Alex Gallo-Brown: Variations of Labor

This event is in the past
Mon Sept 2, 2019, 6 pm
Town Hall First Hill (Seattle)
Alex Gallo-Brown's new, superbly written book, Variations of Labor, is a collection of poems, essays, and short stories devoted to the minimum-wage city, the one that has men and women making espressos and cappuccinos for NIMBY millionaires or caring for the children of programmers. Class tension is found at every level of labor in Gallo-Brown's Seattle. The workers tend to hate the techies, and the techies tend to abuse the workers. In Gallo-Brown's world, workers can't afford to strike or loudly demand higher wages. They instead engage in micro-resistance, like doing some job slowly or slightly wrong. But almost every work in Variations of Labor reads like Gallo-Brown is talking to you in a low voice. Think of someone who is secretly trying to unionize an office or who is criticizing the boss to a fellow worker. This is the mode of Gallo-Brown's prose and poems. by Charles Mudede

Town Hall

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