Last-Minute Plans: 103 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle This Weekend: Aug 18-20, 2017

Hempfest, Ballard Burrito Fest, Viking Days, And More $10-And-Under Events
August 18, 2017
Catch awesome local bands like Acapulco Lips and indulge in summery vibes at the free Mercer X Summit Block Party on Saturday. (Trevor Crump)

Quick, seize these waning August days as the summer winds down! But you don't have to spend too much money or too much time planning doing so. The events below won't cost you more than $10—from Hempfest to the Ballard Burrito Fest, and from Viking Days to BrasilFest. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar, where you'll find things like our outside events calendar and the best movies to see this weekend.

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1. Henry Luke: The World Wide Underground
Activist Henry Luke has contributed paintings to be shown at this art-and-resistance show on the theme of the "underground" and the mask as a symbol of insurrection. The evening will include performances, talks, and discussions. The artist says: "The Worldwide Underground is what I see when I close my eyes: a chaotic landscape of perpetual crisis marked by glowing sites of resistance. It is a map of struggle and survival, showing many characters as they navigate the storm of capitalism, struggling for dignity."
(Beacon Hill, free)

2. U-District Art Walk
This art walk happens the third Friday of every month and features art in cool funky business of the U-District such as Chaco Canyon, Cafe Solstice, Gargoyles Statuary, Moksha, and Trabant Coffee & Chai.
(University District, free)


3. Do Tell
Danielle K.L. Gregoire, former Moth StorySlam producer and co-founder of the Comedy Womb (now the Comedy Nest), will bring you hilarious true stories from comedians about town including Ellen Go.
(University District, $10-$20)


4. Movies in the Park
Watch free movies downtown—a couple of classics and some winners from the past year or so. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will start at dusk.
(Downtown, free)

5. Three Dollar Bill Cinema: Parental Advisory
Three Dollar Bill will screen films about those folks your parents warn you about: Rebels, tricksters, and weirdos. Bring your own chairs and blankets and buy yourself (or a cute friend) a popcorn. This weekend, see the cult queer classic But I'm a Cheerleader.
(Capitol Hill, free)


6. The Lab: Open Source
Explore the Lab at this nerdy science/sci fi bookstore and grab a specialty cocktail or two. You may want to show up early, as they had a crowd last time they opened their doors to the public.
(Capitol Hill, free)


7. The Business of Comics: Distribution
Emerald Comics Distribution owner Anne Bean and comics editor Paul Morrissey will discuss how comics reach the buying public.
(Fremont, free)


8. Belltown Beats: Brenda Xu
Brenda Xu will perform a diaphanous, ambient folk set in the park.
(Downtown, free)

9. Chrome Lakes, Belt of Vapor, Dark White Light, Old Kingdom
Seattle quintet Chrome Lakes claim influence by math rock, hardcore, punk, and other progressive movements. They'll be joined by Belt of Vapor, Dark White Light, and Old Kingdom.
(Pioneer Square, $5/$8)

10. Concerts at the Mural
In true KEXP fashion, another enjoyable round of free family-friendly concerts this year are up at the Mural Amphitheater at Seattle Center. This weekend, hear glam rockers Thunderpussy, the Courtneys, and a surprise guest.
(Downtown, free)

11. Cosmic Shuffle, Purple, Marble
Hear some laid-back R&B from Pullman's Purple, with opening sets by Seattle's The Cosmic Shuffle and Marble.
(Ballard, $8/$10)

12. Darqness: A Queer & Trans People of Color Party
This night of respite for QTPOC from the white-dominated LGBTQ dance scene features rapper London Jade alongside regular DJs Toya B, Reverend Dollars, NXMXGXLDXX, and Dos Leches. Also, they're celebrating Darqness's third anniversary, so things will be extra festive.
(Downtown, pay what you can before 11 pm/$10 after)

13. DJ Explorateur + DJ Pepperazzi
DJ Explorateur favors classic international rock and roll, while Pepperazzi spins punk, New Wave, and rock. Hear them both tonight.
(Downtown, free)

14. The Drolls, Going Away, Power Cowards, Lake Joanna
Fill your night up with locally produced indie rock from these four Seattle bands.
(Greenwood, $7)

15. Ēōs, Leadeater, Urghun, Meridian Arc
Squirrel away tonight and hide in the darkness with doomy "Arcane Dungeon Synth" players Ēōs, Leadeater, Urghun (all the way from Switzerland!), and Meridian Arc.
(Ballard, $10)

