The Top 100 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do All Year Long in Seattle

Drag Shows, Dance Parties, Art Walks, and More Recurring $10-and-Under Events
January 23, 2019
If you love dancing and drag queens, Pony has you covered with recurring events like GGNZLA Karaoke on Tuesdays and Queen4Queen on Thursdays. (Courtesy of Pony)
If you follow our EverOut Things To Do calendar, you've come to expect a weekly roundup of events for the weekend that cost no more than $10 and don't require advance planning. But those don't include all the great frugal-minded happenings that recur throughout the year—even on weeknights. So, behold! Below, you'll find the 100 best ongoing activities in every genre that you can return to as many times as you like, from drag events like Queen4Queen to active events like the Sunday Public Sail, from dance parties like Motown on Mondays to artsy favorites like the Silent Reading Party and the Pioneer Square Art Walk, and from food events like the Happy Hour Food Walk to geeky events like Beer and Board Games at Blue Highway. As always, you can find a full list of events on our complete Things To Do calendar.

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  1. The Magic Hat Presented by Emmett Montgomery and Friends
    Five "brilliant humans(?)," ranging from seasoned stand-up comics to sketch performers to audience members, are selected (presumably out of the Magic Hat) throughout the show to perform weekly at this comedy variety show, otherwise described as a "friendship machine that will make the world a better place."
    (Every Monday, Belltown, $5)
  2. FILM

  3. Collide-O-Scope
    Created and hosted by Michael Anderson and Shane Wahlund, Collide-O-Scope is the cavalcade of curated video delights that takes over Re-bar twice a month. The show keeps getting better, with thematic suites, hallucinatory repetition, and inspired guests. Perennial bonuses: free popcorn and Red Vines, and multiple prizes waiting to be won via drawings throughout the show.
    (Second and fourth Mondays of the month, Downtown, $10)

  5. $10 Pizza Mondays
    On Monday nights, Cafe Lago serves $10 pizzas (and $10 gnocchi in vodka, cream, and tomato sauce), $4 pints of draft beer, and $5 glasses of Chianti. What more could you possibly ask for?
    (Every Monday, Montlake, $10)
  6. See also: Geeks Who Drink (Mondays-Thursdays)


  7. Mo' Jam Mondays
    Mo' Jam Mondays are all about the diversity of jazz, with performers, bands, and rotating guests improvising their way through a set of goodies.
    (Every Monday, Fremont, free)
  8. Motown on Mondays
    Now here’s a bankable idea: Get some of the city’s most reliable DJs together and have them play songs from one of the most popular and critically revered labels in music history. Apparently this is a branded night that also appears in places like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Portland, DC, and Austin, Texas. (You just know Berry Gordy’s taking a cut of the gross, somehow.) Of course, Motown’s catalog is so very deep and loaded with soul and funk classics, many of which never made it to radio but that deserve prime space in your mind. These jocks will make sure that that happens. DAVE SEGAL
    (Every Monday, Capitol Hill, free)
  9. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily)


  10. SH*T GOLD
    Velocity invites artists from all media and genres to contribute up to five minutes of risky material to this very supportive open mic night.
    (First and third Mondays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)

  12. African-American Writers' Alliance Poetry Reading
    Hear poets from the Northwest's African American community in a reading organized by the NW African American Writers' Alliance, which promotes emerging and seasoned writers and publishes anthologies.
    (Second Mondays of the month, Rainier Valley, free)
  13. Works in Progress Open Mic
    Attend an open mic at one of the best literature spots in the city, Hugo House. This ultra-supportive-but-intellectually-engaged environment is perfect for writers of all levels who want to tackle any form of the written word. Prepare to hear material that might burn the most sensitive of ears.
    (First and third Mondays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)

  15. Ladies* Skate Night
    Womxn of all ages and abilities can skate together every Monday evening at Fremont's All Together Skatepark. The organizers, Skate Like a Girl, even lend free gear to those who don't have their own skates, as well as lessons for five extra bucks.
    (Every Monday, Fremont, $5/$10)


  17. Comedy Nest Open Mic
    The rules of this pro-lady stand-up night are refreshing in their simplicity: no misogyny, racism, homophobia, hatred, or heckling. Based on the size, quality, and diversity of the crowds it attracts, the rules work. Every other Tuesday night, fans pack the Rendezvous Grotto to watch two-and-a-half hours of comedy, about half of which is delivered by women. Having so many women onstage and in the crowd makes male comics more mindful of their sets and their audience, while reinforcing what should be obvious: Women can be just as funny (or unfunny) as men.
    (Every Tuesday, Belltown, $5)
  18. FOOD & DRINK

