Marc Maron: Hey, There’s More Tour

This event is in the past
Sat Sept 7, 2019, 7:30 pm
Moore Theatre Pike Pine Retail Core (Seattle)
$33 - $43
He’s the host of a well-regarded podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, has a starring role in fantastic Netflix series Glow as well as significant roles in a few films (Sword of Trust by Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton and Todd Phillips’ Joker). But, he’s a stand-up comedian first and foremost, his style curmudgeonly self-deprecating humor that reaches self-hate heights while remaining funny and relatable. From his 2017 Netflix special, Too Real: “I came home one night and there’s this little 2-month-old black kitten sitting there. Awww. That’s the proper response. That is not the response I had. My response was ‘Awww fuck, now I gotta fucking love you now?’ And oddly that’s how all my relationships start.” He’s belly-laugh funny, but doesn’t feel like he’s trying to be at all, which is part of his charm. by Leilani Polk

Moore Theatre

1932 Second Ave Seattle, WA 98121 Venue website