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Last-Minute Plans: 101 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do in Seattle This Weekend: August 23-25, 2019

A Free Head and the Heart Concert, the Seattle Design Festival Block Party, and More $10-and-Under Events
August 23, 2019
The Head and the Heart will play a free show on the roof of Pike Place Market this Sunday. (Artist photo)

Panicking because you don‚Äôt know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry‚ÄĒbelow, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Linda's Fest to a town hall with Elizabeth Warren, and from Big Flip to the Seattle Design Festival Block Party. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

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  1. comedyshow.exe
    Enjoy sets by Nathalie Holt, Kyle Bob, and Val Nigro at this show hosted by Lucy Tollefson.
    (University District, $8)
  2. Laugh on Leary Comedy Showcase
    Hear jokes from an eclectic group of comedians‚ÄĒGabey Lucas, Jesse Warren, Steven Mayes, and Jaren George‚ÄĒat this local showcase hosted by Reggie Eng.
    (Ballard, $10)

  4. End of Summer Party and All That Dance Performance
    Kids and families are invited to an evening of crafts and science projects followed by a performance from All That Dance and a 15-minute audience dance party.
    (Lake City, free)

  6. KEXP & Seattle Center Present: Concerts at the Mural
    In true KEXP summertime fashion, the station will be partnering with Seattle Center to provide another enjoyable round of free family-friendly concerts this year at the Mural Amphitheater, located within the heart of Seattle Center. Wrapping up this year's series tonight is Helado Negro, who Jasmyne Keimig has said "marries mellowed-out synths with earnest, melancholic folk in a way that escapes with your heart." He'll headline with support from Archie (formerly known as PSA) and NAVVI.
    (Seattle Center, free)
  7. FILM

  8. Center City Movie Nights
    Spend s summer night watching Crazy Rich Asians on the big screen.
    (Downtown, free)
  9. Monthly Horror Night
    Gore Gore Girls will screen a trashy movie by the director of Basket Case and Frankenhooker: Brain Damage, in which a parasite burrows into a man's brain and promises hallucinatory pleasures as long as it's fed human brains. The organizers promise drink specials and candy, as well as 11 pm "horror soundscapes" with Meridian Arc.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)
  10. Movies in the Park with Scarecrow Video
    The invaluable video library Scarecrow will screen charming movies about "animals saving the day" (this time it's Balto), preceded by children's activities.
    (Sand Point, free)
  11. Outdoor Maritime Movie Night
    Bring a picnic or buy a bag of popcorn and watch the cheesy '90s adventure flick Captain Ron, starring Kurt Russell, while you take in a view of Lake Union.
    (South Lake Union, $5 suggested donation)
  12. Sail In Cinema
    Grab a bag of free popcorn and watch Moana from the comfort of either your boat or your landlocked picnic blanket.
    (Everett, free)
  13. FOOD & DRINK

  14. Bar Crawl with Planned Parenthood
    Hop around to Capitol Hill bars to raise money for Planned Parenthood. The organizers promise drink coasters and condoms, raffle prizes, and more.
    (Capitol Hill, free admission)
  15. MUSIC