  19. Flights & Rights
    At this monthly community series, a local brewery pours free samples of various beers while speakers lead a discussion of civil rights issues.
    (Last Tuesdays of the month, Seattle Center, free)
  20. GEEK

  21. Gayme Night
    Tuesday Gayme Nights are the new way to share your geeky gayness with the world, with fun arcade games like pinball and ski-ball, audience participation with your drag queen hosts, and prizes galore. Every first and third Tuesday includes your hosts Ruby Bouche and Abbey Roads with a focus on Drag Queen Bingo, and every second and fourth Tuesdays showcase Family Feud with Tipsy Rose Lee and Isabella Extynn.
    (Every Tuesday, Capitol Hill, free)
  22. See also: Geeks Who Drink (Mondays-Thursdays)


  23. GGNZLA Karaoke
    Oh sure, you've done karaoke before, but have you ever done it in a gay bar with wheat-pasted penises on every surface? What the hell are you waiting for? Last summer, the touring cast of Book of Mormon showed up, opened their golden-throated voices, and blew everyone's minds. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE
    (Every Tuesday, Capitol Hill, free)
  24. Joe Doria Presents
    If you want organ-centric jazz for free (no free jazz, though), you can't do much better than Seattle's McTuff Trio. Led by Hammond organ maestro Joe Doria, McTuff also contain one of the region's most dexterous guitarists, Andy Coe, drummer Tarik Abouzied, and, sometimes, wild-card saxophonist Skerik. Along with Afrocop but in a bit more of straight-ahead manner than that younger group, McTuff Trio write alluringly malleable tunes, redolent of soul, ablaze with technical virtuosity, and often funky. And they do a radical reinvention of the Beatles' "She's So Heavy" that deserves a Nobel or something. They play Seamonster most Tuesdays, so it's easy to take them for granted, but these guys would be a bargain at $20 a gig. DAVE SEGAL
    (Every Tuesday, Wallingford, free)
  25. Stop Biting
    Stop Biting has been a blazing hive of hiphop activity since June 2004. Every last Tuesday at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, b-boys and b-girls gather for what has become a major talent magnet in Seattle's hiphop ecology. Head to the back room and marvel as dancers twirl, headspin, giant step, shuffle, glide, spasm, uprock, pop, lock, and commit dozens of other athleticisms while DJs drop nonstop gems to inspire the action. Now organized by Mathew "Introcut" Moroni, MC Suntonio "Asun" Bandanaz, and DJ Absolute Madman, Stop Biting has become one of the most entertaining and straight-up awesome (in the truest sense of the word) music events in Seattle.
    (Last Tuesdays of the month, Eastlake, $5)
  26. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily) & Adult Skate Night (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)


  27. Loud Mouth Lit
    The writer Paul Mullin, winner of a Stranger Genius Award, curates a “fresh, local, organically sourced” monthly literary event called Loud Mouth Lit dedicated to “the amazing writers living in Seattle.”  
    (Last Tuesdays of the month, Green Lake, free)
  28. TRIVIA

  29. Trivia Tuesday
    Huddle in the vinyl booths of the Runaway just about every Tuesday to win prizes at themed trivia nights, which have ranged from Gilmore Girls to Rick and Morty to The Office to '90s Disney movies.
    (Every Tuesday, Capitol Hill, free)


  31. Joketellers Union
    Clock-Out Lounge is not only giving Beacon Hill a boost in its live-music ecosystem (which has been almost non-existent, except for house shows), but it's about to enhance the South End's comedy scene, too—which could really use some high-quality, high-IQ laughs. The venue hosts Joketellers Union, a weekly event run by Brett Hamil and Emmett Montgomery, whose keen observational and absurdist humor, political satire, and improv skits have been cracking up crowds in this city and elsewhere for over a decade. The night will showcase local and touring comics—both established and on the rise. DAVE SEGAL
    (Every Wednesday, Beacon Hill, $7)
  32. DRAG

  33. Heels!
    Betty Wetter and Butylene O'Kipple's monthly party features drag queens, video artists, live music, and a "not so typical" go-go dancer. Enjoy $6 Maker's Mark and $2.50 tallboys, and don't forget to tip.
    (First and third Wednesdays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  34. See also: Chocolate Happy Hour & Free Wine Tasting at Champion Wine Cellars (Wednesdays & Saturdays)


