Joketellers Union

This event is out of date and is likely to be canceled or postponed.
Wed, 8:30 pm
Clock-Out Lounge Beacon Hill (Seattle)
Seattle comedians Brett Hamil and Emmett Montgomery, the curators of Joketellers Union, invite talent from all over the greater area. Some nights, the jokers are from Everett; other nights, they are from Bellevue. And in this way, Hamil and Montgomery expose the self-centered Seattle audience to the wider region. They are also committed to the representation of different voices: women, people of color, queer people. Seattle is just not that cool of a place. It has become a city for the rich, and the rich are always boring. By presenting a variety of voices from different parts of the greater metropolis, Hamil and Montgomery have concocted a show that feels like a real city. by Charles Mudede
March 11 show canceled. by Charles Mudede

Clock-Out Lounge

4864 Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA 98108 Venue website

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