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Where to Eat Corn in Seattle: Summer 2021 Edition

Elote, Corn Cheese, and More
August 30, 2021
The elote dog at vegan favorite Cycle Dogs is loaded with buttery Mexican-style street corn. (Cycle Dogs)

Nothing says summer like gnawing on the sweet, juicy kernels of a golden-yellow cob, and corn is at the height of its season right now, so naturally, it would behoove all of us to eat as much of it as we can. We're here to help you do just that with this list of corn specials around town, from elote to Korean corn cheese and beyond. For more culinary inspiration, check out our food and drink guide.

Best Roasted Corn Stand
For a truly superlative roasted corn experience, look no further than this aptly named stand in White Center, which has earned a loyal following for its elotes, esquites, and other craveable street food snacks.
White Center
Pickup, delivery

Chi Mac
This Korean fried chicken joint serves corn cheese, a popular drinking snack featuring pan-roasted corn smothered with melty cheese. Pair it with a cold draft brew for a slice of heaven.
University District, Bellevue
Pickup, delivery, dine-in

The charming neighborhood spot's "Dancing Lobster" pizza special (an apparent reference to the iconic "Judge Trudy" sketch series on Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show) combines a variety of late summer flavors, including roasted corn, lobster mushrooms, and basil, with fresh mozzarella and Calabrian chili.
Capitol Hill
Pickup, delivery, dine-in

Cycle Dogs
This vegan comfort food favorite has gone all out for corn season, with its elote dog (a grilled Field Roast frankfurter topped with Mexican-style street corn, cayenne, green onion, lime, and mayo) and street corn salad (buttery street corn with lime, cayenne, green onion, mayo, and vegan parmesan). The elote dog was even named one of the top 10 vegan dogs in the country by PETA.
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Frelard Tamales
Proving that corn is versatile enough to handle sweet preparations, this beloved tamaleria is featuring a sweet corn dessert tamale.
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This inventive Japanese restaurant has added a playful seasonal "corn-gee" dish (congee with roasted corn, cilantro oil, and sweet and sour baby back ribs) to its menu for a limited time.
Chinatown-International District
Pickup, dine-in

Jazzy's Antojitos & Gelatinas
In addition to mangonadas, fresh juices, gelatin desserts, milkshakes, fruit salad, and other irresistible treats, this snack shop from business partners Jazmin Becerra and Joselyn Chavez serves both classic esquites (the salad version of elote) and "tostiesquites" (a version made with Tostitos), topped with crushed Takis, hot Cheetos, and Doritos for maximum crunch.
Pickup, dine-in

Miri's at Golden Gardens
This beach snack shack is bidding farewell to summer with its "End of Summer Succotash Salad," which features locally sourced green beans, sweet corn, roasted peppers, zucchini, tomato, lettuce, and homemade croutons, dressed with a zesty lime vinaigrette.

Paseo and Un Bien
The much-beloved Caribbean standby Paseo may be known primarily for its hearty, messy sandwiches, but don't skip its famous fire-roasted corn, slathered in garlic aioli, parmesan, fresh cilantro, lime, and a proprietary spice blend. The sandwich shop Un Bien (owned by the sons of Paseo's original owner) has a near-identical menu and offers the same fire-roasted corn. (Whether Un Bien or Paseo is better is a common point of contention among Seattleites—you'll just have to try both and decide for yourself.)
Fremont, SoDo, Ballard, Shilshole
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The lively Capitol Hill izakaya is currently featuring a limited-time corn karaage special, featuring fried Twin Willow Farm corn tossed with truffle oil and uni soy butter sauce and topped with a sprinkle of nori.
Capitol Hill
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Serious Pie
Tom Douglas's pizzeria has introduced a summery special made with peak-season Yakima corn, roasted in a wood-fired pizza oven and finished with creamy pecorino dressing, parmesan, and pickled Prosser Farm peppers and herbs.
Pickup, delivery, dine-in

Son of a Butcher
This cheekily named Korean barbecue joint also serves corn cheese. They also offer a twist on the dish—a steamed egg stuffed with corn and topped with oozy cheese.
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