16. IN the Noise 11
H/M/P/H, a queer trans noise collective, will bring you five 20-minute sets from Enola Reven, Tough Crowd, the North Star Project, Queen Antifa, and Goatman. Prepare for a "dystopian sound novel SCI FI HORROR SHIT SHOW" and more.
(Capitol Hill, $5-$10 donation)

17. KLAW, Javelin, Cold Blooded, Powerhitter
Experience the all-out power of hard rockers KLAW, Javelin, Cold Blooded, and Powerhitter, playing a whole night of heavy thrash.
(University District, $7)

18. New York Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off
Beloved East Coast DJ Jonathan Toubin of the New York Night Train will resuscitate you with warming '60s soul after a bruising week. The punky Carols will do a live set, and Cody Blanchard of Shannon and the Clams will preside over a dance contest with a $100 prize.
(Eastlake, $5/$10)

19. No Crown, Lady HD, Camp Crush
Indie alt rock group No Crown markets itself as "Honest Rock," pulling from inspirations like Neil Young and Nirvana equally. They'll be joined by Lady HD and Camp Crush.
(University District, $7)

20. Opposition Rising, Cliterati, Generation Decline, Convictions
Boston-based DIY crust punks Opposition Rising will leave the Eastern Seaboard for a night of hardcore political thrash with Cliterati, Generation Decline, and Convictions.
(Eastlake, $5-$10)

21. Pampa, Tomten, Gabriel Mintz
Pampa, an Argentine-American Latino psych folk rock band, will hit the stage for a headlining set with support from Tomten and Gabriel Mintz.
(Ballard, $10)

22. The Peacers, The Lavender Flu, DYED
If Peacers frontman Mike Donovan had released the band’s second album, Introducing the Crimsmen, under his old Sic Alps moniker, casual listeners likely wouldn’t have noticed much difference. Though his two-year-old outfit takes the same just-rolled-out-of-bed approach to acid folk as his previous one, he’s now working with singer and guitarist Bo Moore (Bozmo), bass player Shayde Sartin (the Skygreen Leopards, the Fresh & Onlys), and drummer Mike Shoun (Thee Oh Sees). With an aesthetic pitched somewhere between Chris Bell’s I Am the Cosmos and Guided by Voice’s Vampire on Titus, the all-star lineup of Bay Area talent ably illuminates his conversational musings. Granted, Peacers dialed down the volume since founding member Ty Segall relocated to Southern California, but the vibe remains the same. KATHY FENNESSY
(Eastlake, $6-$10)

23. The Residency Showcase
Musically talented teens from low-income families in King County aim to impress your eardrums with original work developed during their three-week residency.
(Seattle Center, free)

24. Witch Ripper, Old Man Wizard, Blame The Wizards, Of The Heavy Sun
I first saw Witch Ripper last year at the Victory Lounge. That night, after probably a decade of serious concert going, I finally learned my lesson about remembering my earplugs. Witch Ripper played so loudly that I felt a blood vessel in my brain could pop at any moment. Hell, for a minute there, I almost wanted one to. Going out in a hail of decibels and distortion at the hands of Witch Ripper sounds like a decent way to die—their mangled sludge metal pulls no punches. If you wish Mastodon never changed their sound after the Remission LP, Witch Ripper are the band for you. JOSEPH SCHAFER
(Eastlake, $5/$8)


25. Anne-Christine D’Adesky with Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
If you want to know what 1990s New York and Paris were like in an era of "dyke marches, public funerals staged by ACT UP, drag and dance parties," and influxes of refugees from the Balkans, Haiti and Rwanda, hear journalist Anna-Christine D'Adesky read from her memoir The Pox Lover: An Activist’s Decade in New York and Paris.
(Capitol Hill, free)

26. Leanne Dunic
Discover Leanne Dunic's debut novel from local Chin Music Press, To Love the Coming End, which follows a woman traveling in Singapore after the Tohoku earthquake and dealing with her own heartbreak.
(Ravenna, free)



27. Latona Pub 30th Anniversary
Green Lake favorite Latona Pub is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the occasion, they're going all out. Friday is happy hour with Phil Sparks at 5:30 and special music from Leif Totusek at 8 pm; Saturday is the closing party.
(Green Lake, free entry)