  35. SIFF Movie Club
    If you love chatting about weird movies with other obsessed cinephiles, attend this new series, which offers screenings for cheaper-than-regular admission. After watching a cult classic, repair to the Uptown Hophouse to enjoy a 20% discount on everything and discuss your thoughts.
    (First Wednesdays of the month, Seattle Center, $10)

  37. History Cafe
    MOHAI, Seattle Public Library, and host this ongoing program of informal history talks over coffee or wine (available for sale).
    (Third Wednesdays of the month, South Lake Union, free)
  38. MUSIC

  39. Vibes
    At Neighbours' 18+ dance night hosted by James Majesty's daughter Whispurr Watershadow and Irene DuBois, dance to '90s and '00s groove and dance tracks from DJ Ben Traxx. There are also special guests and gogo boys, with two drag shows every night from the cast of Sativa and Hera Diamandis (the Chaos Angels), Angela Visalia, and BabyGuuurl.
    (Every Wednesday, Capitol Hill, $5)
  40. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily)


  41. Astronomy on Tap
    If discussing dark matter with like-minded folks sounds interesting to you, read on. If discussing it with a beer in your hand sounds even better, you'll probably enjoy this event. Astronomy on Tap events strive to be "accessible and engaging," and typically include non-boring science presentations on topics ranging from the beginning of the universe as we know it to black holes.
    (Fourth Wednesdays of the month, Ballard, free)
  42. Pundamonium: Pun Slam Competition
    Okay, listen. I know there are only two types of people in the world when it comes to puns: the kind who recognize the degree to which they reveal the depth and soul of humankind’s relationship with language, memory, and verbal dexterity, and the rest of you idiots who don’t get it. Still, this event sounded pretty sketchy at first. Participants are given a bit of lead time to write a short, pun-based monologue based on a prompt pulled out a hat when they sign up, then, based on the response of judges, they are pitted against one another in a head-to-head improvised pun-off in subsequent rounds, until one is crowned the winner. Because I flatter myself with the reputation of a bit of a brainbox dynamo with the old wordplay, I strolled into the Peddler Brewing Company thinking I would dazzle everyone and easily mop up the competition. What happened instead is that I had to go up first, and I totally disgraced myself, because guess what: It’s very difficult, and the other competitors were top-notch. Though undeniably square and indisputably not for everyone, Pundamonium is also two things: 1) very fun, and 2) astonishingly popular. On a cold rainy night, the outdoor seating section was totally crammed with people, dogs, beer, and puns. SEAN NELSON
    (Second Wednesdays of the month, Ballard, $6)
  43. Silent Reading Party
    The Silent Reading Party is one of the weirdest, most wonderful parties you’ll ever go to, because no one talks to you and you can get some reading done. You curl up on a couch or in a wingback chair with a book or magazine or whatever you feel like reading, while Paul Moore plays piano and waiters bring you things. Whenever Paul starts playing Erik Satie, I find myself staring into the fireplace or closing my eyes and melting into the couch. The reading party, which turns 10 years old in 2019, is so popular that there is often a line out the door just to get a seat. The people who know what they’re doing get there an hour before it starts. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE
    (First Wednesdays of the month, First Hill, free)
  44. Two Hour Transport
    This science fiction and fantasy reading series begins with an open mic (with five-minute slots) and ends with a lineup of guest readers.
    (Fourth Wednesdays of the month, University District, free)
  45. See also: Geeks Who Drink (Mondays-Thursdays)



  46. Cartoon Happy Hour
    A two-hour block of free classic cartoons and "wacky animation" every Thursday, plus food specials.
    (Every Thursday, Central District, free)
  47. FOOD & DRINK

  48. Happy Hour Food Walk
    Every third Thursday, over 30 participating restaurants in the Chinatown-International District offer $2, $4, or $6 bites. Settle your cravings for dim sum, Asian barbecue, Kahlua pork, and more. 
    (Third Thursdays of the month, Chinatown-International District, free)
  49. See also: Seattle StorySLAM (First Thursdays & third Fridays) & Geeks Who Drink (Mondays-Thursdays)