  16. Automotive Steamhorse, Meat Hair, Morning Glory Revival, Audiokid
    Northwest indie alt-rockers Automotive Steamhorse stack shoegaze traditions for their own development of experimental post-punk and neo-psychedelic stylings. They'll be joined by experimental noise trio Meat Hair, psychedelic "funk 'n' roll" band Morning Glory Revival, and Audiokid.
    (Ballard, $10)
  17. Bye Bye Bye ‚ÄĒ A Boy Bands Only Dance Party
    Boogie around to the carefully choreographed sounds of the millennium with tracks from only boy bands all night long.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)
  18. The Deliverables, Your Downstairs Neighbors, St. John's Infirmary
    The Deliverables, "two dudes singing about their problems" with backing from two additional dudes, will be joined by Your Downstairs Neighbors and St. John's Infirmary.
    (University District, $8)
  19. Dim Desires, Bird & Shooter, Grand Arson, Harley Rose
    Support Ralph of local spoken-word rock trio Dim Desires by donating to their top surgery fund at this show with live sets by Dim Desires, Bellingham's Bird & Shooter, local alt-rockers Grand Arson, and Harley Rose.  
    (Central District, $5-$10)
  20. The Flowers, Miko Miko, Shimmertraps, Depressica
    Slip into a dream-pop state with Seattle's the Flowers, Kent's Miko Miko, Bellingham's Shimmertraps, and Depressica. 
    (Capitol Hill, $5)
  21. Happy Orchestra Trio
    Tarik Abouzied, a nominee for Earshot Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year, partners with local funk and jazz musicians D'Vonne Lewis and Joe Doria in Happy Orchestra.
    (Downtown, free)
  22. Harmonious Funk
    Self-described "casino band" Harmonious Funk play covers of songs that topped the charts in the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. 
    (Shoreline, $10)
  23. Hyways, Last Chance Family Band, Lo-Liner
    Slip on your cowboy boots for a night of psychedelic country-rockin' with HYWAYS, Last Chance Family Band, and Lo-Liner.
    (Pioneer Square, $10)
  24. Pop Secret: Aramis, Light Privilege, Jerry Wang
    DJs Aramis, Light Privilege, and Jerry Wang will spin pop, hip-hop, house, and future bass for all you musically indecisive party people.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  25. Raw Dogs, Detonator, Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Despairer
    Psychobilly fans can thrash to local punks Raw Dogs, Detonator, Stoned Evergreen Travelers, and Despairer.
    (Georgetown, $8)
  26. Sundae + Mr. Goessl
    Agile-voiced Sundae and swinging guitarist Mr. Goessl make the musical equivalent of shiny-wrapper candy scattered on a coffee table: light, sweet, glittery, and dangerously inviting to sample before dinner.
    (Downtown, free)
  27. Talaya, Aaron James, Antero, Oya Storms, Theomatic
    Renton-based R&B artist Talaya will headline this all-ages bill with support from other up-and-comers Aaron James, Antero, Oya Storms, and Theomatic.
    (Seattle Center, $8/$10)

  29. Dolly and the DJ Drag Show
    Hear songs by "Seattle’s own seven-foot-tall Dolly Madison" as DJ Al Griggs provides musical support. Also, get your psyche read by Auntie Sindy.
    (Georgetown, free)
  30. Killer Whale & The Black Rush
    YTT Urban Native performing artists will present a play by Dylan Thomas Elwood as part of the ACTONE Festival, about a band of animal characters struggling for survival in a world rife with man-made disaster. Hannah Victoria Franklin will direct.
    (Downtown, free)
  31. MUGZ
    An abbreviated list of shit I’ve seen drag queens do at MUGZ: a queen lob small apples into the crowd; a queen crab-walking in 8-inch heels, collecting crumpled up dollar bills that people threw onstage; a queen order a drink during her number while a broccoli-shaped stuffed animal performed in her place; a queen whipping onlookers with her long pink braids. It’s a wild, careening, trashy show full of strange and wonderful drag entertainers. All in the drafty, dumpster-adjacent Timbre Room. It’s Seattle drag at its most unrefined (and fun!). JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Downtown, $8)

  33. Feminist Storytelling in the #MeToo Age
    During the run of its modern day-refined production of Verdi's Rigoletto, Seattle Opera will host a panel discussion about the role of arts in changing a culture steeped in gender-based violence, among other timely topics. Panelists include local directors Kathy Hsieh and Kelly Kitchens and UW musicologist Judy Tsou.
    (Seattle Center, free)
  34. Jed Myers, Tina Schumann, Heidi Seaborn
    Three Seattle poets will read from their new collections: Jed Myers with The Marriage of Space and Time, Tina Schumann with Praising the Paradox, and Heidi Seaborn with Give a Girl Chaos.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  36. Amber Flame: ::intrigue:: 8
    Hugo House poet-in-residence Amber Flame explores the relationship between music and poetry using "choral-heavy melodies set against loop-based harmonies" based on writings by Danez Smith, Natalie Diaz, and others; looped video shorts; and fabric window dressings.
    (University District, free)
    Closing Friday


