Christina Quarles

Wed - Sun, from Feb 12 - Jun 5, 11 am - 5 pm
Frye Art Museum First Hill (Seattle)
This is an in-person event

Los Angeles–based artist Christina Quarles paints bodies that are subjected not only to the weight and gravity of the physical world but also to the pleasures and pressures of the social realm. Her evocative scenes feature ambiguous figures whose limbs, torsos, and faces merge with familiar domestic objects made strange through unexpected color choices and experimental painterly gestures. The largest presentation of her work to date, Christina Quarles surveys the artist’s paintings of the last three years and features the US debut of a large-scale installation that playfully references trompe l’oeil—an optical technique for producing the semblance of depth that the artist relates to the illusory boundaries that demarcate the self. The exhibition also includes a selection of Quarles’s drawings, which often include text that references vernacular language and popular culture. Ultimately, Quarles’s work explores the universal experience of existing within a body, as well as the ways race, gender, and sexuality intersect to form complex identities.

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Frye Art Museum

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