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Where to Eat Near Seattle's Major COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

General Vaccine Eligibility Opens Thursday!
April 13, 2021
After getting vaccinated at North Seattle College, stop at the nearby Taiwanese bubble tea shop Hangry Panda.

If there's one thing that calls for a proper celebration, it's receiving that long-awaited, much-coveted jab in the arm. Why not incorporate a special meal into your personal festivities—safely, of course? Now that all Washingtonians over the age of 16 will be eligible for a vaccine this week (April 15!), we've gathered this list of the best places to eat near Seattle's mass vaccination sites, including the community hubs at Lumen Field, Rainier Beach, West Seattle, and North Seattle College and the community vaccination site at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Note that these are just some of the places you can get a vaccine—check out the Washington State Vaccine Locator website for other spots near you, or check out the user-generated Google map of vaccine sites embedded at the end of this page. If you do plan to head to one of the mass vaccination sites, you can sign up for the city of Seattle's notification list ahead of time to get an alert when appointments are available. Good luck!

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The Stranger's Tobias Coughlin-Bogue once wrote, "Altstadt, owned by former Belltown street taco entrepreneur Lex Petras, is arguably Seattle’s first stab at upscale German food. And it hits the mark. Certainly the Pioneer Square restaurant still resembles a bierhall, if an exceptionally handsome one, but the food is a cut above your average pub grub. Chef Megan Coombes won my heart with her Oktoberfest mackerel special, served whole and stuffed with lemon and herbs, the fish perfectly flaky and accompanied by a liberal heap of her excellent sauerkraut."
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

Cafe Paloma
Friendly, casual Paloma makes Mediterranean food with the emphasis on Turkey, as in lovely little Turkish meatballs in a bright tomato sauce. Much of the food is of the tapas/meze/happy-hour variety, but it’s prepared with care and served with delicious pita.
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Crawfish King
Stranger contributor Meg van Huygen wrote, "Crawfish King in the International District has been around for almost a decade, on 8th and Lane, up by the freeway. It’s been carefully decorated to look like a Sea Galley, and their main thing is Cajun-style seafood boils. They offer all the usual shellfish characters—lobster, a few species of crab, mussels, clams, headless and headful shrimp, others—and you can pick one of their preordained shellfish combos or just assemble your own and pay per pound. They sauce it all up and dump it on the table (on a plastic tablecloth) and it’s a giant marvelous mess and will get in your hair and behind your glasses...We were dazzled by every single thing about this place and will probably be back for lunch, like, tomorrow."
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Dough Zone
The crowd-pleasing Chinese dumpling emporium is located nearby for all your juicy xiao long bao needs.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Il Terrazzo Carmine
Founded by Carmine Smeraldo in 1984, Il Terrazzo is hidden through the lobby of a building, behind imposing wood doors and is as expensive as any restaurant in town. The food is old-school Italian, and the atmosphere is upscale-countryside-romantic: expansive sight lines, ladder-backed chairs, glazed pottery, massive faux candelabra light fixtures, and a smooth-jazz soundtrack.
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

The London Plane
The lovely, airy London Plane is a cafe, bakery, wine bar, and groceries-and-flowers-and-sundries shop from Katherine Anderson (Marigold and Mint) and Matt Dillon (Sitka & Spruce, Corson Building, and Bar Sajor). The bread is so good, you might freak out. You can pretty much bet that you will get an excellent breakfast, lunch, or snack here.
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

The Stranger's Leilani Polk wrote, "Pretty much the only game in town where you can get roast pork done Cuban style, i.e., meat that falls apart to melt in your mouth. It’s a little sweet, but so good, they habitually run out of it, which can be rather annoying if you’re in need of a fix. Though you can’t get an authentic Cuban sandwich on Cuban bread, you can get the closest approximation to it, a 'Paseo Press,' with roast pork, sweet banana peppers, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, and caramelized onions melted together on a baguette with a hot press."
Pickup or delivery