28. Hillbilly Headbangers Ball VII
Slim's' Headbanger Hillbilly Ball celebrates its seventh birthday with two days of scorching live acts like Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Raw Dogs, F-Holes, The Accused AD, Shivering Denizens, Piston Ready, Barbarian Wasteland, The Plot Sickens, and many more. Throw on your dirtiest gingham and get to stompin'.
(Georgetown, $10)


29. Outdoor Shakespeare
This summer, GreenStage has been putting on four different Shakespeare plays at parks across the city: The Comedy of Errors, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Richard II.
(Various locations, free)



30. Out of Sight
Established in 2015 as an unofficial addendum to the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight is an annual survey of Northwest art that thrives, as the name implies, in the margins outside the commercial gallery system inscribed by the official fair. As a result, it's a place for artists to take risks and show edgier, more exploratory work. But it's also a great chance to catch emerging artists destined to be scooped up by galleries—(before Seth David Friedman was represented by Season Gallery, his intimate, biomorphic sculptures were featured at Out of Sight). Curated by Greg Lundgren, Ben Heywood, S. Surface, and Justen Siyuan Waterhouse, this year's Out of Sight promises to be a destination in its own right, full of promising young artists, seasoned veterans, and just about everyone in between. EMILY POTHAST
(Pioneer Square, $10)

31. Westport Art Festival
This seaside festival begins with an exhibition called Aligning Light & Shadow: Art Inspired by the 2017 Solar Eclipse at the Maritime Museum—bid on your favorite piece. Admission is only $5. The rest of the weekend will be devoted to food, music, beer, an a plein-air arts market, plus an appearance by Seattle comedian David Crowe on Saturday.
(Westport, free-$20)


32. Chief Seattle Days
Every year, the Suquamish tribe honors Chief Seattle in a tradition dating back to 1911. As in the first year, the organizers hold a salmon bake, canoe races, drumming, dance events, a baseball tournament, and a memorial for the Suquamish leader. That's not all, though: Over the years, new traditions have been added, like golf, hardball, a Youth Royalty Pageant, a market, the Coastal Jam, a fun run, and a pow wow. The events take place at the House of Awakened Culture and elsewhere in town.
(Suquamish, free)

33. PNW Chalk Festival and Sidewalk Sales
Welcome the first ever annual Pacific Northwest Chalkfest as 14 chalk artists swarm over the streets Redmond Town Center with their artistic implements in hand. This new tradition stems from the Madonnari, 16th-century Italian artists who paid tribute to the Madonna with plein-air murals. Enjoy the art and hear musical performances by loop-heavy singer-songwriter Emily McVicker, Norman Baker and the Backroads, and others.
(Redmond, free)

34. Snoqualmie Railroad Days
The Northwest rail system may not be grand compared to days of yore, but Snoqualmie still has "79 years of Trains, Timber, Traditions" to celebrate. During this festival, the town remembers its years as a logging and railroad center and honors the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe. See and make plein air art, drink beer and wine, and take train excursions.
(Snoqualmie, free)


35. Li'l Woody's Dessert Month
Every weekend in August, all four Li'l Woody's locations will have a different Instagram-worthy dessert (literally—they partnered with popular food Instagrammers to create them). This weekend's dessert is the #TinRoofShake, a salted vanilla fudge ripple ice cream with Spanish peanuts, whipped cream, and maraschino cherry.
(Various locations, free admission)


36. WE ARE PUSSY RIOT: Or Everything Is PR
Playwright Barbara Hammond uses actual language from Anna Politkovskaya, Vladimir Putin, Patriarch Kirill, and even Madonna to create this punk musical (with symphonic inflections!) about the show trial and imprisonment of the neon-balaklava-clad feminist art collective Pussy Riot and the uprising their actions sparked in the streets of Moscow in 2012. But why should you trek out to Kent to see it, if you're not already there? Because it's a vision from Russia of the America to come. And because the play will extend outside the four walls of the theater, with special post-show forums conducted by mayoral and city council candidates. Local, national, and international politics all in one spot! Plus Russians! Woo! RICH SMITH
(Kent, free)


37. Paw & Pounce Weekend
This weekend is dedicated to puppy boys and the men who love them. Socialize at the Meet 'n' Sniff on Friday, attend workshops in consent and relationship dynamics and then party on Saturday, and chow down on barbecue with new playmates on Sunday. Plus, you can learn about competing in the Northwest Puppy and Handler contest.
(Capitol Hill, free)


