Protests, Rallies, and Discussions in Seattle This Week

Resist Trump's Hate: November 14-20 Edition
November 9, 2016
On November 14, hundreds of people gathered at Cal Anderson Park for the "Love Trumps Hate" rally. There are many more events like this happening this week in Seattle. (Ramon Dompor)

This post has been updated to reflect events happening the week of Nov. 14-20.

As Ijeoma Oluo wrote, Good Morning, America. Welcome to Your White Supremacy. You can, as Megan Murnane wrote, resist Trump by supporting these crucial organizations—but if you want to get to work, in person, and make your voice heard, check out the following protests, rallies, and community discussions happening around Seattle this week. We're guessing more events of this kind are in progress, so keep checking back on this post for updates—and check out our resistance and solidarity calendar for events later this month, next month, and into next year.


Students Protest for Solidarity
This peaceful protest offers students from around Seattle the chance to voice their concerns about President-elect Trump. They'll start and end at Westlake Center. (Westlake Center, 4:15 pm)

Women in Washington State Politics
After Trump's election, women in Washington State politics will discuss their roles in government and ways for the public to get involved. Panelists include prospective Judge Cathy Moore, lawyer Sahar Fathi, political consultant Halei Watkins, and State Representatives Laurie Jinkins, Patty Kuderer, Melanie Stambaugh, and Jessyn Farrell. (UW School of Law, 4:30 pm)


Seattle Vigil for Standing Rock
Answer the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s call for national solidarity action this Tuesday with a peaceful gathering, and calling on President Obama to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to deny final DAPL permits. The rally will begin at 5:30pm on the north/Ballard side of the Locks with speakers, music, and traditional drumming, followed by a candlelight procession to the Army Corp of Engineers administration building for a brief ceremony. At 4:30pm, an hour prior to the main program, there will be an informal and unofficial gathering for people to share their reactions to recent events in a safe communal space. Enjoy provided hot beverages and a postcard-making station for our local, state, and national representatives as well as the water protectors at Standing Rock. (Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, 5:30 pm)

Vigil for Love
This peaceful and love-centered community event (definitely not a violent demonstration or protest) is a chance to "stand in solidarity, silence and love with your brothers/sisters/non-binary siblings." They repeat: "Lead with love." (Bellevue Downtown Park, 7 pm)

Cybersecurity for Everyone
Prepare to organize by learning techniques that will help maintain privacy and security on the internet—they'll help you identify security threats, and set up 2-factor authentication, Signal, Tor, VPNs, and other tools. Bring your devices. (Substantial, 6 pm)

Empower Women of Color Speaker Panel
Assemble with the Women's Action Commission for "a night of empowerment for Women of Color by Women of Color," with discussion topics regarding the intersectional experiences of WOC in activism and politics helmed by local community leaders Ijeoma Oluo, Yasmin Christopher, Jaimée Marsh, and ASUW President Daniele Meñez. (UW Alder Hall, 5 pm)

What the TRUMP??
The Seattle International Socialist Organization will host this community discussion about the dangers of a Trump presidency and strategies for organizing and resistance. They say: "The direction of politics in the U.S. will depend, above all, on building an activist, fighting left based on social movements, unions and popular organizations." (Common Good Cafe, 7 pm)

Where Do We Go From Here?
This discussion, hosted by the 43rd District Democrats, will address "the fallout from this election [and] what local results mean for our chances of fighting Republicans in our state legislature," as well as a plan for the future "that upholds our values of inclusion, diversity, and respect for human dignity." There will be beer and snacks to celebrate local wins and/or drown out sorrows. (University Heights Center, 7 pm)


Dump Trump: March Against Trump and His Bigotry
Bring signs and banners to this emphatically peaceful march with the students from Cascadia College. They'll start at Cascadia, walk through downtown Bothell, and end at Pop Keeney Stadium. (Note: This event was originally scheduled for Friday but has been rescheduled.) (Cascadia College, 5:30 pm)

Stomp the Hate: Nasty Women Dance Party
Non-binary and women-identified humans are invited to this inclusive, body-positive, mindful dance party to protest "hatred, dehumanization, and abuse." (415 Westlake, 7:30 pm)


What We Must Do Now
Journalists from the South Seattle Emerald, The Seattle Globalist, Seattle Weekly, and Crosscut will discuss "the road ahead for the electorate, movements and the media in the Age of Trump" in this discussion moderated by Seattle City Council legislative aide Sera Day. (Rainier Arts Center, 7 pm)


Peaceful Trump Response: Join Hands Around Green Lake
Inspired by the Hands Around Lake Merritt solidarity protest in Oakland, this event aims to get enough people (2,700, they say) to join hands all the way around Green Lake (2.8 miles) in "a single loop of unity...against racism, sexism, homophobia, and Islamophobia." (Green Lake Park, 12:30 pm)

Protest Trump
Speak out and make your feelings about Trump known at this Tacoma protest. They say, "Show our country that we will NOT stand for a corrupt, racist, sexist, xenophobic, and anti-LGBTQ+ man as our president, nor will we stand for the corrupt government and system that got us here." (Wright Park, 11:30 am)


#DumpTheTrump #NotMyPresident
Hosted by the Black Freedom Front, this event invites "all the people who are not racists, bigots, hateful" to "stand in unity and solidarity against hate, bigotry and racism" and "show America and the world that LOVE wins over hate." (Seattle Central, 6 pm)

Are you organizing a rally, protest, or other community event? Email us at and let us know about it.