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Sat July 20, 2019, 6:45–7:15 pm
CHBP Barboza Stage
Queer Seattle pop star Michete has a proclivity for the earwormy, the gutter, the club. Which is to say, her music is really fucking fun. Which is to say, I've been listening to "Miss Shitty" on repeat after hearing it during an intermission at a Kremwerk drag show. "Hey, I'm young Miss Shitty / young Miss Cunt, bitch / Run this city" has been on an endless loop in my brain. The only thing I want to hear after a night out dancing is her dick-sucking anthem "Yum Yum Big Slurp," and sometimes, yes, I need a reminder that I'm a "Stupid Girl," that I'm a dumb bitch. Michete—who produces all her own beats—is a very quotable, very boppable good time. by Jasmyne Keimig

CHBP Barboza Stage

Seattle, WA 98122