These Women-Owned Seattle Restaurants Are Offering Takeout and Delivery

Support Them During the Last Days of Women's History Month (And After That, Too)
March 31, 2020
Get sweet and savory offerings from beloved local pastry purveyor Piroshky Piroshky delivered to you, or pick up your order at your nearest location. Owner Olga Sagan has even fashioned her own delivery service, Catch22, as a more transparent alternative to third-party providers. (PIROSHKY PIROSHKY VIA FACEBOOK)

This March my have been branded with a big coronavirus-shaped stamp, but the last day of Women's History Month deserves fanfare, even while we're social distancing. Tonight—and any other night—bust out your RBG jigsaw puzzle and order in from your favorite women-owned restaurant. We've compiled the ones offering takeout and delivery—from Donna Moodie's Marjorie to Monica Dimas's Little Neon Taco—below.

El Borracho (Kittie Davidovich)
Stoup Brewing (Lara Zahaba and Robyn Schumacher)
Populuxe Brewing (Amy Besunder)
Rosellini's (Suzanne Rosellini)
Sip and Ship (Diana Naramore)

Bang Bang Cafe (Miki and Yuki Sodos)
La Parisienne French Bakery (Christine Morin)

Beacon Hill
Bar del Corso (Angelina Tolentino)
Buddha Bruddah (Andrea Mizer)
Homer (Sara Knowles)
Perihelion Brewery (Karin Paulsen)
Petite Soif (Lauren Feldman and Shawn Mead)
The Station Coffeehouse (Leona Rodriguez)
Tippe and Drague (Melissa Cabal)

Capitol Hill
Al Bacha (Nadia Belmounaz)
Amandine Bakeshop (Sara Naftaly)
Capitol Cider (Julie Tall)
Cone & Steiner (Dani Cone)
Dumpling Tzar (Jesse Barrabee Parry)
Knee High Stocking Co. (Michelle Valko and Pamela Carpio)
Lark, Slab Sandwiches and Pie, and Southpaw (JM Enos and Kelly Ronan)
Mamnoon (Racha Haroun)
Marjorie (Donna Moodie)
Marmite (Sara Naftaly)
Nuflours (Phebe Rossi)
Osteria La Spiga (Sabrina Tinsley)
Pettirosso (Yuki & Miki Sodos)
Plum Bistro (Makini Howell)
Ristorante Machiavelli (Suzette Jarding)
SOI (Yuie Helseth)
Terra Plata (Tamara Murphy)
Volunteer Park Cafe (Ericka Burke)
Westman's Bagel and Coffee (Monica Dimas)
Yalla (Taylor Cheney)

Central District
Cortona Cafe (Isolynn Dean)
Lowrider Baking Company (Emily Allport)
Squirrel Chops Coffee & Cuts (Shirley Henderson and Sharon Blyth-Moss)
>Two Doors Down (Erin Nestor & Rebecca Denk)

Columbia City
Geraldine's Counter (Stacey Hettinger)
Taproot Cafe & Bar (Tiana Garret)

El Borracho (Kittie Davidovich)
Mr. West (Soni Davé-Schock)
Piroshky Piroshky (Olga Sagan)
Sweet Iron Waffles (Adrienne Jeffrey)
Willmott's Ghost (Renee Erickson)

First Hill
Little Neon Taco (Monica Dimas)
Piroshki on Madison

Cafe Turko (Süreyya Gökeri)
Eve Fremont (Debra Russell and Jill Buchanan)
Kamonegi (Hiroko Asakura and Mutsuko Soma)
Kin Len (Jennifer Politanont)
Revel (Rachel Yang)
Vif (Lauren Feldman and Shawn Mead)

Makeda & Mingus (Prashanthi Reddy)
North Star Diner & Shanghai Room (Caitlin Lombardi)

International District
Fort St. George (Ikuko Maekawa)
Kau Kau (Lynn Eng Chang)
Maneki (Fusae Yokoyama)
Pho Bac and Pho Bac Súp Shop (Yenvy Pham and Quynh Pham)
Tsukushinbo (Marin Caccam)

Flying Pie Pizzeria (Katheryn Parker)
Macky's Dim Sum (Macky Wong)

Cafe Juanita (Holly Smith)

Madison Park
Belle Epicurean (Carolyn Ferguson)

Bistro Turkuaz (Ugur Oskay)
Bottlehouse (Soni Davé-Schock)

Maple Leaf
Maple Bar (Katy Haima)

Cafe Lago (Carla Leonardi)

Mount Baker
Little Chengdu (Sia Zhang)

Pioneer Square
Altstadt (Megan Coombes)
Cone & Steiner (Dani Cone)
Salumi (Martinique Grigg and Clara Veniard)

Queen Anne
Betty (Angie Nelson)
Queen Anne Coffee (Bri Ryan)

Rainier Beach
Beach Bakery (Amy O'Connell)

Rainier Valley
Bang Bang Kitchen (Miki and Yuki Sodos)

Pair and Frank's Oyster House (Sarah Penn)

Pomegranate Bistro (Lisa Dupar)
Woodblock (Carolyn Scott)

South Lake Union
Hurry Curry of Tokyo (Rebecca Yoshitani)

Seattle Chocolates (Jean Thompson)

University District
Mr. West (Soni Davé-Schock)
Sweet Alchemy (Lois Ko)
Xi'an Noodles (Lily Wu)

Bizzarro Italian Cafe (Jaedra James)
Friday Afternoon (Friday Elliott)
Joule (Rachel Yang)
Kate's Pub (Kati Campbell)
Pam's Kitchen (Pam Jacob)
Tilth (Maria Hines)
Union Saloon (Michelle Magidow)
The Whale Wins (Renee Erickson)

West Seattle
Beveridge Place Pub (Terri Griffith)
Freshy's (Amber Bennett)
Greenbridge Cafe (Blanca Rodriguez)
Indulge Desserts LLC (Michele Auld)
Lula (Taylor Platt)
Ounces (Laurel Trujillo)
Phoenecia at Alki (Inaam Khazaal)

White Center
Dubsea Coffee (Sibelle Nguyen)

Various locations
Ba Bar (Sophie Banh)
Bakery Nouveau (Heather Leaman)
Fran's Chocolates (Fran Bigelow)
Frankie & Jo's: Capitol Hill and Ballard (Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson)
Fresh Flours (Etsuko Minematsu)
Full Tilt Ice Cream (Ann Magyar)
General Porpoise Doughnuts (Renee Erickson): Capitol Hill and Laurelhurst
Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery (Autumn Martin)
Katsu Burger (Stephanie Kang)
Macrina Cafe and Bakery (Leslie Mackie)
Mioposto (Tiah Holt)
Rachel's Ginger Beer (Rachel Marshall)
Trophy Cupcakes (Jennifer Shea)