  38. #NotDoneYet After Party
    If you're not done partying after the West Seattle Beer & Music Festival, head to this post-shindig shindig with DJ Indica Jones. 
    (West Seattle, $10)

  40. Casey McGlynn: 117.5 Ideas for Tattoos
    Casey McGlynn's childlike, perspective-less paintings ever-so-slightly resemble Chagall in their flattened, colorful, endearing depictions of people, animals, vehicles, and houses.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday
  41. James Coupe: Exercises in Passivity
    British-born, Seattle-based, Bergstrom Award-winning artist James Coupe investigates "issues of human instrumentalization, affect, and immaterial labor" with "a worker cage, karaoke, sleep trackers, and virtual assistants." As the description of the show points out, in a reversal of the Turing test, "humans are perpetually asked to convince computers that they are not robots." In this realm of automation, what makes us human? This sounds like a thought-provoking and thoroughly appropriate exhibition for Amazon's hometown.
    (University District, free)
    Closing Saturday
  42. Juventino Aranda: In Dreams I Once Believed There Was a Future
    Growing up in Walla Walla as the child of Mexican immigrants, Seattle artist Juventino Aranda draws on his family history and childhood for inspiration, exploring how they speak to broader cultural, social, and political themes. Aranda‚Äôs art practice encompasses several distinct mediums‚ÄĒconceptual sculpture, textile art, and altered objects. He once cast a MAGA hat in bronze, repainted it red, and only left ‚ÄúGREAT‚ÄĚ stenciled in white, calling it THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW. AMERICA (EL DIA QUE LLEGO LA LLORONA) is a life-size rendition of a plastic candle votive. There‚Äôs a sense of humor (and reflection) that pervades his work. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday


  44. Pacific Northwest Black Pride
    Celebrate black LGBTQ+ communities in Seattle and beyond with four days of activities focused on health and wellness, equity, and community building. In addition to Pride parties and a film festival, the weekend also includes a trans symposium, multi-generational conversations, and more.
    (Capitol Hill & Othello, free)
  45. Seattle Design Festival 2019
    Now in its ninth year, Design in Public's Seattle Design Festival explores how urbanism, architecture, and design can further justice, ecology, and community by featuring art installations and events in public spaces. The theme this year, "balance," is inspired by the equilibrium of the natural world contrasted with institutional injustices within our society, offering attendees plenty of opportunities to ruminate on changes they'd like to see happen in Seattle. This weekend brings a screening of The Garden of Secrets at the Northwest Film Forum (Sat) and the Seattle Design Festival Block Party at Lake Union Park (Sat-Sun).
    (Various locations, free)


  47. $10@10PM
    Improvisers Taya Beattie and Claire Jencks will choose some of the best improv theater groups in town and beyond for another cheap late-night show.
    (University District, $10)
  48. Alex Said 'No'
    Performers will recycle show ideas that were rejected by Alex Grindeland, the owner of the Atlas Theatre. See if they're as disastrous as he thought they would be!
    (Fremont, $10)

  50. Free Beginner Neighborhood Bird Walk
    A bird expert will teach you cool things about feathered friends native to the Northwest on this guided walk through Genesee Park.
    (Columbia City, free)
  51. Summer Luau
    Dress yourself and your dog in your favorite Hawaiian shirts for a pup-friendly luau, complete with a tropical photo booth by Say Woof Studios and hot dogs from Chavoyas.
    (Lake City, free)
  52. Urban Tree Walk
    You already know that trees help protect the planet by storing carbon dioxide, but did you know they also help cool down "heat islands" and help prevent harmful stormwater from entering waterways? A local expert will help you identify over 20 types of trees found all over Seattle on this tour through the Central District. 
    (Central District, free)

