!
    Barbershop Harmony Society's Bellevue chapter will host a "smorgasbord of a cappella vocal entertainment" with Northwest Mix, Vocal Heritage, Under the Radar, and other local ensembles. 
  108. BollyGrooves Presents: The BreakUp Party
    Feeling bummed out by displays of romantic love but don't want to stay home on Valentine's Day weekend? DJs Aanshul and Tamm will come through with Bollywood and Top 40 hits just for you. If you are looking for a date, colored bracelets will differentiate people's relationship statuses. 
  109. Carnevale Oscuro - A Venetian Gothic Masquerade
    DJs Hana Solo and JQ will appeal to your sensual goth side at this Venetian-inspired party dripping with chandeliers, candelabras, and freaky finery. Dress to the theme. 
  110. Cherry Cherry - Neil Diamond Tribute
    Belt out "Sweet Caroline" and other Neil Diamond hits like you mean it at this show with tribute band Cherry Cherry. 
  111. FRISK Jockstrap PARTY with DJ Robbie Nielsen
    It's a dance party by men in jockstraps, for men in jockstraps with DJ Robbie Nielsen bringing "house music tribal beats."
  112. Graceland Manila
    Thrust along to hits by the King performed by local Elvis cover band Graceland Manila. 
  113. Original Music Inspired by the Works of Shakespeare
    The Bushwick Book Club will perform live music inspired by the works of everyone's favorite Bard, William Shakespeare. 
  114. Sound Off! 2020 Finals
    For the 19th year, MoPOP's Sound Off! will pit local, under-21 bands against each other in this concert series that rewards the first-place winner with a performance slot at Bumbershoot. Throughout these three nights, kicking off tonight, each band will get the chance to show off their skills in an effort to win the big prize.
  115. Wacken Metal Battle USA 2020
    Bands across the country lay waste to the stage for the chance to represent their country in Austin's Wacken Metal Battle USA, which claims the title of "world’s largest outdoor metal festival." Following the preliminary show with contenders Sin Circus, Krystos, South Kitsap Infidels, Machinery of the Universe, Octopus Attacks Shark, and Ugliest Man Alive back in early February, this edition (bands still TBA) will determine who will go to the main event.
  116. The World’s Greatest Emo and Pop Punk Party
    Go beyond the throwback DJ night and opt for live emo and pop-punk with local bands Green Lake Basement, Happy Heartbreak, Fiore, and Less Than Three.

  118. 206 Zulu 16th Anniversary | Mighty 4 Seattle
    Local hip-hop events-based community organization 206 Zulu will celebrate its birthday with multiple hip-hop battles, a dance party with DJs Supreme La Rock and Neebor, a panel discussion with local artists Paulskee, Bionic, Emile YX?, and Kareem, workshops, and more. 

  120. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
    This podcast, hosted by neuroscientist Dr. Steven Novella of Yale, activist and author Jay Novella, journalist Cara Santa Maria, New England Skeptical Society founder Bob Novella, and NESS technical adviser Evan Bernstein, aims to help listeners develop strong, critical minds and learn about science.
  121. Soft Shock 2020
    This night of drag hosted by Old Witch and starring Bosco, Kitty Glitter, Lazarus Rise, and Thadayus, plus SissySlays and Vivvi the Force from San Diego, sounds like it's full of apocalyptic horror. Fun times!

  123. Angelo Moore Is Dr. Madd Vibe!
    Dr. Madd Vibe, aka Angelo Moore, aka the frontman of '80s-born ska-punk band Fishbone, will bring you an interdisciplinary reading and performance highlighting his work in film and comics. Press materials promise that it'll be "a thrilling ride through an auditory amusement park."
  124. Julie Blacklow with Pepper Schwartz: Diary of a Badass Reporter
    Prolific journalist Julie Blacklow will reflect on her time as one of the first women in television news in America, as relayed in her book¬†Fearless‚ÄĒDiary of a Badass Reporter.¬†She'll be joined in conversation by UW sociologist and sexologist Pepper Schwartz.¬†
  125. Kim Stafford: Wild Honey, Tough Salt
    Portland poet Kim Stafford, son of the poet laureate William Stafford, will deliver a reading of his collection Wild Honey, Tough Salt, which draws on such experiences as "wandering New Orleans in a trance, savoring the life of artist Tove Jansson, reading the fine print on the Mexican peso and the Scottish five-pound note" and penetrates into darker material from there.

