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The Top 34 Events in Seattle This Week: Sept 11–17, 2023

Beyoncé, Local Sightings Film Festival, and More Top Picks
September 11, 2023
Beyoncé is forever that girl. (Beyoncé)
Please do not be alarmed; remain calm. Do not attempt to leave the Beyoncé: Renaissance World Tour dance floor. And back to your regularly scheduled programming, we're here to keep your schedule stacked with a fresh batch of top picks, from Jungle to the 26th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival to Neal Brennan.

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They Came From Outer Space Past Event List
I recommend queuing up some creepy spaceship sounds before you continue reading. Are you sufficiently on edge? You can keep those galactic bleep-bloop vibes going at They Came from Outer Space, SIFF's new series of mysterious lights, eerie shadows, and otherworldly entities ranging from the yucky and scary (The Blob) to the precious and loveable (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial). It's about aliens, people, and they're crash-landing at SIFF Cinema Egyptian all September long. Get into the "non-human biologics" while they're still, uh, kinda unproven. LC
(SIFF Cinema Egyptian, Capitol Hill)


Lionel Richie with Earth, Wind & Fire: Sing A Song All Night Long Past Event List
Stranger music critic Dave Segal writes: "Before he became a very successful schlockmeister with several vacuously effusive hits and maudlin ballads in the ’80s (“All Night Long [All Night]),” “Running with the Night,” “Endless Love,” “Truly,” etc.), Lionel Richie was a vital cog in Commodores. With that Motown group, Richie helped to promulgate a flashy and gritty species of funk that became sample fodder for many hip-hop tracks, while also dwelling in the charts; “Brick House,” anyone? Check out scorching, mid-’70s Commodores albums such as Machine Gun, Caught in the Act, and Movin’ On for proof that Richie had some street toughness in his songwriting and vocal delivery." His endless stream of hits will have you dancing on the ceiling after a set from legendary soul ensemble Earth, Wind & Fire. I mean…you’ll get to hear "September" played live in the actual month of September. Chills! AV
(Climate Pledge Arena, Uptown)



Salon of Shame #104 Past Event List
I did it. You probably did it, too. Most everyone, at some point in their hormone-flooded adolescence, tried to make sense of the cruel, confusing world by putting pen to paper and writing it out. Maybe your teenage self had a journal filled with emo poetry or a spiral notebook of song lyrics for the band you hoped to start someday. Maybe you were one of the lucky kids that had a diary with a real deal lock on it to keep prying siblings at bay. For 18 years, Salon of Shame has given us a place to purge our most embarrassing adolescent screeds, on stage for an understanding audience. At each show participants bravely pry open those diaries and journals and read the most hilarious bits, shamelessly and armed with the knowledge that not the only one still holding on to pages and pages of teenage angst. STRANGER CULTURE MEGAN SELING
(Theatre Off Jackson, Chinatown-International District)


Flesh for Frankenstein in 3D Past Event List
Calling all boltheads!! Film restoration and distribution company Vinegar Syndrome sponsored this stereoscopic 3D screening of Flesh for Frankenstein on its 50th anniversary. Produced by Andy Warhol and directed by filmmaker Paul Morrissey, the campy, lurid flick is a more transgressive interpretation of the already-transgressive Gothic sci-fi monster tale. Theresa Mercado, programmer and host of the horror film series Scream Screen, will be on site with "exclusive giveaways," and you can catch up with Vinegar Syndrome at their Scarecrow Video pop-up shop from 12-6 pm on September 13. LC
(Grand Illusion, University District)



School in the Crosshairs Past Event List
Initiates of Hausu, Nobuhiko Obayashi’s description-defying cult classic (okay, I'll attempt a description: it's a psychedelic romp akin to Scooby-Doo on illicit drugs) should be at least somewhat prepared for the director's follow-up sci-fi. It comes complete with Obayashi's signature wacky special effects and "bad-acid-trip aesthetic," but the plot's a little more straightforward than Hausu, which isn't saying much. It follows a schoolgirl whose telekinetic abilities bring up more questions than answers—expect "vibrating neon magic spells" and a random dance number. LC
(The Beacon, Columbia City)


Omnivorous Past Event List
Scoop up al fresco bites and drinks from an array of restaurants, bars, breweries, and distilleries at this annual fundraiser for Community Roots Housing. Look forward to offerings from chef Kristi Brown's lauded Communion, the West African food business Gold Coast Ghal Kitchen, okazu pan specialist Umami Kushi, Vietnamese street food staple Ba Bar, Renee Erickson's French steakhouse Bateau and its sibling Boat Bar, and other local names. JB
(Capitol Hill Station Plaza)


