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Let Us Make Restaurant Suggestions for You!

March 23, 2021
Follow us @everoutseattle for live recommendations this Thursday, March 25, at noon! Have a request already? Submit it below!

You may remember last week, when we made live suggestions about things to do in Seattle on Twitter. This week, we're doing it again—but this time we're recommending restaurants in particular!

Looking for a great spot in your neighborhood for weekend brunch? Having trouble finding a specific menu item you've been craving? Want a recommendation for your socially distanced birthday dinner? We can help!

If you have a request, there are three ways you can ask us:

1. Email us at with the subject line "Restaurant recommendation" and as many details as possible (think: "I want a brunch restaurant with a patio in Ballard with great vegan options," or "I want Vietnamese iced coffee").

2. Fill out this form (embedded below) with your request.

3. Tweet at us @everoutseattle live during our recommendation session.

On Thursday at noon, we'll answer your questions live on Twitter

PLUS: We'll give away a $25 restaurant gift card to a random participant who asks us a question!