Cowboy Junkies

This event is in the past
June 9–10, 2019, 8 pm
Neptune Theatre Northeast Seattle (Seattle)
The first time I ever heard Cowboy Junkies was on a dirty, beer-stained couch at the radio station I used to help run in college. My friend and I were supposed to be studying, but we ended up just lying around listening to music. She put on their cover of Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” which seemed to fit every mood I could ever have at 21—melancholy, meditative, cautious, ready to yield to the good things in life. Like the rest of the band’s work. Cowboy Junkies are now celebrating 30 years together as a band. Cheers to that.

by Jasmyne Keimig

Neptune Theatre

1303 NE 45th St Seattle, WA 98105 Venue website