Salumi's storefront in Pioneer Square is world-famous and duly mobbed (and rightfully so). Here, you’ll find fantastic house-cured Italian meats (various salamis, coppa, pancetta, prosciutto, tongue, cured lamb), along with hot and cold sandwiches.
Pickup or delivery

Two Doors Down
The Pioneer Square location of Two Doors Down, a laidback bar run by married couple Erin Nestor and Rebecca Denk, is located just two blocks from Lumen Field. The menu includes burgers (including Impossible and Beyond options for vegans and vegetarians), as well as local beer and cider on tap.
Pickup or delivery


Rocky's Empanadas
Redmond residents rave about the traditional Argentinian empanadas at this family-owned restaurant. Fillings include beef, grilled chicken, ham and cheese, sirloin steak, Caprese salad, corn and bechamel sauce, mushroom and cheese, onion and cheese, and spinach and cheese—get a side of chimichurri for dipping. There's also a selection of sweet empanadas, including apple cinnamon, banana Nutella, and banana dulce de leche.
Pickup or delivery

Spark Pizza
Woodblock owners Carolyn and Tony Scott run this cozy pizzeria inside a former Redmond home. The space features a fire pit and a deck, while the menu offers seasonal and house wood-fired pizzas, rotating pasta specials, appetizers, salads, desserts, and more, with a selection of 20 beers, local and imported wine, and cocktails on tap.
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

The Stone House
This elegant New American spot housed in a historic Craftsman bungalow offers a local, seasonal four-course tasting menu.
Pickup, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Stone Korean
This laidback Korean spot serves hot pot bibimbap, fried chicken, kalbi, kimchi pancakes, and more.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Tian Tian Noodles
You'll find a menu of hand-pulled noodle dishes, dan-dan noodles, homemade dumplings, and other comforting fare at this casual Chinese joint.
Pickup or delivery


Famed Seattle restaurateur Linda Derschang recently endorsed this beloved local fast-food drive-in as one of her favorite Seattle spots in our "Tell Us Something Good" series, saying, "Their look is out of another decade (1960s?) but the meat is grass-fed and hormone-free. I love the dichotomy of their retro style and the modern awareness of their products."
Pickup, delivery, or drive-in

Don Lucho's
JuneBaby chef Edouardo Jordan also selected this Peruvian food-truck-turned-restaurant as one of his most frequented neighborhood eateries. The menu includes dishes like ceviche, arroz con mariscos (rice with seafood), lomo saltado (a stir-fry with thinly sliced beef, tomatoes, onions, and French fries), Peruvian chicken, sandwiches, and flan.
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Hangry Panda
This Taiwanese bubble tea shop serves drinks like Hong Kong milk tea and "panda milk" (black sesame swirled with milk and topped with salted cream cheese foam) as well as craveable street food bites like fried chicken skin, minced pork rice, popcorn chicken, chicken teriyaki, barbecue pork, and fried chicken sandwiches.
Pickup or delivery

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
This Tokyo-based ramen chain is a solid destination for slurping noodles in broths like rich garlic tonkotsu, yuzu shio, and miso.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Kona Kitchen
Owned and operated by actor Yuji Okumoto (famed for starring as the villain Chozen Toguchi in The Karate Kid Part II in 1985 and on Netflix's reboot Cobra Kai) and his wife, this Hawaiian restaurant offers "onolicious" island eats like build-your-own loco moco and classic plate lunches.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Another favorite of Edouardo Jordan, this Cuban restaurant serves a mashup of Colombian, Venezuelan, and Cuban favorites. If you're a first timer, go with the pabellon, a shredded and stewed beef dish with rice and beans—you won't be sorry.
Pickup or delivery

The Shambles
Named for England's famous street that was once home to dozens of butchers in the 1800s, the Brit-inspired brick restaurant features a secret room behind a moveable bookshelf, a meaty menu with charcuterie and even a pork belly "bacon flight," house-made sausage, and tri-tip steak sandwiches. 
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating


