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The Best Bang for Your Buck Events in Seattle This Weekend: Sept 29–Oct 1, 2023

St. Demetrios Greek Festival, Sustainable Ballard Festival, and More Cheap & Easy Events Under $15
September 29, 2023
Sticky-sweet loukoumades are a St. Demetrios Greek Festival staple! (St. Demetrios Greek Festival via Facebook)
There are bountiful fall feels throughout the events we're recommending this weekend, from the St. Demetrios Greek Festival to the Sustainable Ballard Festival and from Henry Art Gallery's Public Opening: Fall Exhibitions to Mid-Autumn Festival at Lucky Envelope Brewing. For more ideas, check out our guide to this week's top events.

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St. Demetrios Greek Festival Past Event List
This early-fall Seattle tradition is your chance to get a taste of Greek food, music, and culture. You will find a variety of homemade Greek delicacies like gyros, souvlakia, and loukoumathes (honey-covered deep-fried dough balls) under their large outdoor tent. Take a guided church tour, enjoy a Greek wine tasting, and revel in performances from St. Demetrios’ award-winning Greek dance groups and musicians. The fest has gone cashless this year—admission is always free, but vendors will only be accepting credit cards. SL
(St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, free)


Reuben's Fest 2023 Past Event List
The Growler Guys will host the fifth annual Reuben's Fest, jam-packed with offerings from the craft beer geek favorite Reuben's Brews. The festivities include eight seasonal Reuben's beers on tap, bottles for sale, musical performances, and more. JB
(The Growler Guys, Northeast Seattle)


Beats on the Pier with Langston Past Event List
Take in the panoramic views of Elliott Bay as an infectious mix of Afrobeats and hip-hop reverberates across the water. You'll be in good hands with local selectors JusMoni (of Sway and Swoon DJ collective) and DJ Quins. Soul Fusion Food and Brown Liquor Cocktail will supply the provisions. AV
(Pier 62, Downtown, free)

NonSeq: Leanna Keith Past Event List
Seattle-based flutist, improviser, and composer Leanna Keith will return to the Chapel Performance Space with her three-part composition, Rice, Blood, Sugar. Aptly scheduled during the Mid-Autumn festival (a celebration honoring family and ancestral reunion), the piece explores the experience of heritage language loss through "language as food, language as lineage, and language as delight." The piece will feature Keith—on flute and vocals—alongside supporting musicians Kaley Lan Eaton, Heather Bentley, and Alina To. Local poet Omar Willey will start the evening with a reading of original works. AV
(Good Shepherd Center/Chapel Performance Space, Wallingford, $5–20 sliding scale)


Public Opening: Fall Exhibitions Past Event List
Catch up on all of the Henry's latest exhibitions at once—Raúl de Nieves's "stained glass" installations in a window to the see, a spirit star chiming in the wind of wonderKelly Akashi's materially exploratory Encounters, Sophia Al-Maria's "counter-histories" in Not My Bag, and the (actually quite political) A/Political Rocks—at this free shindig. The showcased artists will be on site, and Henry members score two free drink tickets. KEXP DJ Larry Mizell, Jr. will set the musical vibes, and you can wear your first cozy 'fit of the season while impressing your friends with all your cool contemporary art knowledge. LC
(Henry Art Gallery, University District, free)



The 2nd Annual Palengke at FCS Past Event List
October is Filipino American History Month, and you're invited to kick it off at The Palengke at FCS this weekend. Immerse yourself in Filipino culture with food and crafts from over 40 food and retail vendors, live performances, and more. Returning after its inaugural year, the first night of the event features curated entertainment, craft vendors, and a dance party. The second day will be when the actual "palengke" happens, a Tagalog word used to refer to public wet markets across the Philippines. All proceeds raised go to supporting local small businesses and the Filipino community. SL
(Filipino Community Center, Rainier Valley, free)