U.S. Girls Past Event List
Meg Remy's experimental pop project U.S. Girls is criminally underrated. Her last three albums—Bless This Mess, Heavy Light, and In A Poem Unlimited—combine timeless funk, Y2K pop, and neo-disco that exists in the same universe as Gwen Stefani's Love Angel Music Baby, Kylie Minogue's Fever, and Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor (a holy trinity of sorts). I am waiting for the day for these songs get the Top 40 radio play that they deserve—just listen to her 2018 bop "M.A.H (Mad As Hell)" to see what I mean. AV
(Neumos, Capitol Hill)



Beyoncé: Renaissance World Tour Past Event List
Between the futuristic technology, jaw-dropping lewks, and Blue Ivy cameos, Queen Bey has the world buzzing with her Renaissance tour. And it makes sense, with her celebratory future-disco album, RENAISSANCE, to have a big ol' ball to match. Experience the bliss of club anthems like "BREAK MY SOUL" and "CUFF IT" performed live alongside 67,000 fellow fans. Don't forget to dress in your flashiest silver garb! Beyonce wrote in a special birthday message: “We’ll surround ourselves in a shimmering human disco ball each night. Everybody mirroring each other’s joy. Virgo season together in the house of chrome.” Plus, let's face it, opening for The Queen is simply unimaginable. In true Sasha Fierce fashion, Beyoncé will start the show with a set of career-spanning ballads before entering the intergalactic world of RENAISSANCE. No opener necessary. AV
(Lumen Field, SoDo)

KEXP Beats & Eats Past Event List
Every week, from August 24 through September 14, KEXP DJs will spin a live set at the pier while you soak up the sunshine, enjoy some grub from onsite food trucks, sip refreshing brews from the beer garden, and observe impressive roller skating from local skate crews. This week, the series will come to a close with a lively blend of hip-hop, soul, and alt-rock from DJ Mike Ramos. AV
(Pier 62, Downtown)

Natural Information Society Past Event List
Natural Information Society is the experimental jazz quartet led by the Oscar-nominated composer Joshua Abrams. Combining hypnotic compositions with unique instruments (Abrams primarily plays the guimbri, a North African three-string lute) their sound is both free-flowing and intricately crafted; minimalist and maximalist; palliative and tense. They will support their new album, Since Time Is Gravity, while free-hanging paintings by abstract artist Lisa Alvarado provide a meditative backdrop. AV
(Neptune Theatre, University District)


Ancient Aliens Live Past Event List
There is a special poodle in my life who, when I dogsit him, flatly demands to watch Ancient Aliens. He will not go to sleep without the soft hum of Ancient Aliens's resident weirdos yammering about Ancient Egypt in the background. In fact, he'll howl and whine if too many hours have passed without the show's main theorist, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (yeah, this guy) appearing on a screen in front of him. Do with this knowledge what you will. I'm not calling you a poodle if you're into Ancient Aliens. But I'm also not not doing that. Anywho, Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth acts as an "experiential extension of Ancient Aliens that explores the theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years." (Hate to break it to you, E.T., but most of us have bigger problems than your cosmic vacation.) LC
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)

Whim W'Him Fall '23 Past Event List
Contemporary dance company Whim W’Him will present world premieres by Dance Magazine featured dancer Hannah Garner, Romanian choreographer Ana Maria Lucaciu, and Dava Huesca, whose interdisciplinary arts collective LLAB Rats seeks to "practice art as activism for the benefit of Black folks." Garner, Lucaciu, and Huesca were chosen from hundreds of applicants to participate in Whim W'Him's prestigious choreographic residency, and they'll "unleash their innovative creations" on the Erickson Theatre stage. LC
(Erickson Theatre Off Broadway, Capitol Hill)



Jungle Past Event List
The hook-laden British funk duo Jungle, whom former Stranger contributor Travis Ritter once described as a combination of "Massive Attack's warped perceptions, D'Angelo's seduction, and Hot Chip's dance-floor charm," is bringing their irresistible tunes back to Seattle. They will urge you to "Keep Moving" with tracks off their silky, soulful new album, Volcano. It’s safe to say this show will be a sweaty one, so be sure to hydrate and wear comfy shoes! AV
(WaMu Theater, SoDo)


Willow Pill...Oops She Did It Again! Vol. 2 Past Event List
She might hate people, but everyone's favorite twisted doll will bless us with her presence at this drag performance and meet and greet anyway. The RuPaul's Drag Race mommy (spoiler alert: she won season 14) will come to slay and hit the stage with the MX cast, bringing her weirdo pin-up style and wicked humor along for the ride. LC
(Queer Bar, Capitol Hill)