  50. Free Admission to Living Computers Museum
    The Living Computers Museum and Labs are free on first Thursday evenings.
    (First Thursdays of the month, Sodo, free)
  51. Free Museum of Flight Admission
    Visit the Museum of Flight on first Thursday evenings for free plane viewing.
    (First Thursdays of the month, Tukwila, free)
  52. Museum of History & Industry Free First Thursday
    Check out MOHAI's permanent exhibits (True Northwest: The Seattle Journey, the Bezos Center for Innovation, and Maritime Seattle) for free on the first Thursday of every month. You can also often get discounted admission to MOHAI's special exhibits.
    (First Thursdays of the month, South Lake Union, free)
  53. MUSIC

  54. HaĂĽsed
    House and techno DJs Steady Rock, ?nknown ?layer, and Bacosaurus take over Kremwerk every Thursday of the month. Get there before 11 for an $8 beer and shot combo and discounted wells. 
    (Every Thursday, Downtown, $5/$10)
  55. Live Jazz at Barça
    Capitol Hill haunt Barça hosts a lovely no-cover jazz night every Thursday, with $12 bottles of house wine, and performances by Adam Kessler, Phil Sparks, and special guests.
    (Every Thursday, Capitol Hill, free)
  56. Sophisticated Mama
    Low-key over the last five years, Sophisticated Mama has been a reliable source for high-quality soul, funk, and R&B from those genres’ peak periods of the ’60s and ’70s. Resident DJ Nitty Gritty —with sporadic cameos by world-class diggers like Supreme La Rock and Ohmega Watts—reveals their deep knowledge of the genres on a weekly basis, improving your physical and mental health with their selections. It’s a rare oasis in Capitol Hill’s LCD-trending nightlifescape and one of the tightest events you’ll experience in Seattle right now. DAVE SEGAL
    (Every Thursday, Capitol Hill, free)
  57. Vitamin D
    DJ Arson Nicki will replenish your Vitamin D deficiency (if you live here, you've got it) with sunny tunes once a month. 
    (Second Thursday of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  58. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily) & Adult Skate Night (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)


  59. Queen4Queen
    Dance all night with an exquisite lineup of Seattle queens—including Cookie Couture, Dolce Vida, Siren, MMMelt, and Monday Mourning—as they paint the night bigger than life.
    (Third Thursdays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)

  61. Margin Shift
    Margin Shift is a poetry reading series that emphasizes the contributions of anyone who might normally be at the margins of the mainstream literary scene—"poets of color, LGBTQI poets, poets from out of town, poets who are new to town, women poets, undocumented poets, experimental writers (whatever that might mean!), and brand new writers."
    (Third Thursdays of the month, Belltown, free)

  63. Ballard Night Out
    On the third Thursday of every month, take an evening stroll around Ballard to enjoy free artwork, performances, and other cultural events in local galleries, studios, restaurants, and shops.
    (Third Thursdays of the month, Ballard, free)
  64. Capitol Hill Art Walk
    Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events.
    (Second Thursdays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  65. Pioneer Square Art Walk
    Once a month, Seattleites flock to the streets in Pioneer Square for a chance to stroll, sip on booze, and attend as many art openings as possible at First Thursday. It's the city's central and oldest art walk, and takes place in a historic neighborhood known for its abundance of galleries. Wine and hobnobbing steal the scene for some, but at its core, it's an impressive communal unveiling of new artwork.
    (First Thursdays of the month, Pioneer Square, free)
  66. Seattle Art Museum Free Admission
    Take advantage of free entry to the Seattle Art Museum every first Thursday. Special exhibitions are half-price.
    (First Thursdays of the month, Downtown, free)
  67. Third Thursday Happy Hour Tours
    Enjoy happy hour specials at the museum's café (including $5 appetizers and glasses of wine and $1 off beer and cider), then take a guided tour through the museum's current and permanent exhibitions.
    (Third Thursdays of the month, First Hill, free)
  68. West Seattle Art Walk
    This monthly art walk stretches from Alki to Endolyne. Enjoy extended happy hours, art, music, and more.
    (Second Thursdays of the month, West Seattle, free)
  69. See also: Henry Art Gallery Free Admission (Sundays & first Thursdays)



  70. Mx. A Queer/Bar Drag Show
    This weekly drag show srars Betty Wetter, Kung Pow Meow, Bosco, Karmen Korbel, and Kaleena Markos, featuring special guest performances from RuPaul's Drag Race queens each month.
    (Every Friday, Capitol Hill, $5/$10)
  71. See also: Lashes (Fridays-Saturdays)


  72. Beer and Board Games
    Practice your board game strategies, taste three four-ounce tastes of local brews (the featured brewery will change each time), and enter raffles to win cool stuff every third Friday of the month.
    (Third Fridays of the month, Queen Anne, $5)
  73. MUSIC