38. 26th Annual Hempfest
Hempfest! It’s a word that floods love into the hearts of countless marijuana activists and pot aficionados (tie-dyed Phish-shirt division). Since its 1991 kick-off as the “Washington Hemp Expo” in Volunteer Park, Hempfest’s grown into a nationally recognized destination event on the Seattle waterfront, where hundreds of thousands of weed-curious citizens gather for a three-day festival of weed-themed music, speeches, and tchotchke commerce, and law enforcement looks the other way as dense puffs of smoke sporadically fill the air. Hempfest is a HUGE EVENT that’s helped make the tremendous progress we’re now seeing in Washington’s weed laws, and every year it seems to get bigger, with more and more people trekking to Seattle to cement Hempfest’s reputation as “the premier flagship event of the global cannabis culture,” as the Hempfest website puts it. This year 1000 volunteers will help run the event, which has five stages of speakers, music, and more than 400 arts, crafts, food, and informational vendors. Admission is free, but if you set foot in Hempfest without dropping at least ten bucks in a donation jar, you suck. DAVID SCHMADER
(Downtown, $10)



39. Visions Fest at Boogie Up The Block 2017
See new work by youth filmmakers, artists, and poets as part of the Ubunye Project, presented by Seattle Young Peoples Project and 206 Zulu.
(Central District, free)


40. BorderLands Teen Workshop: Make Your Own Protest Sign
Kids aged 13-18 are invited to make their protest signs more artistic and effective with activist and painter Henry Luke. Materials provided; come with ideas.
(Pioneer Square, free)

41. Dog Day Afternoon
For International Homeless Animals Day, join a dog parade with pooch (or other animal) in tow at the Saturday Market. Enjoy a free photo booth and free popsicles (for humans), as well as treats and water for the creatures.
(South Lake Union, free)

42. Manicures and Mimosas with TOPCOAT and We-Vibe
Your first association with Babeland might not be "manicures," but they're hosting a Topcoat pop-up with snacks, mimosas, and a chance to receive a We-Vibe couple's toy.
(Capitol Hill, free)

43. Mini-Horses
Some events don't need a whole lot of description. There will be two mini-horses at Ounces. Their names are Calamity Jane and Sunny. They come from a mini-horse farm in Olympia. Kids are welcome to come along. Adults are encouraged to partake in horse-themed drinks. There will be a crowd. Clear?
(West Seattle, free)

44. Saber Battle Seattle
Battle for good—or the fun kind of evil—with light sabers. Kids are welcome to take part.
(Seattle Center, $5-$10)


45. Ballard Burrito Fest 2017
We all know burritos pack so much into one food missile that they cause gravitational distortion. Well, this Burrito Fest might actually prove dangerous to the fabric of space-time, because with thousands of enthusiasts planning on gorging themselves, the ratio of beans, rice, and tortilla to empty space in Ballard is going to tilt radically. Celebrate the food-induced end of the universe with food trucks and vendors, who will be competing for the title of "best burrito," a beer and cocktail garden, live music, and games for kids and adults.
(Ballard, free)

46. Celebrate Woodinville
Head to Woodinville for a pancake breakfast, parade, a "basset bash" dog contest, and a music, arts, crafts, and food fair.
(Woodinville, free)

47. CHOMP!
Celebrate local food with cooking demonstrations by local celebrity chefs, garden farming workshops, live music, and a giant selection of local foods available for your consumption. CHOMP! is a supporter and representative of Dow Constantine's Local Food Initiative through its spotlight on local farmers, chefs, and restaurants.
(Redmond, free)

48. In the Spirit Northwest Native Festival
For thousands of years, the Pacific Northwest has been home to dozens of indigenous tribes and nations whose distinctive cultural traditions have persisted despite centuries of suppression. This year, the Washington State History Museum and Tacoma Art Museum join forces to produce this free, family-friendly community festival featuring singing, dancing, storytelling, food, a Native arts market, carving and drum-making demonstrations, and a Native designer fashion show. It's a great opportunity to directly support indigenous artists and come face-to-face with people carrying forward the ancient creative and spiritual traditions of the land we live on. EMILY POTHAST
(Tacoma, free)