Neal Brennan: Brand New Neal Past Event List
Neal Brennan may be an Emmy-nominated writer, correspondent on The Daily Show, producer, director, and all-around successful dude, but that doesn't mean he's not awkward, okay?? Brennan dug into his own "defects" on his last tour, Unacceptable, but it was still a fun time, as self-deprecating humor almost always is. In celebration of his new Netflix comedy special, Neal Brennan: Blocks, which drops on November 8, Brennan will head back to the stage with more of what the New York Times dubbed his “hip-hop and Frontline aesthetic.” LC
(Neptune Theatre, University District)


Herbie Hancock Past Event List
Throughout his six-decade-plus career, Herbie Hancock has reached all corners of the expansive jazz genre, along with pioneering electronic music and modern R&B. His trailblazing 1973 album Head Hunters has been such an inspiration to funk, soul, and hip-hop that the Library of Congress added it to the National Recording Registry (an archive of the most significant recordings of the 20th century). But all fancy accolades aside, Head Hunters is a delightfully timeless album that I keep in my back pocket for when I'm feeling musically fatigued. Plus, Hancock's 47th (!) studio album is currently in the works, and will reportedly include features from music royalty like Wayne Shorter, Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Snoop Dogg, and more. AV
(Moore Theatre, Belltown)

R-Day 2023 Past Event List
R-Day is quintessential Seattle: it's quirky, it's fun, it's free, it's 21+, there's live music, and of course, there's Rainier. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first R-Day, which celebrated the moment when Rainier Beer’s iconic “R” was restored to its place atop the Old Rainier Brewery in Georgetown. In addition to a herd of "Wild Rainiers," wacky merchandise, eclectic art, and more, there will be live music from truly incredible bands. Check out metal faves Helms Alee, the woman-fronted guitar grooves of Cherry Glazerr, and Seattle R&B powerhouse Parisalexa. KEXP DJ Larry Mizell Jr. will keep the party going between sets. SL
(Georgetown, Georgetown)



An Incredible Feast Past Event List
At this fundraiser feast put on by Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets and benefiting the Good Farmer Fund, over a dozen acclaimed Seattle chefs will be matched up with local farms to create a locally sourced spread. This year’s batch of culinary luminaries includes Ethan Stowell, Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata, Sheena Eliz of Manna and Mamnoon, Jack Timmons and Stew Navarre of Jack’s BBQ, Zach and Seth Pacleb of Brothers & Co., and Danna Hwang of China Harbor and Vivienne’s Bistro, and they’ll be whipping up dishes using fresh ingredients from Alvarez Organic Farm, Collins Family Orchard, Glendale Shepherd, Mariposa Farms, and Skinny Kitty Farms, among many others. Plus, there’s local beer and wine, games, raffles, and a silent auction. JB
(Block 41, Belltown)

Bite of PhinneyWood Past Event List
The second edition of this neighborhood food festival will let you taste the best food Phinney has to offer, with over 20 participating restaurants, including Isaan-style favorite Thaiku, the retro North Star Diner, specialty market and cafe Mainstay Provisions, the cozy pâtisserie Petit Pierre Bakery, the gelato shop Nutty Squirrel, the moody cocktail lounge The Dark Room, and the cult-favorite bakery Ben's Bread. Plus, quench your thirst at a beer and wine garden. Proceeds benefit Phinney Neighborhood Association's programs for kids, seniors, and the entire community.
(Phinney Neighborhood Association, Phinney Ridge)



Meowga - Yoga with Cats Remind List
If you're anything like the EverOut staff, the phrase "yoga with cats" definitely perked up your ears. It's true: You can practice yoga alongside stretchy felines in Seattle Meowtropolitan's cat lounge, which up to 25 kitties from Regional Animal Services of King County call home. It's better than doing another Yoga with Adriene video in your house pants. The all-levels Hatha class is adaptive and focused on the breath, so you'll leave feeling more peaceful, and probably a little more covered in cat hair. Win-win, in my opinion. LC
(Seattle Meowtropolitan, Wallingford, Tuesday, Saturday-Sunday)


MEXAM NW Festival 2023 Remind List
Hispanic Heritage Month runs from mid-September to mid-October, a time during which many Latin American countries celebrate their national independence days. MEXAM NW Festival 2023 is an exhilarating multi-event, multi-venue festival curated by the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle that showcases the vibrancy of contemporary Hispanic and Mexican American culture. The festival kicked off on September 8, and concludes mid-October with a Día de los Muertos Concert and Festival Latinx. Most events are free and family-oriented, from a talk on the history of tacos to a parade through South Park, and much more. Expect tons of Latin American food, mariachi bands, folk dancing, arts and craft markets, fiestas, and community joy. SL
(Various locations, Monday-Sunday)

