Bodies of Discovery – Naomi Fisher: Thermodynamic Flower

Every day, through Nov 30
Occidental Square Pioneer Square (Seattle)
This is an in-person event
Naomi Fisher: Thermodynamic Flower is part of Bodies of Discovery, an expansive group exhibition taking place over the Summer/Fall of 2021 and featuring a series of performances, films, and installations. Set and performed in outdoor plazas and parks throughout downtown Seattle, this constellation of works explores the (re)activation of the physical body in our again-accessible public space, and will create sites of artistic discovery in unexpected places over the course of the exhibition. The presentations are curated by the Henry Art Gallery, On the Boards, and Velocity Dance Center, and supported by the Metropolitan Improvement District.
For Thermodynamic Flower, Naomi Fisher (b. 1976, Miami, Florida) drives at the tensions between nature and capitalist dynamics via feminist theories and strategies based on surrealist art. Created specifically for this public space, her thermodynamic sculptures made from galvanized steel invites participation. Solar thermal glass tubes arranged in a sunburst formation collect heat, which is then transferred to a flower shape painted with temperature sensitive paint. The sculpture transforms from red to yellow, illustrating metaphorically the sun’s psychological and emotional effects, as well as the literal transformation of solar radiation into heat via green technology. Mirrored surfaces of the leaf-shaped elements reflect the viewers and surroundings, enfolding the audience into the piece itself.
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Occidental Square

Occidental Ave S and S Main St Seattle, WA 98104

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