49. Mercer X Summit Block Party
Founded this year, Mercer X Summit Block Party intends to be a free all-ages music festival held at the intersection of Summit and Mercer on the north end of Capitol Hill. The lineup for this new summer fest includes local heavy-hitters like So Pitted, Smokey Brights, Acapulco Lips, youryoungbody, Sleeping Lessons, Spirit Award, Versing, Great Spiders, Bod, Black Whales, Wyatt Blair, Moon Darling, Eastern Souvenirs, Mirror Ferrari, LovFmly, Senor Fin, and Haunted Horses. The day-long fest will take place in the center of beloved local businesses Indian Summer, Summit Pub, Toscana, Sun Liquor, Generations, and Top Pot, so support your community and shop around.
(Capitol Hill, free)

50. VanFest Seven
Now in its seventh year, VanFest was started by curator and fest namesake Van Wolfe while he was still attending high school. His goal? To gather his favorite local musicians to benefit the Maple Valley food bank—and young, impressionable minds. This year Wolfe has assembled a diverse lineup of promising local artists, ranging in style from singer-songwriter to hiphop to shoegaze-adjacent post-rock. Some of the unmissable acts include Bad Luck, Charms, Ephrata, Michete, Lovey James, Dog Mountain, Fabulous Downey Brothers, Amateur Eyes, Astrol Waters, Yung Nabii, and many more.
(Maple Valley, by donation)


51. Movies at the Mural
Bring your lawn chairs and watch free, family-friendly movies on Seattle Center's 40-foot-screen on the Mural Amphitheater lawn. Each screening will open with a short film by local students at Cornish College of the Arts. This Saturday's movie is Clue.
(Seattle Center, free)

52. Saturday Morning Cartoons: Boy and the World
This month, Push/Pull's international animated children's film series will screen a film in honor of BrasilFest: Boy and the World, a mix of experimental visual styles and traditional animation that tells the simple story of, well, a boy in the world. As always, the screening is free, with coffee, tea, and cereal available by donation.
(Ballard, free)

53. Seattle Asian American Film Festival: Outdoor Movies
Gather in the ID for live performances at dusk, followed by a movie with Asian and Asian American themes, subjects, and creators. Eat free popcorn and see Fearless starring Jet Li!
(Chinatown-International District, free)

54. West Seattle Outdoor Movies
The 14th annual season of the West Seattle Outdoor Movie series will have family-friendly movies at dusk, with pre-movie children's activities, food trucks, and concessions for sale—as well as opportunities to raise money for nonprofits. This weekend's film is Queen of Katwe.
(West Seattle, free)


55. Pioneer Square Ice Cream Social
Gobble down icy treats from Molly Moon's and shop on-sale goodies from E. Smith Mercantile, Velouria, Clementine’s, Swan Dive, Ebbet’s Field & Essential Apothecary Alchemist. There will be cocktails specials starting at 3 pm. Best of all, proceeds from your ice cream purchases will benefit the Anna Banana Milkfund, which provides organic milk to families.
(Pioneer Square, free)

56. Possi, Bar Ciudad & Modelo Present: The Cave Singers + Chef Rick Bayless
Join Bar Ciudad and Possi Culture Studio for a cooking demonstration with Chicago-based chef Rick Bayless, plus music from The Cave Singers and DJ Christian Science. Modelo will also be on-site, so you can expect free-flowing alcohol in the form of delicious, tangy micheladas.
(Georgetown, free)


57. Dirty Dirty, Killer Workout, Wild English
Dirty Dirty use the influences of dance, punk, and blues music for more raw version of rock and roll. They'll be joined by Killer Workout and Wild English.
(Ballard, $10)

58. DYR and Vaughn
DYR (electronic artist Colleen Burns) and Vaughn will serve you "interstellar beats," hiphop, and R&B.
(West Seattle, $6)

59. Yr Parents, Pinkys Out, Medium Weekend
It's a night of sardonic high-energy rock and punk from Yr Parents , Pinkys Out, and Medium Weekend.
(University District, $7)

60. Fantasy A, AK-47
Join beloved local beatmaker and rapper Fantasy A, "Seattle's undisputed king of hustle," at his album release party with a support set by AK-47.
(Seattle Center, $10)

61. The Good Co.
If you like old-school swing with some electronic instrumentation and pounding drums thrown in, head out for a synthy night with the Good Co.
(Capitol Hill, $6/$8)