  54. 10th Annual Linda's Fest
    Last year, Stranger¬†music contributor Joseph Schafer wrote, "Capitol Hill brunch-and-brews institution Linda‚Äôs Tavern continues to give back to the community with a yearly sample of free local music. And while the average income of the restaurant‚Äôs neighbors continues to change, the sonic fare of Linda‚Äôs Fest does not‚ÄĒheavy, rhythmic, and loud continue to be adjectives of consequence. Because, really, what is the sound of brunch? It is the aural equivalent of that which quenches the hangover: grease, carbon, caffeine, and further blood-borne ethanol." This year's lineup features punks both hard and soft, including Fucked and Bound, Gag, Lisa Prank, Tacos!, and Dyed.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
  55. FILM

  56. 'Cuddle: The Series' Screening Party
    Binge-watch all five episodes of Cuddle, a Seattle-made, women-led original comedy web series about a professional "cuddle therapist" and her search for human connection.
    (Wedgwood, free)
  57. Movies at the Mural 2019
    Stretch out on the lawn and watch a screening of Black Panther, preceded by film shorts by Cornish students.
    (Seattle Center, free)
  58. Seattle Asian American Film Festival CID Summer Cinema
    Watch Asian, Asian American, and Asian-starring films‚ÄĒtonight it's¬†Up. Before the films start at sundown, enjoy live performances and fun activities for kids.
    (Chinatown-International District, free)
  59. Women’s Rights Day Film Showing
    Watch Birthright: A War Story, a documentary about the threat to reproductive rights in the U.S. and those fighting to protect them. The screening will be followed by a discussion.
    (Columbia City, free)
  60. FOOD & DRINK

  61. The Barque Brontes Bakery & Cafe Launch in Pike Place Market
    Scarf free macaron and coffee samples at the launch of Pike Place Market's new Barque Brontes Bakery Cafe. 
    (Downtown, free)
  62. Seattle Cider Co 6th Anniversary Beach Party!
    Party on the beach with a lineup of cider on tap, plus cider slushies, cider shave ice, live music, tunes from DJ ABV, gastropub grub from Bread & Circuses, rare and limited-edition releases, and games and prizes.
  63. Urban Bake Sale Pop-Up
    Partake in pie, doughnuts, cookies, and other freshly baked goods at this curbside pop-up.
    (South Lake Union, free)
  64. GEEK

  65. Burien UFO Festival
    Whether you're a UFO enthusiast, a skeptic, or an alien, you're invited to a big geeky space party in Burien. There will be guest speakers, live performances, a beer garden, a costume contest for both humans and dogs, custom alien drawings, and more.
    (Burien, free)
  66. Return of the Dragon
    At this outdoor scavenger hunt in downtown Redmond, each team will get a map that leads to clues (that lead to dragons!). At the end of the race, you'll win prizes based on how many fire-breathing creatures you've collected.
    (Redmond, $5)
  67. MUSIC