Washington State Fair 2023 Past Event List
What's summer without beer-fueled outdoor concerts, quilt and flower displays, impressive vegetables, baby bunnies, and a "SillyVille" farm experience complete with animatronic chickens?! Close out the sunny season in the most all-American way possible at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, where you'll find everything from produce contests to a real-deal cowboy rodeo. You can catch Kehlani, the Temptations, Babyface, Styx, and other household names throughout the month. LC
(Washington State Fair Events Center, Puyallup, Monday-Sunday)


26th Annual Local Sightings Film Festival Past Event List
Back in 2015, Stranger senior staff writer Charles Mudede wrote, "What is this city becoming? What have we lost in the rush and thrust of all these new developments? To whom does this growing city belong? The brilliant Local Sightings Film Festival will show films that reveal the answers to these questions, through features, shorts, and animation that are born here or hereabouts. There's much to see and much to talk about." The premise of the hybrid festival hasn't changed much since then—Local Sightings will return for its 26th anniversary this year, offering up another round of curated screenings and transforming the city into a hub for indie filmmakers who forgo New York or LA for the Pacific Northwest's endearing eccentricity. The always-great, hyperlocal film festival also offers opportunities for regional filmmakers, emotional storytellers, and documentarians to meet-cute at the festival's events. I'm intrigued by the two-day found footage workshop, the short film program by "nonbinary trans and queer myth builders" Scumtrust, and the opening feature, Fantasy A Gets a Mattress, starring local legend Fantasy A. LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, Friday-Sunday)

Barbie Past Event List
Brought forth from the primordial depths of the mid-'90s, where Barbie remains in perpetuity because that is the last time I played with her, a shiny pink convertible rolls noiselessly into our modern times. It is Barbie's car, and somehow, Barbie is in it. She has roller skates in her purse and she's on a mission. She is played by Margot Robbie, and she's journeying to the human world, or something. Listen, the specifics don't matter. It's the Barbie movie. I will be seated, surrounded by popcorn and Nerds rope, and you will be, too. LC
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Thursday)

Bottoms Remind List
Considering the glut of raunchy high school sex comedies that revolved around hetero teen boys attempting to pop their cherries in the '90s and early-aughts, it's about time we had a horny romp about queer girls trying to get laid. In this madcap dark comedy helmed by Emma Seligman (director of the nail-biter Shiva Baby), two hapless losers (played by Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri) scheme to start a self-defense club for women in order to hook up with their cheerleader crushes (Havana Rose Liu and Kaia Gerber). Naturally, hilarity ensues. It's Book Smart meets Fight Club with acerbic shades of Heathers, and I for one can't wait to see Seligman's sapphic Gen-Z take on this campy genre, especially with the two leads' deadpan delivery. JB
(SIFF Cinema Uptown, Uptown, Monday-Thursday)

Duvall/Altman Past Event List
The collaboration between director Robert Altman and actress Shelley Duvall is, in my opinion, the stuff dreams are made of—I first watched Brewster McCloud, 3 Women, and Popeye during the pandemic, and was equally mystified by Shelley's ethereal, yet quirk-heavy grace and Altman's ability to situate her in outrageous, magical-realist situations. This series reaffirms my belief that the duo made some of the most unique cinema ever. Okay, I'll stop gushing now. Actually, no I won't!! Duvall/Altman kicked off with Brewster McCloud, in which the most stylish person on Earth meets a weirdo who lives at the Houston Astrodome and dreams of flying with strapped-on wings, and will finish this week with Popeye, featuring the collective genius of Harry Nilsson, Robin Williams, and Shelley Duvall, the subject of many a sea shanty. (Fun fact: the fictional town constructed for Popeye over 40 years ago still stands in Malta today.) LC
(Northwest Film Forum, Capitol Hill, Wednesday-Thursday)


Disney's The Little Mermaid Remind List
My first memory of dancing is in my childhood living room, where I wiggled haphazardly to steel drum tunes on The Little Mermaid's supplementary VHS, Sebastian's Caribbean Jamboree. If you're of the millennial or Gen Z persuasion, you probably also have some core memories related to the Disney animated flick, which turns 35 this year. (Insert a "you're old" joke here, I guess.) Anywho, scuttle on over to the 5th Avenue Theatre for this rendition of the musical, which sees all your faves jam out under the sea. There'd better be steel drums! LC
(The 5th Avenue Theatre, Downtown, Wednesday-Sunday)