62. Greenriver Thrillers, Mulder, It's Me, TBASA
Deviant Kind presents a night with hometown noise heroes Greenriver Thrillers, Mulder, It's Me, and TBASA for some scuzzy, down and dirty rock and punk.
(Ballard, $10)

63. Jelly Bread, Whitney Mongé, Heather Thomas
Throw a dash of funk and soul into a classic Americana mix, and you've got Jelly Bread, who will be joined by soul singer Whitney Mongé and vocalist / drummer / ukelelist Heather Thomas.
(Fremont, $8/$12)

64. Neal Kosaly-Meyer: Gradus
Pianist Neal Kosaly-Meyer's Gradus is a "continuing micro-epic contemplation of a small but growing collection of piano pitches, and a demonstration of the infinite sound-worlds potentially present in a few notes." Adventurous listeners wanted.
(Wallingford, $5-$15)

65. Pin Pon Dash, Wild Arms, Kim Gray
The all-Asian Pin Pon Dash band play fast, lively, power-inspired rock.
(Pioneer Square, $5/$8)

66. Quiver, Wtrbel, Thunder Grey Pilgrim, Yellow Dragon
Strengthen your connection with nature thanks to musicians inspired by our lush and gorgeous environment, including "wyrd Cascadian folk" by Quiver, "freaky folk" by Wtrbel, "doom folk" by Thunder Grey Pilgrim, and "Experimental Medieval Elemental Devotionals" by Yellow Dragon.
(Sodo, $5-$15 suggested donation)

67. Slowcode, Slumberbox, Tough Gang, Graze
Power-punk trio Slow Code drag their dirge through Eastlake, with bill support from Slumberbox, Tough Gang, and Graze.
(Eastlake, $5/$8)

68. Steve Griggs Ensemble
This summer, the Steve Griggs Ensemble will perform free concerts that include original programs inspired by Pacific Northwest indigenous customs and local social justice history with jazz composition and improvisation. The ensemble includes trumpeter Jay Thomas, saxophonist Steve Griggs, vibraphonist Susan Pascal, guitarist Milo Petersen, and bassist Phil Sparks. This Saturday's performance pays tribute to the Duwamish tribe and river with James Rasmussen.
(Central District, free)

69. THIS!
It's another one of the Monkey's all-night, DJ-relay dance parties, featuring Nick Holder of DNH Records and Halo Varga of Muted Noise and All Inn Records.
(Downtown, free before 11 pm/$20)

70. Thread The Sky, Casualty of God, Ergo I Exist
Space out to the proggy thrum of Thread the Sky, a rock band that sounds like the 1980s vision of an ideal future.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

71. Unihorn
David Dolengewicz has played with such local groups as Freudian Slurp, Circular Reasoning, Da Beckoning Band, and the Jazz Police. On this night, hear him perform on woodwind and loop pedal to enchant you with "experimental soundscapes."
(Columbia City, free)


72. ACTivate #2: Okay, Bye
In Joshua Conkel's new play, which will be read by Elena Flory-Barnes and Jessica Severance, two former classmates bump into each other at an AA meeting. This presentation is part of ACTivate, a theater lab for inspiring social change and addressing urgent issues.
(Downtown, $10)


73. Fantasy with DJ Kitty Glitter
All the way from Sydney, award-winning former drag star and current world-traveling DJ Kitty Glitter (she's played for Lady Gaga and others) will bring glamor and house mixes to Seattle.
(Capitol Hill, free before 9 pm/$15 after)

74. Singlet Party
The event organizers have written a description that really can't be built upon, although we've edited it from it's original all-caps state for easier reading: "All wrestlers horny dudes and guys who wanna strip off some clothes and assume the position" are welcome, and "a sexy singlet clag gogo tank will be a feast for your eyes not to mention all the hotness in singlets surveying the room." DJ Pure Noise will grease you up with hot, sloppy tunes.
(Capitol Hill, $6/$8)

75. SO(U)L: A QTPOC-Centered Festival of Dance, Fashion, Food + Art
Queer/trans people of color will be celebrated at this waterfront festival of fashion, dance (by Au Collective and Remix), music (by Toya B), art to purchase, and food.
(Downtown, free)


76. Vote Smart Speaking Tour
The political education group Vote Smart strives to make people hip to emotional manipulation by politicians and candidates. See a presentation by Richard Kimball, the president of the organization.
(Green Lake, free)


