The Best Movies to See in Seattle This Week: July 29-Aug 4, 2021

Carlos López Estrada's Summertime, Classics at Central Cinema, and More
July 28, 2021
Central Cinema makes its long-awaited return on Friday with a John Carpenter classic. (Universal Pictures)

Seattle's beloved Central Cinema reopens its doors this Friday for the first time in over a year. Yippee! Get tickets for its opening screenings of The Goonies and They Live, and/or keep reading for other options hitting screens and streaming platforms this week, like Carlos López Estrada's Summertime (streaming via SIFF) and the Amanda Knox-inspired Stillwater (playing here, there, and everywhere).

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New This Week - In Theaters

The Goonies
A notable example of Spielberg-style "old-fashioned adventure" cinema, complete with pirates, treasure, and that signature peril-and-fun-in-equal-parts recipe you've come to love.
Central Cinema

The Green Knight
The headstrong nephew of King Arthur (Dev Patel) embarks on a daring quest to confront the eponymous Green Knight (who, in case you lost track of your notes from your Medieval literature class, is the verdant-hued creature who rides into Camelot on New Year's Eve and challenges a member of the court to strike him once with an axe—on the condition that he can return the gruesome favor the following year—in the 14th-century chivalric romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight).
Various theaters

Jungle Cruise
The latest hybrid-release blockbuster is an adventure flick that looks like it was adapted from a roller coaster at Disney World. With Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt helming the cast, the story follows a British doctor (Blunt) on a mission to uncover an ancient Amazonian tree with potentially life-changing healing abilities. In order to track it down, she enlists the help of a wise-cracking skipper (Johnson) to take her down the river in his ramshackle boat. An epic journey and lots of PG-grade flirting ensues. 
Various theaters (and streaming on Disney+)
Starting Friday

An Oklahoma construction worker (Matt Damon) travels to Marseille to help free his daughter (Abigail Breslin) from prison, where she's serving time for the alleged murder of her former roommate and fellow exchange student. If the plot sounds suspiciously familiar, it's because it's inspired by the parallel story of Amanda Knox, who spent four years in jail for her presumed (and later disproved) involvement in the death of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad in Italy.
Various theaters 

They Live
Back when Trump was still the president, Charles Mudede wrote, "The reason why John Carpenter’s They Live is so important today (it was made in 1988 and concerns a working-class man who discovers sunglasses that when worn reveal the world is ruled by aliens that want humans to mindlessly consume and pollute their planet—yes, just like the rich people in the real world) is it presents us with the big question: Do people really want to know the truth? Does Donald Trump’s America even care about the truth? Would wearing special sunglasses that expose Trump to be a liar and exploiter even change their minds? By the look of things, the answer has to be no. It's still a great film, though."
Central Cinema

New This Week - Streaming

The Evening Hour
Appalachia's opioid crisis gets a spotlight in Braden King's beautifully shot newest feature, which follows a young man who makes his living selling painkillers to locals in his declining mining town. 
Starting Friday

If the classic mother-daughter shakeup Freaky Friday were a supernatural slasher comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton as a struggling teen and a ruthless killer who switch bodies, this would be that movie. In fact, it is.

Sheep Without a Shepherd
When a woman accidentally kills her fellow student after he molests her, her father uses his self-proclaimed movie geekdom to help his working-class family cover up the act. Joan Chen (you know her as Josie from Twin Peaks) plays the matriarch, who's also a police chief with no qualms about bending the rules of the law to protect her loved ones. 
Starting Friday

The Stranger's Summer Movie Mashup
Three of The Stranger's amateur short-film festivals—the sexy trailblazer HUMP!, the stoner-ific SPLIFF, and the gore-tastic SLAY—will be viewable online at this summer showcase, which was formerly scheduled to take place in person. 
The Stranger
Saturday only

Told entirely through verses written and acted out by West Coast spoken-word poets like Austin Antoine and Marquesha Babers, Carlos López Estrada's Summertime intersects the stories of 25 Californians over the course of one long, hot summer day in Los Angeles. 
Starting Friday

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson
If you're someone who goes straight to the producer credits when you hear a new album, tune in to this Apple original on Mark Ronson, whose songwriting and production work has earned him oodles and oodles of Grammys. The artist talks about his philosophy behind music and what inspired his drum-machine innovations, backed up by conversations with friends like Paul McCartney, Questlove, and Ad-Rock.  
Apple TV+
Starting Friday

Drive-Ins & Outdoor Movies

BECU Drive-in Movies at Marymoor Park
This week: Hook (Thursday), Jurassic Park (Wednesday)

Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre
Oak Harbor
This week: Jungle Cruise (Thursday-Tuesday), Escape Room (Thursday-Tuesday)

El Centro de La Raza
Beacon Hill
This week: Black August (Saturday)

Mural Amphitheatre 
Seattle Center
This week: The Princess Bride (Saturday)

Rodeo Drive-In
This week: Snake Eyes (Friday-Tuesday), A Quiet Place Part II (Friday-Tuesday), Boss Baby 2 (Friday-Tuesday), Black Widow, Escape Room (Friday-Tuesday), Fantasy Island (Friday-Tuesday)

Skyline Drive-In Theatre
Lineup: Snake Eyes (Thursday), Space Jam: A New Legacy (Thursday), Bunyan & Babe (Thursday)

Wheel-In Motor Movie Drive-In
Lineup: Black Widow (Friday-Thursday), Cruella (Friday-Thursday)

Also Playing

Black Widow
Various theaters (and premier access on Disney+)

Cinemark Lincoln Square - Bellevue (and premier access on Disney+)

Various theaters

The Forever Purge
Regal Meridian

In the Heights
Regal Meridian (and streaming on HBO Max)

Grand Cinema - Tacoma

Various theaters

Various theaters

A Quiet Place Part II
Various theaters

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain
Various theaters

Snake Eyes
Various theaters 

Space Jam: A New Legacy
Various theaters (and HBO Max)

Various theaters