  127. Rare Treats Pop-up Market
    Buy stuff (vintage clothes, household goods, gifts, and more) from lovely local vendors and artists like Little Wolf Distro, Real Bazaar, Memmi LeBlanc, Pinephilos, and others. DJs Gene Pankey and AbGlanz will be on the decks, Crop Pop Soda Shop will sling their small-batch beverages, and Passiflora Massage will dig into your sore muscles. 

  129. President's Day Weekend Run
    Celebrate past presidents and get out (some of) your frustration for the current one at this run. There are options for a 5K, 10K, 15K, and two-person team 5K.
  130. Seattle Dragons vs. Tampa Bay Vipers
    After their debut game against the DJ Defenders, brand-new XFL (the more fun and "gimmick-free" version of the NFL, reports Nathalie Graham) team the Seattle Dragons will take on the Tampa Bay Vipers.

  132. Deep Affection: Multimedia Anti Valentine's Day Art Show
    These multimedia artworks by members of the Hiawatha Art Club defy the patriarchy and traditional idea of romantic love. Check them out, have some drinks, and do some dancing. 


  134. Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show 2020
    Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about fly fishing at this two-day convention.

  135. Octopus Week
    Show some love for the one and only eight-limbed, big-brained mollusk at this week-long octopus fest complete with special feeding demos, hands-on kids' activities, and educational talks.

  137. Movin' Around the World: Winter
    In partnership with Northwest Folklife, this weeklong event invites people of all ages to learn about cultures around the world through live music and dance and hands-on activities.
  138. FOOD & DRINK

  139. Wine on the Rock: Wine & Chocolate
    For a weekend getaway, Bainbridge Island wineries Amelia Wynn, Eagle Harbor, Eleven, Fletcher Bay, and Rolling Bay are offering two days of wine and chocolate tastings.

  141. Seattle Home Show
    Homeowners looking to cozy up their new abode can get inspired by landscape and decor displays, chat with gardening and design experts, and, of course, shop for home goods. There will also be a wine and beer garden presented by Sleep Number (who we assume will provide comfy mattresses to sit on), cooking demos, and more.
  142. SUNDAY


  143. Roast of Re-bar - 30th Anniversary Edition
    The legendary Seattle bar where Nirvana played their first show is 30, flirty, and thriving. Join local luminaries Steve Wells, Vincent Drambuie, Ade, Kaleb Kerr, Sailor St. Claire, Jackie Hell, and many others for a lovingly brutal birthday roast of the insult variety. 
  144. FOOD & DRINK

  145. Beer Barre for Galentine's Day at Elysian Brewing
    Do barre in a bar with your best friends, then stay around afterward to drink beer.

  147. The Art of Letting Go
    Locals Andrew Jay, Kiki Mustang, Chesty La Rue, and Abi Echo-Hawk will perform dances, lip-synch numbers, spoken-word poems, and traditional rituals about letting go of emotional trauma. 

  149. Gayle Brandeis and Jennifer Calkins
    The author of the Bellwether Prize-winning novel The Book of Dead Birds will link up with Seattle writer and evolutionary biologist Jennifer Calkins for a reading of their new works: Many Restless Concerns: The Victims of Countess Bathory Speak in Chorus Zoom (which recounts the killing of hundreds of women and girls late in the 16th and 17th centuries) and Fugitive Assembly (which press materials describe as "Joan Didion meets Bhanu Kapil meets the films of Kelly Reichardt"), respectively.