77. Yoga, Zumba, Open Studio, and Tour
Practice yoga outside, shape up with zumba, take a sculpture tour, and explore Lion's Main Art Collective's interactive open studio at this Summer at SAM day.
(Belltown, free)



78. Derek Erdman + Ashley Armitage's Moving & Art Sale
For perhaps obvious reasons, I thought Derek Erdman's Graveyard was the last bit of art Seattle would see of Derek Erdman before he scurried off to Chicago forever. And I was sad. The idea to fill a grassy field at Volunteer Park with signs for luxury condos was surprising, cheeky, funny, goading, slightly illegal(?), and all the other adjectives that reminded me of the bright, poppy Erdman paintings I admired when I first moved to Seattle in 2011, just as he was really beginning to ramp up production. Luckily, this Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Erdman is throwing a big going-away art sale at the apartment he shares with the artist Ashley Armitage on 16th and Madison. He has over 100 paintings he wants to sell. RICH SMITH
(Capitol Hill, free)

79. Water Wise Week
Water Wise Week is a Conservatory event to raise awareness of water conservation using xeriscaping (landscaping without irrigation) and hydrophobic plants. On Saturday, come for an artist reception for the Desert Scapes exhibit in the Conservatory's Cactus House.
(Capitol Hill, free-$25)


80. Fresh Paint: Festival of Artists at Work
The 135 artists at this festival aren't selling finished products—they're making art on the marina as you watch. Don't worry, you can still buy it afterwards! See a glassblowing demo, woodcarving, and pottery, search for beach glass at the Fresh Paint Float Find, enjoy live music, and eat.
(Everett, free)

81. Viking Days
Steer your longboat to Ballard's charming museum of Scandinavian heritage and enjoy pancakes, aquavit, beer, sausages and salmon, listen to musical acts, and make war at a Viking village (or see weaving and craft demonstrations, if you're too peaceable for that).
(Ballard, free)


82. 2017 Chittenden Locks Summer Concert Series
May through September, enjoy live music performances from symphonic bands, show choirs, jazz trios, and more in the gardens by the Ballard Locks. This weekend, catch the Microsoft Jumpin' Jive Orchestra on Saturday and the Around the Sound Band on Sunday.
(Ballard, free)



83. Love for Our Living Ancestor Trees
Native artists will raise awareness for our tree canopy and the health of our waters and their denizens through storytelling, speaking, and music. Performers will include the drummers of Spearfish, Duwamish storyteller Blake Shelafo, the Red Eagle Soaring Native American Youth Group, flutists Peter Ali and Paul Wagner, and poet Janette K. Conger, plus Duwamish tribal elders Ken Workman and Cecile Hansen. There will also be a signing of the Tokitae Proclamation, which proclaims the necessity of making the Salish Sea an orca sanctuary.
(Belltown, free)


84. BrasilFest
BrasilFest celebrates the blend of indigenous, Portuguese, and African cultures that make the huge South American country's life, music, food, and culture so fascinating. Hear samba, guitar, and folk music, see capoeira demos, and partake in luscious Brazilian food.
(Seattle Center, free)


85. Cellar Doors, Fire Friend, Branden Daniel, The Pets
The Bay Area's Cellar Doors and other "PDX Psych Fest spillovers" will douse you in a trippy soundwash.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

86. Discover Music in the Park
Take a culture-filled vacation without leaving Seattle and listen to music outdoors, and/or watch performances by Khambatta Dance Company and Kaleidoscope Dance Company.
(Magnolia, free)

87. Fell From A Star, Byland, Subways on the Sun
Fell From A Star describe themselves as "moody pop from the Pacific Northwest" and will headline with support from Byland and Subways on the Sun.
(Fremont, $6/$8)

88. Fire Nuns, Swamp Meat, Dim Wit, Suzi Jacuzzi
Fire Nuns layer harmonic vocals over catchy, mean riffs that would make good car chase music. Hear them with Swamp Meat, Dim Wit, and Suzi Jacuzzi.
(Seattle Center, $6/$8)

89. Free Blues & Cool Jazz Series
Loll on the grass and listen to chill jazz and blues from some of Seattle's most popular local musicians, like Industrial Revelation, DLO3, and Big Road Blues. This weekend's featured musician is the bluesy Lady A.
(Downtown, free)