  74. Candi Pop
    If you own several glitter chokers and routinely take "Which Spice Are You" quizzes, the Candi Pop dance night is for you. Feel free to embrace all your guilty pleasures and spread that unicorn rainbow girl power magic around town.
    (First Fridays of the month, Capitol Hill, $5/$10)
  75. Cuff Country Fridays
    Show off your fancy new boots at the Cuff every Friday with the Rain Country Dance Association's regular country dancing night. Newcomers are welcome: Instruction starts with some "basic two-step," which I don't think is a euphemism for sex, but given that it's the Cuff, I wouldn't entirely rule it out. Even if you don't dance, it's still a sight to behold —just give 'em your most enthusiastic cheers from the sidelines. And a real southern gentleman always remembers to tip the volunteers. MATT BAUME
    (Every Friday, Capitol Hill, free)
  76. DUG: Rare Funk Dance Party
    With its funk, hip-hop, uh… kids’ records, and boogie, DUG is one of my fave DJ nights in town and an all-around kickass night of dancing. MIKE NIPPER
    (First Fridays of the month, Eastlake, $10)
  77. Famous Friday
    Get down to your favorite bops by Drake, Missy Elliott, Cardi B, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, and more every Friday. 
    (Every Friday, Capitol Hill, free)
  78. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily)


  79. Freshest Roots: Expresso Open Mic
    A monthly open mic that aims to cultivate community and culture through art.
    (First Fridays of the month, Central District, $5 suggested donation)
  80. See also: Seattle StorySLAM (First Thursdays & third Fridays)


  81. Art Up PhinneyWood
    Walk around charming Greenwood/Phinney (just north of the zoo) and take in art from dozens of venues, from galleries to restaurants to bookshops, including Couth Buzzard Books, Greenwood Space Travel Company, and the Phinney Center Gallery.
    (Second Fridays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  82. Belltown Art Walk
    On second Fridays, wander around Belltown and check out their hyperlocal art scene amidst the waves of drinkers and clubbers. Convene at the Belltown Community Center to pick up a map (and maybe some snacks/goodies), then head out to explore nearby galleries while taking advantage of all the artists' exhibitions (and provided refreshments).
    (Second Fridays of the month, Belltown, free)
  83. Bellevue Arts Museum Free Admission
    The local museum opens its doors to all, rich and penniless, every first Friday.
    (First Fridays of the month, Bellevue, free)
  84. Fremont First Friday
    Hike up and down the hills of Seattle's self-proclaimed weirdest neighborhood/center of the universe and immerse yourself in local art shows and installations, indoors and out (be sure to stop by the Troll, Lenin, and the Rocket). Food trucks will be stationed within easy reach. Venues include Canvas! Paint.Sip.Studio, ArtFX Gallery, evo Timesinfinity Gallery, West of Lenin, and Frame-Up Studios.
    (First Fridays of the month, Fremont, free)
  85. University District Art Walk
    This art walk happens the third Friday of every month and features art in cool funky businesses of the U-District such as U Heights Center, Gargoyles Statuary, Cafe Racer, Cafe Allegro, and Seven Market.
    (Third Fridays of the month, University District, free)


  87. The Hot Seat
    Erin Ingle, a "fierce advocate for other women and nonbinary comics" per Dave Segal, runs this comedy show that's followed by a quick intermission and, once everyone's returned a little higher, probing interviews.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Capiol Hill, $10)
  88. DRAG

  89. ArtHaus
    The Kremwerk Complex has birthed many of Seattle's strangest drag stars. Both of R Place's recent So You Think You Can Drag winners got their start at the complex. But Kremwerk's freaks have to originate somewhere, and they usually spawn at ArtHaus, the venue's factory for developing fresh performers and hosts. Over the course of a "season," which lasts roughly a year, drag houses compete in absurd monthly battles for the final crown. The winning house hosts the following season. The audience controls who wins and loses. CHASE BURNS
    (First Saturdays of the month, Downtown, $7/$10)
  90. See also: Lashes (Fridays-Saturdays)