  68. Biddadat, The Whags, Cytrus, Snaccs
    Local funk-infused electro-rockers Biddadat will share this bill with sunny psych-rockers the Whags, psy-trance project Cytrus, and Snaccs.
    (Ballard, $10)
  69. Cafe Disco - A Dance Party for Fans of The Office
    Get as wild as you would at a holiday party among your coworkers at this disco specifically catered to fans of The Office.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)
  70. Kyte Mike, Peter Colclasure
    Pianists Peter Colclasure (visiting from the Bay Area) and Kyte Mika (repping Seattle) will each play original ambient compositions. 
    (Wallingford, $10)
  71. Mansions, Usury, Young Elk
    Seattle indie-rock band Mansions will headline with additional live sets by local emo-pop band Usury and Portland's Young Elk.
    (Eastlake, $6)
  72. MKB Ultra, After Nations, Oceans Fade, Skullbot
    Enjoy psych-infused bluesy rock with veteran Seattle singer-songwriter Mia Katherine Boyle and friends as MKB Ultra, including iconic rock producer and guitarist Jack Endino, vocalist and tambourine player Lisa Mansfield, drummer Patrick Lennon, and 5-Track on bass. They'll share the bill with openers After Nations, Oceans Fade, and Skullbot.
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)
  73. Night Knocks with DJ Oeird Wons
    DJ Oeird Wons has returned to Seattle after a decade in New York and will kick off a new monthly show called Night Knocks, a heavily loaded hodgepodge of psych, punk, funk, soul, boogie, and krautrock, all on vinyl.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
  74. Pirate Radio, Full Vinyl Jacket, Good Riddance
    Revel in a night of covers with Pirate Radio, Full Vinyl Jacket, and the PNW's "authoritative premier Green Day tribute" Good Riddance.
    (West Seattle, $8)
  75. The Snubs, Marc & The Horsejerks, Far Flung Future, Florida Man
    The Snubs play what was "formerly known as 'punk'"‚ÄĒwell, we have no qualms in calling it punk, alive and kicking. They'll be joined by¬†Marc & the Horsejerks, Far Flung Future, and Florida Man.¬†
    (University District, $7)
  76. Spellbound: Tombstone
    This birthday party for DJ Voodoo will mash up old-school goth and industrial post-punks with the wild west aesthetic of Deadwood. 
    (Downtown, free)
  77. Sunflower Sutra, Space Owl
    After a dozen years on semi-permanent hiatus, Sunflower Sutra have risen from the almost dead and are back on the local gig circuit, with support from Space Owl.
    (University District, $8)
  78. Temple Canyon, Lonely Mountain Lovers, Afterlife Giftshop
    Harking back to the legends that came out of Laurel Canyon, Temple Canyon will play their psychedelic folk-rock with support from Lonely Mountain Lovers and Afterlife Giftshop. 
    (Ballard, $10)
  79. The Vibrators, The Drolls, The Disorderlies, Bitter Ex Lovers
    First-generation UK punks the Vibrators, who played at the Roxy in 1977, are hitting Seattle! And, damn, these yobbos are STILL touring after having been around for well over 40 goddamn years! But y’all know this AND how they rock, ’cause as I said last time they came through, every punk ever owns a copy of their first LP, Pure Mania. MIKE NIPPER
    (Tukwila, $10)
  80. White Party 2019
    DJ Lady Dee will take over the decks at this salsa, kizomba, and bachata party for dancers of all levels. 
    (Kirkland, $8)
  81. Wild Powwers, Help, Chris King & the Gutterballs
    Former Stranger writer Amber Cortes wrote of Wild Powwers, "Fans of guitar-driven rock will dig this trio's wily, grungy ways. Each member contributes to the band's immense sound: Jordan Gomes builds full and heavy bass lines, Lupe Flores wails on the drums like there's no tomorrow, and guitarist and vocalist Lara Hilgeman's forceful voice will rip you apart (in a good way)." Catch them with smoky soul-infused indie-rockers Chris King & the Gutterballs.
    (Fremont, $8/$10)

  83. Leftovers: A Drag Show‚ÄĒBirthday Edition
    Kara Sutra will host a drag show celebrating "Nadja Sutra's first drag birthday." See performances by Nadja Sutra, Deja Nouveau, Catty Wompus, Brandi Marxxx, Thadayus King, and Vel Veeta.
    (Georgetown, $7/$10)
  84. NOIR: POC Variety Show
    Your Saturday night will be well-spent with¬†Kylie Mooncakes, Londyn Bradshaw, L√ľChi, Issa Man, and Willy Nill at this variety show celebration POC entertainers.¬†
    (Downtown, $8)
  85. Tegan & Sara: The Drag Show
    At last, drag artists (including Hoochiepapa, Kitty Glitter, and Rowan Ruthless) will pay tribute to queer pop icons Tegan & Sara.
    (Downtown, $8)

  87. A Reportback From the Situation in Hong Kong
    Hear about the anti-extradition bill protests happening in Hong Kong from some people who were recently there.
    (Central District, free)

  89. Free Ping Pong Lessons SPIN Seattle
    If your ping pong skills aren't up to snuff, allow the paddle-wielding pros at SPiN to give you some pointers.
    (Downtown, free)
  90. Yoga for Beginners
    Learn simple yoga poses at this all-ages class. 
    (Greenwood, free)