Matt & Ben Past Event List
Long before Chasing Amy, J-Lo, and Air, two Hollywood rapscallions watched the screenplay for Good Will Hunting descend mysteriously from the heavens, and realized they were being tested by a higher power. Although their careers and lives would diverge, one being more of a golden boy and the other being...well...Ben Affleck, their friendship persevered. Matt & Ben is an acidic satire that spoofs the duo's pursuit of a red-carpet dream, and the playwright understood the assignment—she's Mindy Kaling, so she's been on a red carpet or 20. LC
(ArtsWest, Junction, Thursday-Sunday)

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical Past Event List
Our dearly departed, fringe-dress-wearing Queen of Rock is the focus of this musical, which promises "an uplifting comeback story like no other." I recently learned of Tina's dedication to Nichiren Buddhism and the nam-myōhō-renge-kyō chant, which is just one of many reasons she's a complex, fascinating character. You're bound to discover a thing or two at Tina: The Tina Turner Musical; the promotional copy also promises that the show features her "much-loved songs," so chances are good you'll be grooving around to "What's Love Got to Do With It." LC
(Paramount Theatre, Downtown, Tuesday-Sunday)

Titanish Past Event List
Your fave doomed romance flick is parodied in this unsinkable musical comedy, which comes complete with original music and fast-paced action that's more hilarious than tragic. Titanish will crash on stage again after winning the 2022 Broadway World Critic's Choice Award for best new musical; the escapist spoof "has songs and satire on deck," according to Crosscut. (Jokes about the Titanic are either too soon or arriving just on time, depending on your thoughts about June's submersible implosion—either way, the production feels eerily timed.) LC
(Seattle Public Theater, Green Lake, Wednesday–Sunday)


A Living Legacy: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art Past Event List
The Frye Art Museum has always been one of my favorites, and not just because it's totally free—the curation is consistently on point, blending thoughtful nods to historical movements with the most contemporary work on the scene at any given moment. Marking their 70th anniversary, A Living Legacy brings together eight recently acquired artworks by art stars Amoako Boafo, Sky Hopinka, Gisela McDaniel, Bony Ramirez, Tschabalala Self, Ann Leda Shapiro, and Sadie Wechsler, each of whom responds to or complicates "[narratives around] landscape and portraiture traditionally associated with the Frye’s founding collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American art." Artistic production and acquisition is an evolving, imperfect process—head to this exhibition to see what the artists themselves have to say about it. LC
(Frye Art Museum, First Hill, Wednesday-Sunday; closing)

Catherine Howe: Ultra – Florescent Remind List
If you were once a kid who liked making squiggles with shaving cream, New York painter Catherine Howe's Ultra – Florescent will likely appeal to you. The show's textured paintings were created with an "alchemical" blend of acrylic mediums, white matte glaze, and mineral pigments, resulting in a thick, tactile effect and curious luminosity. Howe's strange garden is set against shimmering backdrops, and her floral forms burst from the picture field like silly string. The works are super-satisfying to look at, but chances are good that you'll be wishing you could touch 'em, too. LC
(Winston Wächter Fine Art, South Lake Union, Tuesday–Saturday)

Cathy McClure and John Kiley Past Event List
If you're still feeling bitter that you didn't receive a Furby for Christmas in '98, I recommend Cathy McClure's exhibition Unearth for some strange catharsis. Using discarded battery-operated stuffed toys, the artist contemplates consumption, nostalgia, and instant gratification by creating freakish, Frankensteinian "bots." The figures are recast and reassembled with precious metal armatures that reportedly exude "wisdom and contemplation." I guess you'll have to decide for yourself what they exude, but any way you look at 'em, they are awesome. Unearth is perfectly paired with John Kiley's Studio Sessions, which is comprised of sculptural glass works with "contrasting colors [and] intricate carved optic passageways." LC
(Traver Gallery, Downtown, Tuesday-Saturday)

Of a Place Past Event List
Presented as a "portrait of Washington State’s diverse landscapes, topography, ecosystems, and climates," Of a Place also functions as a round-up of some of contemporary art's most exciting nature-loving players. Inspired by the mid-19th-century American art movement the Hudson River School, which "presented America as a new Eden and equated American landscape with American identity," the show meditates on place, identity, and art practice in Washington State through drawings, paintings, ceramics, textiles, and more. I'm especially moved by Philippe Hyojung Kim's Immigration Series: "deICEd", and I'm excited to see works by quinn mcnichol and Rena Priest. LC
(SOIL, Pioneer Square, Friday-Sunday)

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