  91. European Vine Selections Wine Tasting
    European Vine Selections, aka "the wine shop on 15th," has been an unintimidating resource for good wine (with lots of bottles under $10) on Capitol Hill for 25 years, and every Saturday they host a free wine tasting from a different region. One person you may find pouring is EVS partner Doug Nufer, a civic treasure of both friendly, low-key wine knowledge and experimental writing.
    (Every Saturday, Capitol Hill, free)
  92. Vino Verite Wine Tasting
    Every Thursday, nicely stocked Columbia City wine shop Vino Verite hosts a drop-in wine tasting that will not part you from any of your money. Each tasting has a different theme, whether it's wines from a specific winery, region, or grape variety. You'll get to sample some great wines and learn more about the winemaking process.
    (Every Saturday, Central District, free)
  93. Wine Tasting at DeLaurenti
    DeLaurenti in Pike Place Market offers free wine tastings upstairs in their wine department every Saturday, and—bonus!—the nice people there pair the selections with some of their more than 250 kinds of cheese, samples from their wall of olive oils, and other assorted tastinesses. Past tastings have included ports paired with Stilton cheese and (separately) Veuve Cliquot champagne (!).
    (Every Saturday, Downtown, $5)
  94. Free Wine Tasting at McCarthy & Schiering
    McCarthy & Schiering claims to be the oldest wine shop in Seattle; it is not. But they were recognized as retailer of the year by Food & Wine in 1998 and as one of the "top 10 small specialty shops featuring wines from Piedmont and Tuscany” by GQ in 2004. They offer free wine tastings at both their Ravenna and Queen Anne stores every Saturday, with winemakers often there for discussion purposes.
    (Every Saturday, Ravenna and Queen Anne, free)
  95. University District Farmers Market
    The University District Farmers Market is open year-round on Saturdays. It's set up on the Ave, between NE 50th St and NE 52 St. Pick up your produce for the week, or grab something to fresh to eat while you're walking around. 
    (Every Saturday, University District, free)
  96. Wine Tasting at Esquin Wine & Spirits
    Behemoth wine emporium Esquin offers free wine tastings every Saturday, with themes like "92 Points and Above," "Viva Argentina," and "Under $10 Specials." Sometimes winemakers join in, and snacks are not unheard of.
    (Every Saturday, Georgetown, free)
  97. See also: Chocolate Happy Hour & Free Wine Tasting at Champion Wine Cellars (Wednesdays & Saturdays)


  98. Botnik Live!
    Botnik Studios writers and engineers—who have created a predictive text Harry Potter chapter and a computer-generated Coachella poster, among other things—will host a night of readings, sketches, songs, and interactive experiments.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  99. MUSIC

  100. Dance Yourself Clean
    Indie-pop dance party Dance Yourself Clean claims to be baptism through dance, featuring the Lights & Music DJs.
    (Every Saturday, Capitol Hill, $5)
  101. Emerald City Soul Club
    Why do I love Emerald City Soul Club? Because ECSC is one night's blissful reprieve from the same old musical palette and constant THUMP THUMP THUMP of other club nights. Every 45 that the DJs play sounds familiar, even the ones I'm sure I don't know, and every song swings and spins and steps across a floor that's been sprinkled with baby powder for your dressed-up dancing pleasure. It's perfect. ERIC GRANDY
    (Second Saturdays of the month, Eastlake, $10)
  102. The Fresh Prince of Capitol Hill: A '90s HipHop Dance Party
    Get inspired by Will Smith's outfits from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and head to Capitol Hill to dance freely to '90s hiphop all night long every first Saturday of the month.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Capitol Hill, $5)
  103. Guilty Pleasures Dance Party
    Sweat out all your insecurities about your music taste at Guilty Pleasures!, the Barboza official dance night for all your (natch) guiltiest pleasures, including tracks by Carly Rae Jepsen, Blink 182, the Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Nelly, Aaron Carter, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Ashanti & Ja Rule, Fall Out Boy, Usher, and many more.
    (Every Saturday, Capitol Hill, free)
  104. Medical RX
    Medical RX is a monthly party inviting local DJs to spin a perfectly curated all-vinyl set. DJ Troy of Medical Records, along with DJ Shi-TR and Lord Phatrick, serve up some stylish Italo-disco, nu beat, and synth oddities.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  105. Night Crush
    Night Crush is a recurring dance party night for queers that centers people of color to maintain a safe space for QPOC, trans people, people of varying abilities, and all bodies (and if you don't identify as such, be very aware of the space you're taking up). Enjoy jams on jams on jams from resident babe DJ Riff-Raff (with a special rotating DJ guest every month), a crew of dancers, and a whole queerio crowd ready to go buck.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Downtown, $10)
  106. SNAP! 90s Dance Party
    Remember when Y2K seemed like a scary way for the world to end? Return to those nostalgic times with the DJs of Trashy Trash and "party like it's 1999." SNAP! has been resurrecting last millennium's tunes since its debut in Portland in 2007. Each week features rotating guests like DJ Same Dna, MadMax, Introcut, Colin Jones, and Ben Meadow.
    (Third Saturdays of the month, Eastlake, $10)
  107. Wig Out
    Shake out your weekend energy every first Saturday with this high energy collection of '60s soul and R&B tracks spun by DJs Mike Nipper (Emerald City Soul Club/Name of the Game), Maxwell Edison (Baron Saturday), Kevin Fitzgerald (Kave-In’s Wiggle Room/Bovver), and Michael Chrietzberg (Emerald City Soul Club), and make sure to bop around till midnight for the dance contest.
    (First Saturdays of the month, Belltown, $5)
  108. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily) & Adult Skate Night (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)