Sustainable Ballard Festival Past Event List
The Sustainable Ballard Festival will continue its tradition of championing a more environmentally friendly world with the theme "More Life," offering hands-on exhibits and demos that give "more life" to ourselves, our goods, and our planet. Learn how to make a solar oven, take a turn on the apple cider press, build a birdhouse, or enjoy food trucks and live music. SL
(Loyal Heights Community Center, Loyal Heights, free)


Scarecrow Video Zeitgeist ‘23! – Why Can’t I Stream This? Past Event List
Your internet besties (former Stranger staff writer Jas Keimig and former editor Chase Burns) curate screenings of films that you can’t find anywhere online (legally, at least) as part of their ongoing project Unstreamable, which has blossomed from a column on Scarecrow Video's blog into an ongoing live series. Burns and Keimig, who've written "more than 350 (!) blurbs and reviews about offbeat, forgotten, and otherwise unobtainable pieces of cinematic history" (Matt Baume), will share their exhaustive knowledge of lost media in this online chat. The duo will cover Netflix treachery and how four movies—Crossroads, The Brave Little Toaster, Super Mario Bros, and Heavenly Creatures—became unstreamable. LC
(Scarecrow Video, University District, free)

Typhoon Club Past Event List
In Shinji Somai's Typhoon Club, a ferocious storm traps a half-dozen frustrated teenagers on the precipice of adulthood and high school entrance exams inside their junior high school for the five freest, unsupervised days of their young lives. It's like a more existential Breakfast Club, where the storm is a vehicle of transformation and a representation of just being 14. We meet a boy obsessed with the void, two girls struggling with their sexuality, and a young woman who uses the storm to run away to Tokyo. STRANGER STAFF WRITER VIVIAN MCCALL
(The Beacon, Columbia City, $12.50)

VHS Uber Alles Past Event List
In the podunk town of Pakoe, Florida, a serial killer is sawing off people's heads, as serial killers do. The police are (natch) useless, and a local tree surgeon seems sus (he wears a potato sack as a hood). So, what's a gaggle of teenage girls to do? Only the most serial-killer-tempting thing ever: throw a slumber party. This kind of mayhem is par for the course at VHS Uber Alles, where three bucks will land you a ticket to a hush-hush flick that you've probably never heard of, anyway. The screening series is always offered at an ultra-low price aligned with the so-bad-it's-good quality of its programming. (That's what makes it fun.) LC
(Grand Illusion, University District, $3)


U District $4 Food Walk Past Event List
Revel in a smorgasbord of scrumptious yet frugal fare at this food walk, which will offer $4 bites from culinary destinations scattered throughout the U District. With options like mini bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from Westman's Bagel, spicy fried chicken sandwiches from Honeybee Fried Chicken, lychee rose sparkling water with boba from Yan Tea, chow mein and potstickers from North Noodles N Dumplings, Nutella croissant taiyaki from Oh Bear, and salted pumpkin caramel lattes from Boon Boona Coffee, you'll be spoiled for choice. Plus, enjoy live music performances throughout the day from Dekoboko Taiko, Neon Brass Party, Battlestar Kalakala, Rainbow City Jazz Band, Tomo Nakayama, Colorworks, and Reposado. JB
(Various locations, University District)


A Tribute to Sinéad O'Connor: Star Anna, Kathy Moore, Carrie Akre, Brittany Davis, Leeni, Billie Bloom, and Alessandra Rose Past Event List
I have been a fan of Sinéad O’Connor’s music since well before her passing. She’s always been a part of my life, but it wasn’t until college that I became enamored with her raw vulnerability. Lion and the Cobra, released when she was just 19 years old, perfectly captured the independence, pain, and desire for escapism that I felt at that same age. On the album’s closing track “Just Call Me Joe,” O’Connor coos the chorus “Don't call me lady, just call me Joe.” Her sweet, dreamy register is contrasted by harsh humming guitars that would be at home on any Sonic Youth or Slowdive album. Her shaved head, fearless ferociousness, and defiance of traditional femininity inspired me to resist the constraints of womanhood. Although nothing can quite compare to O'Connor herself, local artist Star Anna, Kathy Moore, Carrie Akre, Brittany Davis, Leeni, Billie Bloom, and Alessandra Rose will pay tribute to the late icon by performing songs from throughout her career. AV
(Conor Byrne, Ballard, $15-$18)