Drae's Lake Route
Andre Israel, one of the original owners of Nate’s Wings and Waffles, assumed sole ownership over the restaurant’s Rainier Beach location and changed its name to Drae’s Lake Route. He’s kept the signature chicken wings and waffles, but also added menu items such as collard greens, red beans and rice, and Philly cheesesteaks.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Jude's Old Town
Named after co-owner Beau Hebert's mother Judi, this cozy, family-friendly neighborhood bar offers comfort food like poutine, mac and cheese, fried Beecher's cheese curds, and grits, plus craft cocktails and boozy slushies.
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

Kaffa Coffee and Wine Bar
The Stranger's Angela Garbes wrote of this Ethiopian cafe and wine bar, "Between the heady mix of berbere, coffee, and incense in the air, you may catch a little buzz. There's an attention to detail here—red onions, jalapeños, and tomatoes are diced with precision and, along with some dry cheese (it resembles the dusty Parmesan cheese that comes in packets with pizzas), lovingly placed in their own quadrant on top of the bowl."
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating

King Philly Cheesesteaks
As the name implies, King Philly's serves up authentic Amoroso rolls with just the right amount of cheese to meat ratio, and the cheesesteaks are made to order.
Pickup or delivery

The Stonehouse Cafe
The Stonehouse Cafe occupies what used to be and old service station in Rainier Beach. It's been revived by a family of restaurant industry veterans into a cafe and bakery serving comfort food and fresh pastries.
Pickup, delivery, outdoor seating, or limited indoor seating

Umami Kushi
This local Japanese street food catering company makes okazu pan (small portable breads stuffed with all manner of savory fillings), beignets (doughnuts), yakitori (skewered meats), and yuzu kosho (a zesty condiment). 
Pickup, delivery, or outdoor seating


Bok a Bok
This fried chicken joint got the attention of Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and serves Southern comfort food with a Korean twist, including kimchi mac and cheese and chicken sandwiches in flavors like gochujang BBQ and yuzu green chile. The "bowl o' shame" comes with kimchi mac and cheese, tater tots, diced fried chicken thighs, four-chile hot sauce, cheese sauce, fried shallots and garlic, green onions, and a soft poached egg.
Pickup or delivery

El Camion
This taco truck is known for serving some of the best Mexican food in Seattle. Stranger contributor Jenn Campbell wrote, "You're probably here for the burritos, which is sensible, because (A) they are delicious, and (B) one of these near-two-pound, foil-wrapped missiles of meat, black beans, rice, and cheese will feed you, your mom, and the people at the next table for a mere $8.50. But why limit yourself when there are carnitas or spicy adobada tacos, sturdy gorditas piled with earthy cochinita pibil and salty cotija, or bowls of satisfying pork pozole?"
Pickup or delivery

Grillbird Teriyaki
This fast-casual teriyaki-focused restaurant from owner Matthew Parker, who's served as creative director and designer for spots like Westward and Great State Burger, serves a small menu of gluten-free dishes with vegan options.
Pickup or delivery

Salvadorean Bakery
Jenn Campbell wrote, "You’ll need to studiously avoid the two heaving pastry cases on either side of you as you order your meal at the counter of this White Center bakery. Focus! Before you can get to those tres leches cakes and strawberry empanadas, get yourself a proper meal of pillowy pupusas stuffed with chicharron, salty queso, refried red beans, or nutty loroco flower buds. Breakfast plates come with fried plantains, and there’s a full list of sandwiches, grilled and stewed meats, and soups for lunch and dinner. The plato guanaco—a pupusa, a tamale, sweet plantain, fried yucca, and red beans—is a boon for the indecisive."
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

Young's Restaurant
The Stranger's Chase Burns praised this family-run diner for its warm and homey atmosphere, writing, "The spread is a supremely good mix of what you'd find at a Chinese restaurant and a greasy spoon breakfast joint—plates of country sausage patties served on Zodiac place mats. The restaurant is packed with a diverse crowd, and the waiters seem to know everyone. The line stretches out the door. One of the giant picture windows promises 'TERIYAKI' in giant stenciled letters near another that reads 'BREAKFAST.' TERIYAKI BREAKFAST is a diner's dream come true."
Pickup or limited indoor seating

The map below of COVID-19 vaccination locations is unofficial, but you may find it helpful.