Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, RVG

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This event is in the past
Thurs June 6, 2019, 8 pm
Crocodile Belltown (Seattle)
$15 - $17
Sub Pop–backed Australian group Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever play indie rock that’s passionate without being over the top. There’s nothing extraordinary about their slightly driving, modestly melodic, mildly intense songs, but they consistently hit a sweet spot for those who like their rock lean and unassumingly uplifting. RBCF don't really go in for the kill, but rather are the type of band that play a midafternoon set at a festival—say, Bumbershoot—on a medium-sized stage and surprise you with their relentlessly stolid B+ rock maneuvers. And that means they're better than most in the game, even if you're unlikely to be inspired enough to get a tattoo of their logo. by Dave Segal


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