  92. 'I Like Totally Know What You Did Last Summer' Release Party
    Celebrate the release of a frightening comic by Sarah Romano Diehl (From Crust 'Til Dawn) and Brandon Lehmann (Womp Womp). Lehmann writes: "For the event we made a skull bowl full of predictions about what you like totally did last summer." See if their guesses are right!
    (Georgetown, free)
  93. Jason Hirata: Splash
    With the help of Levi Easterbrooks and Lucas Quigley, artist Jason Hirata overlays text onto cropped vertical images from postcards specific to various cities. In honor of the Puget Sound's beloved and endangered Southern Resident orcas, the Seattle show includes a photo of a whale flipping in the water.
    (Mount Baker, free)
    Closing Saturday
  94. Steamroller Printmaking Party
    Falafel, banjo, and a steamroller‚ÄĒwhat more do you need for one afternoon? Enjoy music and food truck fare (bring cash) as the Seattle Artist League makes gigantic prints.
    (Greenwood, free)
  95. Wilderness Art Showcase
    Three local artists will show jewelry, paintings, and photography inspired by Pacific Northwest nature. 
    (Sodo, free)


  97. Arts in the Garden
    Nearly 40 artists will display their for-sale art throughout the Bellevue Botanical Garden, so you can see how the 3-D pieces might look in your own flowerbeds. You can also take a garden tour with Ciscoe Morris, grab food from Buns on Wheels and Gemini Fish Too, sip brews in a beer garden, and enjoy live music from Journey cover band Infinity Project.
    (Bellevue, free)
  98. Tibet Fest
    Enjoy a glimpse into the fascinating cultures of Tibet. Make a sand mandala, brush up on herbal medicine, try traditional food, hear music, and buy cool art and trinkets.
    (Seattle Center, free)
  99. MUSIC

  100. 2019 Chittenden Locks Summer Concert Series
    Enjoy live music performances from the Lynnwood Community Band (Sat) and the Tempos (Sun) in the gardens by the Ballard Locks.
    (Ballard, free)
  101. Big Flip
    The people who brought you the Mercer X Summit Block Party will take their all-ages music festival to the waterfront, featuring live sets from local dream-pop band Hibou, Darksoft, Beverly Crusher, Jo Passed, Sloucher, Spirit Award, and others.
    (Downtown, free)

  103. The Empire Strikes Back in the Park
    You're used to seeing Star Wars characters battle with the dark side and run frantically through sand dunes, but how do they deal with issues like commitment, domestic drama, and business? Hello Earth's Wars Outdoors series will explore these relatable themes in this performance in the park.
    (Atlantic, free)
  104. SUNDAY


  105. Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling
    Share a secret and watch improvisers act it out. In between these acts, storytellers will regale you with true-to-life experiences inspired by their "topic bowl" selection. "It's The Moth meets Whose Line Is It Anyway," say the organizers.
    (Downtown, $10)

  107. Cars & Coffee with Chris Jacobs
    Celebrity car collector Chris Jacobs (who co-hosts the TV series Overhaulin' and Barrett Jackson Auctions) will hang out at the Shop to talk about his need for speed. 
    (Sodo, free)
  108. Dogs of Peddler Party!
    Let your doggo roam free in an off-leash area while you sip some beer and hang out with other pups from Pasado's Safe Haven. Mud Bay and Suzanne Spratt Pet Portraits will be onsite.
    (Ballard, free)
  109. National & State Park Free Days
    All national and state parks will waive their entrance fees for the 102nd birthday of the National Park Service.
    (Downtown, free)

  111. B-Town Fiesta
    This community celebration will feature activities for the kiddos, local food vendors, and live music from Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueno and others. 
    (Burien, free)
  112. FILM

  113. Tribes on the Edge: A Film and Conversation with Celine Cousteau
    Céline Cousteau sheds light on the land threats, health crises, and human rights issues of the indigenous peoples of the Vale do Javari in the Brazilian Amazon in her documentary Tribes on the Edge. See a screening and stay on for a conversation with Cousteau.
    (Sodo, $10)
  114. FOOD & DRINK

