The Top 10 Things to See at Capitol Hill Art Walk Tonight: April 12, 2018

Hyperrealistic Animal Depictions, Surreal Disaster Paintings, a Service Industry Artist Show, and More
April 12, 2018
Make sure you see Dewey Crumpler's apocalyptic paintings—he and curator Sampada Aranke will speak tonight.

Every second Thursday, rain or shine (or both), the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for tonight, but, below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the things you shouldn't miss. Follow the links for more details and images, and, if you can't make it out tonight, check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events.

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Abstract painter Acuteblaze uses the random aesthetic of "actual fire, wind, and rain" to create textured surfaces and burnt spots.
Victrola Coffee (Pike Street)

Collapse: Recent Works by Dewey Crumpler
The global economy is a curious beast, by which financial systems understood and maneuvered by a few take human and environmental tolls. Dewey Crumpler's Collapse seeks out the "beauty and terror" of these systems, capturing their monolithic quality to help us feel their potential for vast destruction. Some of his paintings look like reading Jeff VanderMeer's environmental horror feels. His technical skills, suited to architectural precision as well as to more organic forms, render the dual nature of financial infrastructure as both abstract and manmade. Sampada Aranke of the Art Institute of Chicago, a specialist in performance studies and black cultural theory, has guest-curated this exhibition by the San Francisco artist. For the Art Walk, Dewey Crumpler and Sampada Aranke will give a talk at 6:30 pm.
Hedreen Gallery

Crush/Repeat: A Spring Art Challenge Showcase!
Inspired by a national project called Fun-a-day, which aims to bind artists together through "resistance, resilience and growth," more than 50 local artists were tasked with choosing a project and repeating it every day throughout the month of March. Check out the multi-media showcase.

A Cyberpop Extravaganza: Sundae Crush, Jake Laundry, Mona Real, goawaysun
Denton good-timers Sundae Crush will bring their sunny sensibilities to this cyber pop extravaganza with additional performances by satirical multimedia song crafter Jake Laundry, glam Midwestern step-queen Mona Real, and anxiety aesthetic wave pop act goawaysun.
Fred Wildlife Refuge

Josie Morway: Adaptations
Josie Morway's fantastical, highly detailed nature paintings, emphasizing the "beauty and brutality of nature," will grace this lavish and eccentric gallery.
Creatura House

New Introductions
Though Vermillion often does solo shows or collective exhibitions, this time they have decided to exhibit art from a wide range of Seattle-area creative types whom they haven't selected before. This show is curated by Diana Adams and Michelle McCarthy from Seattle Makers Market and features pieces by Kalee Choiniere, Perri Rhoden, Alex Garland, and many others. Come to discover new ideas and new talents.

Oh, You STILL Work There?
Did you know it's really, really hard to make a living in the arts, and many of the city's most creative people pour your nitro coffees and sling your $18 burgers? This Capitol Hill Art Walk show, curated by Lelah Maupin, will assemble artwork about the service industry. We love the lineup, which includes food-inspired painters, cartoonists, photographers, and experimentalists like Brittany Kusa, Genevieve St. Charles, Kelly O, Mary Anne Carter, and many others.
The Factory

Travis Ritter: Must Be Dreaming
Ghost Gallery has selected Travis Ritter's graphically striking surrealist collages for this Art Walk show. Ritter is a music-obsessed writer who contributed many pieces to The Stranger, and his artistic work reveals another aspect to his creative perspicacity and receptiveness to visual juxtaposition.
Saint John's Bar and Eatery

While Supplies Last
studio e has curated these works by some of the quirkiest and funnest Seattle-area artists: Brandon Vosika, Chelsie Kirkey, Ben Beres (of the prankster trio SuttonBeresCuller), Shane Swift, David Heo, J. S. Wright, and many others. Check them out in the mezzanine area.
Amandine Bakeshop

Zack Bolotin
The artist, who owns Porchlight Coffee and Records and whose graphic design has graced posters for Industrial Revelation and Tomo Nakayama, is hanging visual "works with a midcentury vibe" inspired by a trip near the California/Arizona border and subsequent excursions to similarly stark regions.
By Others

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