90. Gordon Ashworth, Soft Urns, Redneck, Primordial Wound
Portland’s Gordon Ashworth is one of the Northwest’s premier dronemongers, as well as an unconventional folk guitarist of compelling nuance. He imbues his drones with subtle electroacoustic embellishments, keeping you both in the zone and tantalized by sly disruptions. If No-Neck Blues Band were still touring, Ashworth would make for an ideal opener. Seattle composer Garek Jon Druss—who recently returned to the city after a lengthy stint in England—busts out his Soft Urns project tonight. Perhaps best known for his work in the bleakly gripping experimental outfits a Story of Rats and Dull Knife, Druss—judging from the small sample I’ve heard—finesses his material to chthonic depths in Soft Urns, generating a kind of finely sculpted noise music. It’s an intelligently hostile sound. DAVE SEGAL
(Belltown, $10)

91. Prideful: A LGBTQ Original Music Fest
Pride is never over! Neighbours will host Prideful, a miniature music festival dedicated to the work of LGBTQIA artists, with performances from Tyler Rollins, Ruth Soto, Brandon Lentz, and EDM-funk fusion group Thadayus & The Electrofunks. General admission is cheap, but the VIP ticket includes a prepaid dinner at Mirch Masala and more.
(Capitol Hill, $8-$30)

92. Rise Up: A Tribute to the Music of Hamilton
Not to be confused with actual theater, performers within this production of Rise Up take favored individual songs from Hamilton and put their own spin on them for an audience of equally obsessed Hamilton lovers.
(Columbia City, free)

93. Seattle City of Music
Four popular Northwest bands—sweetly meditative Lemolo, jazz fusion wizard Rik Wright and his Fundamental Forces, drummer Heather Thomas with Dune Butler, and acoustic soul singer Fysah—will enchant your ears by the waterfront.
(Downtown, free)

94. Studio 4/4
Now that the smog has cleared and you can actually see the horizon, enjoy the sunset at this techno party with CODA DJs and others.
(Downtown, $5 before 5 pm/$10)

95. Sunday Songwriter Night
Tennessee singer-songwriter Tim McNary draws on his life wandering the USA and Latin America to create original music. DT Jackson and other singer-songwriters will also perform.
(Greenwood, free)

96. We Are Not Mel Torme!, Graze, The Arnolds
Enigmatically-named We Are Not Mel Tormé! will take the Substation stage for a night of Pacific Northwest garage rock with support from Graze and The Arnolds.
(Ballard, $8)

97. Western War, Panther Attack, Noon Moon
Formerly known as Shapes in Space, NYC jammers Western War bring the raw surging party rock that fans of White Stripes or Black Keys will want to headbang or arm-wrestle to. They'll be joined by Panther Attack and Noon Moon.
(Ballard, $8)

98. X SUNS, Tetrachromat,, & Trauma Del Rey
If you're a fan of dark, winding instrumentals, do yourself a favor and put X Suns on your "to listen" list. The Seattle trio sit somewhere in the middle of the brutal intensity of Russian Circles and the firework-filled wall of sound of Explosions in the Sky. It's like shoegaze with a backbone. MEGAN SELING
(University District, $7)


99. Sunday Gay Tea Dance
Start your gay Sunday party early at this "tea dance," a name that refers to the boozy afternoon parties gay men attended in the 1970s so as to get to work the next day.
(Sodo, free)


100. Cephalopod Appreciation Society 2017
Celebrate sea creatures (octopus, squid, chambered nautilus, and cuttlefish) through music and the arts at this event founded by Sierra Nelson.
(Downtown, free)

101. Reception for Kenyatta Berry, host of PBS' Genealogy Roadshow
Kenyatta Berry, host of PBS's Genealogy Roadshow, will share her experiences as a researcher and tips for genealogy enthusiasts.
(Central District, free)


102. Emergency Rally: Say No to the Nazis! (Impeach Trump!)
Americans for Refugees & Immigrants are calling for a demonstration against white supremacist violence, the Trump presidency, neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism, racism, and the presence of Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller in the White House. They are supported by the ACLU, Congressman Adam Smith, and the Truman National Security Project.
(Downtown, free)

103. Screenprinting Work Party for the Postcard Project
Two artists, Claire Jauregui and Marja Huhta, invite you to help reproduce pro-LGBTQ, environment, women's rights, civil rights, and healthcare designs on postcards to be sent to political representatives at every level. You'll get to take home some cards for your own activist purposes.
(Central District, free)

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