  115. Carbs for a Cause: A Seattle Bake Sale for Reproductive Rights
    Seattle bakers from Ayako & Family, Ben's Bread, Comadre Panadería, General Porpoise, and others will whip up some tasty treats to raise money for Planned Parenthood.
    (Wallingford, free)
  116. Sunday's Best: Rooftop Day Party at The Nest Vol. 12
    Before the days start to cool off, spend your Sunday soaking up some sun on a rooftop and partying with San Francisco's Miles Medina and residents Supreme L Rock, Catch24, and Hyro. 
    (Downtown, $5)
  117. MUSIC

  118. Bobby's Oar, Coyote Bred, Jet//Lag, Mud on my Bra
    Singer-songwriter Greg Hughes is the main man behind Bobby's Oar, and will be showcasing his new work along with Coyote Bred, Jet//Lag, and Mud on my Bra.
    (University District, $7)
  119. Chuckie Campbell, Black Magic Noize, Diveyede, What Have May, First Hill
    Buffalo-based hip-hop artist Chuckie Campbell, a recipient of the Best of Buffalo Awards, will come to Seattle for a night out with local MCs Black Magic Noize, Diveyede, What Have May, and First Hill.
    (Capitol Hill, $7/$10)
  120. The Coastals, Simple Minded Symphony, Speak Easy
    Indie-rock/soul trio the Coastals will headline in Fremont after sets from alt-ska band Simple Minded Symphony and local reggae-rockers Speak Easy. 
    (Fremont, $5/$10)
  121. The Head and the Heart Homecoming Show
    For their homecoming show, clean-cut folk band the Head and the Heart will play for free on top of the Pike Place Market roof. The show will also be live-streamed on Amazon Music's Facebook and Twitter pages.
    (Downtown, free)
  122. The Karaoke Underground
    This video karaoke night is for those whose favorite indie-rock and punk songs are hard to come by at other bars. Be free and gargle your favorite songs by Modest Mouse, Black Flag, Sleater-Kinney, Guided By Voices, or your other favorite band. You can also request any song you don't see in the books.
    (Pioneer Square, $7)
  123. KEXP DJ Summer Series at Brewlab
    Spend your summer Sundays grooving to tunes from KEXP DJs Chilly, Abbie, and Larry Rose while you sip an El Sonido 16oz can brewed just for the occasion.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
  124. Marlo Kapsa, JW Francis, Baja Boy
    Indie dream-popper Marlo Kapsa will headline after some bedroom pop from New York's JW Francis and swirly electro-pop from Tacoma's Baja Boy.
    (Eastlake, $7/$10)
  125. The Mondegreens, The High Divers
    Sway to the Mondegreens' "new take on California soul" after a few songs from the High Divers.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)
  126. Smaller in Person, Tokyo House, Dravus
    Three high-school-aged indie-rock bands will share a bill. Support them and their bright futures by really thoroughly rocking out. 
    (Belltown, $5)
  127. QUEER

  128. Fifth Annual Alki Beach PRIDE
    This late-summer West Seattle Pride celebration brings live music, food trucks, and an outdoor movie to Alki Beach.
    (West Seattle, free)

  130. Carla Sameth: One Day on the Gold Line
    Carla Sameth shares her experiences as a single Jewish lesbian mom raising a black son in Los Angeles in her new book of essays. 
    (Rainier Valley, free)
  131. Elizabeth Warren Town Hall
    Join the progressive presidential candidate and current senator to discuss the urgent issues of our time.
    (Seattle Center, free)
  132. Introduction to Critical Theory
    This free public lecture with UW professor Amos Nascimento will give a basic overview of critical theory and explain why it's essential to breaking down toxic social structures.
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  134. Good LUC Summer Market
    Shop from over 40 local businesses owned by POC, LGBTQ+, and womxn creators. 
    (South Lake Union, free)

  136. Drop-in Studio: Make Radical Art
    Make silkscreen prints with local artist Kerstin Graudins.
    (Downtown, free)