  109. Seattle Theater Group
    Spend your Saturdays discovering the history behind Seattle Theater Group landmarks for free. Tour the Paramount every first Saturday, the Moore every second Saturday, and the Neptune every third Saturday.

  110. Georgetown Steam Plant Open House
    Seattle City Light opens the Georgetown Steam Plant—constructed in 1906 by the Seattle Electric Company to provide power for Seattle, notably for streetcars—to the public for free guided tours. Indulge in some Ruin Porn and learn more about the 110-year-old National Historic Landmark.
    (Second Saturdays of the month, Georgetown, free)
  111. Tour the Spheres
    Those curious Spheres that have been slowly swelling in downtown Seattle for the past couple of years have revealed their purpose: biophilic inspiration for Amazon workers in the form of a biodome. As of April 2018, tours of the Spheres, including its 40,000 plants, are available to the public on two Saturdays a month. Understory, a museum-style exhibit on the ground floor where you can learn about the building without touring it, is open daily.
    (Two Saturdays a month, Downtown, free)

  113. Ballard Art Walk
    For more than 20 years, the Ballard Art Walk has encouraged community members to discover work of local makers in the area while enjoying food, music, and more. Venues include the Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, Secret Garden Books, and other pleasant spots. 
    (Second Saturdays of the month, Ballard, free)
  114. Georgetown Art Attack
    Once a month, the art scene of the tiny airport hamlet of Georgetown ATTACKS all passersby. In more literal terms, it's the day of art openings and street wonderment. If the westerly locations are too far, there's a free Art Ride!
    (Second Saturdays of the month, Georgetown, free)
  115. SUNDAYS


  116. Ballard Farmers Market
    A lovely weekly farmers market in Ballard, with tons of fresh produce and ready-to-eat goodies. Sometimes they also have performers and musicians, as well as craftspeople selling their wares.
    (Every Sunday, Ballard, free)
  117. Capitol Hill/Broadway Farmers Market
    Every Sunday, year round, rain or shine, walk to those slippery bricks in front of Seattle Central for stands filled with local produce, food, beverages, and treats.
    (Every Sunday, Capitol Hill, free)
  118. Food Truck Round-Up
    This free, family-friendly gathering of deliciousness on wheels happens the second Sunday of each month and features local food trucks, food booths, and over 75 different handmade and vintage shops.
    (Second Sundays of the month, Fremont, free)
  119. Fremont Sunday Market
    Every Sunday year round, Fremont hosts their weekly market, featuring food, crafts, gifts, antiques, and more. It's been a Seattle tradition since 1990.
    (Every Sunday, Fremont, free)
  120. West Seattle Farmers Market
    On Sundays, head to the West Seattle Junction for local produce, dairy, meat, wine, and more.
    (Every Sunday, West Seattle, free)
  121. MUSIC