Interstella 5555: Daft Punk Movie Dance Party Past Event List
We are sure that you're familiar with the dearly disbanded electronic duo Daft Punk and their beloved sophomore album Discovery, but did you know that they released a trippy animated science fiction filmto coincide with the album? This intergalactic dance party invites you to get down to the beloved post-disco and electro-funk bops "One More Time" as Interstella 5555 plays on a giant screen. AV
(Supernova Seattle, SoDo, $5)


Brennan Cavanaugh: Slow Apocalypse Past Event List
Sure, I take my fair share of selfies, but it's the number of iPhone photos I have of my cat that plops me firmly in "crazy" territory. Bard graduate and New York-based artist Brennan Cavanaugh digs into our practice of self-documentation and obsessive image-making in Slow Apocalypse, which is comprised of images shot on film in the early aughts and processed by consumer photo lab equipment. (Remember that?!) Cavanaugh places machine-made prints side-by-side with "contemporary artist-produced, chromogenic prints" and large-scale commercial banners. It's bound to redirect you toward the "do not perceive me" camp, or at least prompt questions about self-perception and hierarchies of image quality. LC (Solas Gallery, Pioneer Square, free; closing)



All Monsters Attack! 2023 Past Event List
October rolls around, and suddenly, everyone wants to watch vampires, ghosts, and cannibals get their freak on. Typical!!! If you're also feeling the sudden urge to stress yourself out with Cronenberg and Tobe Hooper faves, All Monsters Attack! has your back. The series shudders to life (or death?) with a 4K restoration of '53 bone-chiller Invaders from Mars this weekend, followed by a 35mm screening of Fire in the Sky. Y'all know me, though. I'm rooting for the weirder, more psychedelic entries in the series, like this year's undersung Huesera: The Bone Woman (theme: motherhood is scary stuff), The Hunger (theme: ravenous hotties), and Hausu (theme: Japanese Scooby-Doo on hallucinogens). You can't go wrong with the folktale-derived hauntings of Kwaidan, either—the film will screen later this month in its original three-hour cut, which has only been shown in the US since 2015. LC
(Grand Illusion, University District)


Erin Rae with Skyway Man Past Event List
On her latest album Lighten Up, Erin Rae injects her classic folk/country with a healthy dose of '70s glam rock (think: Emmylou Harris backed by T. Rex). The album's opening track "Candy & Curry" immediately stood out with the lyrics "I'm pickin' little purple violets from out in the side yard / I am learning wildflower recipes / I am practicing sun salutations." This is word-for-word what I was doing throughout the pandemic! However, even if you didn't find yourself in the depths of urban foraging TikTok during 2020 (shoutout to my girl Alexis Nikole) or practicing YouTube yoga, the song stands as an ode to all those little domestic hobbies that we picked up in our free time. She will play tracks off the new album after an opening set from indie folk artist Skyway Man. AV
(Sunset Tavern, Ballard, $15-$18)


Jen Soriano's Nervous with Special Guests Past Event List
In celebration of Filipino American History Month, Filipinx author Jen Soriano will share her latest memoir in essays, Nervous: Essays on Heritage and Healing, which digs into pain as a form of "embodied history." Soriano's book blends personal memories as the daughter of a neurosurgeon with sociology and public health, centering the stories of neurodiverse, disabled, and genderqueer people of color within systems of silencing and colonization. Soriano will meet in conversation with Angela Garbes, a Filipino American food writer, former Stranger staffer, and author of Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change, and local Filipinx artists Sendrai Era and rogue pinay will provide the tunes. Best part? For every book bought at the event, the author will donate a portion to the Wing Luke Museum and APIChaya. LC
(Wing Luke Museum, Chinatown-International District, By donation)


Seattle Restored Fashion Market Past Event List
This pop-up market centers the sartorial entrepreneurs and creatives who have taken part in the Seattle Restored program, which activates vacant storefronts and windows to revitalize the downtown area. Drop by to shop local businesses like Amano Seattle, Ayo Collections, and the Indigenous-owned Blanket Door. (I'm especially obsessed with FARMER's futuristic chic.) The event promises complimentary sips from Garzón Latinx Street Food, too. LC
(Seattle Restored Market, Downtown, free)



Carpinito Bros. Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze Past Event List
You know what will make your cozy fall photoshoot better? A breathtaking backdrop of Mount Rainier, which is just what you'll get (on a clear day) at Carpinito Brothers Farm. Bring your Hinge date, your parents, and/or your kids (just not your dog) and proceed to get lost in multiple mazes spanning acres of corn, pet farm animals, and take your pick of pumpkins. SL
(Carpinito Brothers, Kent, $5-$11, Friday-Sunday)


A Pocketful of Posey Past Event List
Parker Posey stans, assemble!! Grand Illusion's "A Pocketful of Posey" film series, which pays homage to the indie queen, continues this weekend with screenings of subversive '97 comedy Clockwatchers. The postmodern, Gen X glory continues. LC
(Grand Illusion, University District, Saturday-Sunday)

Bottoms Past Event List
Considering the glut of raunchy high school sex comedies that revolved around hetero teen boys attempting to pop their cherries in the '90s and early-aughts, it's about time we had a horny romp about queer girls trying to get laid. In this madcap dark comedy helmed by Emma Seligman (director of the nail-biter Shiva Baby), two hapless losers (played by Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri) scheme to start a self-defense club for women in order to hook up with their cheerleader crushes (Havana Rose Liu and Kaia Gerber). Naturally, hilarity ensues. It's Book Smart meets Fight Club with acerbic shades of Heathers, and I for one can't wait to see Seligman's sapphic Gen-Z take on this campy genre, especially with the two leads' deadpan delivery. JB
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Friday-Sunday)

Pee-wee's Big Adventure Past Event List
This screening of '85 cult flick Pee-wee's Big Adventure honors the memory of Paul Reubens, everyone's favorite nasally, bow-tied, high-camp artiste who passed in July after a private cancer battle. I encourage you to note the similarities between Pee-wee's Big Adventure and a much more recent film, Greta Gerwig's Barbie—both are tinged with a shiny postmodern sarcasm and a half-toy, half-human, kitschy sincerity that seems to suggest Reubens' aesthetic was far more influential than we gave him credit for. If you saw Barbie recently, take Pee-wee for a spin—it's even weirder, and better, than you remember. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, $7-$14, Friday-Sunday)

Stop Making Sense (40th Anniversary Restoration) Past Event List
Calling it now: If you've seen Stop Making Sense, it's probably your favorite concert film. It's jangly and arty and all of the other words one might use to describe Talking Heads's catalog, and David wears the suit. Not feeling the Byrne? Listen, I know watching a concert movie for a band you don't listen to sounds like hell, but this one might be an exception. If you haven't seen it yet, anticipate looking back on the experience with a funny fondness later, like a good birthday party or the first time you smoked weed. Jonathan Demme (yes, the guy who went on to make The Silence of the Lambs) recorded all of the concert footage over the course of three days at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre in 1983, during the height of the Heads' visionary fame. It's screening in a new restoration, so prep for a "once in a lifetime" experience. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, $13-$14, Friday-Sunday)

Suzhou River Past Event List
If you have never seen Lou Ye’s Suzhou River, now is the time. It has so much going on in it. Indeed, it's a bit dizzying, despite its noirish story being, in essence, straightforward. And you never leave this film without sensing that its plot is hiding something greater, something you can't see or missed. But one wonders if this sense is drawn from the film's time and place: China at the beginning of the present century. The China then is nowhere like current China. Yes, the censorship might be the same (if not even worse), but the economy and its related social structures are not. Suzhou River has about it the feel of a rupture. The scale of Chinese capitalism and its social forms are leaving the past and heading to the future. STRANGER SENIOR WRITER CHARLES MUDEDE
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, $7-$14, Friday-Sunday; closing)