  122. Compline Choir
    This is an excellent opportunity to lie on the floor while listening to choral music. Rich Smith once wrote, "Something about the combination of the architecture, the fellowship, and the music gave me a little peek into the ineffable."
    (Every Sunday, Capitol Hill, free)
  123. Flammable
    A weekly staple that claims the title of longest-running house music night on the West Coast.
    (Every Sunday, Downtown, $10)
  124. Fraktured
    Fraktured is a Kremwerk night on Sundays centered on bringing the best in breakbeats to a Seattle audience, with drink specials like $1 beers and $4 shots.
    (Every Sunday, Downtown, free)
  125. Racer Sessions
    Local label Table & Chairs offers you a night of experimental music every week. Come hear musicians of all ages churn out innovative jams. Cafe Racer describes it as "a musical experience dedicated to exploring composition and improvisation."
    (Every Sunday, University District, free)
  126. The Ron Weinstein Trio
    Weinstein, a local pianist, is a perfect fit for Vito's, a First Hill venue that cultivates a specific mode and mood — jazz melancholy, after-hours blues, world-weary dandyism. When Weinstein plays, he really goes for the soul, goes to the bottom of things, but not in a rootsy or earthy way. This is music for the type of souls who are sad when walking down a busy city street but soon bored when hiking in the woods. CHARLES MUDEDE
    (Every Sunday, First Hill, free)
  127. See also: Karaoke at Bush Garden (daily)


  128. Holy Smokes
    Join cast regulars Monday Mourning, Rowan Ruthless, Eucalypstick, and Jane Don't every first Sunday with a new crop of featured guests from the PNW drag community each month.
    (First Sundays of the month, Capitol Hill, free)
  129. Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery
    On the first Sunday of each month, comedy, variety, and "a parade of wonder and awkward sharing" are hosted by the self-proclaimed "mustache wizard" Emmett Montgomery. Bring hats, gloves, menstrual products, and writing materials to donate to Be:Seattle.  
    (First Sundays of the month, Capitol Hill, $10–$15)
  130. See also: Henry Art Gallery Free Admission (Sundays & first Thursdays)


  131. Tractor Tavern Flea Market
    Shop for goods from local artists, crafters, and collectors every second Sunday of the month, and enjoy live music and drink specials.
    (Second Sundays of the month, Ballard, free)

  133. Sunday Public Sail
    Take this opportunity to get out on the water in a spirit boat, steamboat, electric boat, schooner, ketch, yawl, or yacht instead of simply admiring the Puget Sound from the shore. Unless the waters freeze over, these sails take place in every kind of weather.
    (Every Sunday, South Lake Union, free)
  134. Yoga with a View
    Do yoga in Hotel Sorrento's penthouse suite every Sunday to feel fancy for free.
    (Every Sunday, First Hill, free)


  136. Lashes
    This weekly cabaret show warns that you should arrive early if you want a good spot—the floor will get packed just in time for a bouncing dance party afterwards.
    (Fridays-Saturdays, Capitol Hill, free)
  137. FOOD & DRINK

  138. Chocolate Happy Hour
    Every Wednesday and Saturday, Chocolopolis hosts a chocolate happy hour with free samples from artisan bean-to-bar chocolatiers. ACK!!! CHOCOLATE!!!
    (Wednesdays and Saturdays, Interbay, free)
  139. Free Wine Tasting at Champion Wine Cellars
    Champion owner Emile Ninaud possesses Seattle's very first wine license: He opened in 1969 and works there to this day. Though he's French by birth, he's made Champion a snobbery-free zone, with wine novices welcome and an emphasis on good value for whatever your budget may be. His drop-in wine tastings—from the more than 1,500 bottles in stock, with tons from France—are all about "obscure wines from obscure regions," he says.
    (Wednesdays and Saturdays, Greenwood, free)
  140. MUSIC

  141. Karaoke at Bush Garden
    Bush Garden is favored by many karaoke enthusiasts, including those at the Seattle Weekly, who voted it "Best Karaoke in Seattle" in 2015.
    (Daily, Chinatown-International District, free)

  143. Seattle StorySLAM
    A live amateur storytelling competition in which audience members who put their names in a hat are randomly chosen to tell stories on a theme. Local comedians tend to show up, but lots of nonperformers get in on the action as well. First Thursday readings take place at the Fremont Abbey, followed by third Friday events at St. Mark's Cathedral.
    (First Thursdays and third Fridays of the month, Capitol Hill and Fremont, $10)

  145. Adult Skate Night
    Drinking-age people can twirl around the rink to a mix of old-school and modern-day hits three night a week. DJ Plantkiller spins vinyl in the bar on Thursdays.
    (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, White Center, $8)
  146. TRIVIA

  147. Geeks Who Drink
    Geeks Who Drink is a company that hosts trivia quizzes at different bars every damn day of the week. Usually free (except for bar owners, who pay a "reasonable" rate).
    (Mondays-Thursdays, Various locations, free)

  149. Henry Art Gallery Free Admission
    See modern and contemporary artwork at this bold institution for free every Sunday and first Thursday.
    (Sundays and first Thursdays, University District, free)