Mid-Autumn Festival at Lucky Envelope Brewing Past Event List
Ballard's culturally inspired craft brewery Lucky Envelope Brewing always goes all out for Mid-Autumn Festival, and this year is no exception. From Friday through Saturday, they'll host a celebration with new beer releases (including Halo Halo Sour and Pandan Almond Milk Stout), baked mooncakes, exclusive glassware with artwork from local artist Monyee Chau, and limited giveaways of red envelopes for good luck (a Chinese tradition that inspired the business's name). The food trucks Panda Dim Sum and Where Ya At Matt will also make appearances. Mooncakes are available for pre-order, and any that are left over will be available for sale at the event. JB
(Lucky Envelope Brewing, West Woodland, free, Friday-Saturday)


Boren Banner Series: Laura Hart Newlon Past Event List
As part of the ongoing Boren Banner Series, Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist Laura Hart Newlon's "fully embodied" work became even bigger and more visible on the facade of the Frye Art Museum. Newlon's photographic themes of labor, consumption, marketing, and image creation will be granted new context in a billboard-sized scale—stroll by and see for yourself.
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, free, Friday-Sunday)

Cathy McClure and John Kiley Past Event List
If you're still feeling bitter that you didn't receive a Furby for Christmas in '98, I recommend Cathy McClure's exhibition Unearth for some strange catharsis. Using discarded battery-operated stuffed toys, the artist contemplates consumption, nostalgia, and instant gratification by creating freakish, Frankensteinian "bots." The figures are recast and reassembled with precious metal armatures that reportedly exude "wisdom and contemplation." I guess you'll have to decide for yourself what they exude, but any way you look at 'em, they are awesome. Unearth is perfectly paired with John Kiley's Studio Sessions, which is comprised of sculptural glass works with "contrasting colors [and] intricate carved optic passageways." LC
(Traver Gallery, Downtown, free, Friday-Saturday; closing)

Femme Noire Past Event List
This outdoor public art exhibition, a collaboration between the Seattle Art Museum, the Chicago-based arts organization blackpuffin, and the Central District's immersive community art project Wa Na Wari, takes its name from a poem of the same name by former Senegalese president Léopold Sédar Senghor, an ode to the power of Black women written while he was imprisoned in Germany during World War II. Wander through the Central District to admire work from female artists from Africa and the African diaspora, installed on lamp poles and at Black-owned businesses and art organizations throughout the neighborhood. JB
(Various locations, Central District, free, Friday-Saturday; closing)

Of a Place Past Event List
Presented as a "portrait of Washington State’s diverse landscapes, topography, ecosystems, and climates," Of a Place also functions as a round-up of some of contemporary art's most exciting nature-loving players. Inspired by the mid-19th-century American art movement the Hudson River School, which "presented America as a new Eden and equated American landscape with American identity," the show meditates on place, identity, and art practice in Washington State through drawings, paintings, ceramics, textiles, and more. I'm especially moved by Philippe Hyojung Kim's Immigration Series: "deICEd", and I'm excited to see works by quinn mcnichol and Rena Priest. LC
(SOIL, Pioneer Square, free, Friday-Saturday; closing)

Positive Fragmentation Remind List
Focusing on female artists whose works "employ a strategy of fragmentation," Positive Fragmentation: From the Collections of the Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation compiles a whopping 200 prints that dismantle, reconstitute, and blend new ideas. The exhibition's works include meditations on the body, explorations of urban landscapes, and a focus on women of color artists. Although these artists are often underrepresented in museum spaces, you're bound to spot a few names you recognize, like art icons Betye Saar, Kara Walker, and Wendy Red Star. Judy Pfaff, Jenny Holzer, Judy Chicago, Louise Bourgeois, and Polly Apfelbaum are also standouts. LC
(Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, $0-$15, Saturday-Sunday; opening)

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