The Future Is 0: A Benefit for On the Boards

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Thu Oct 22 2020, 7 pm
This is an online event ยท On the Boards
"I’m often told of a magical TV show that aired during the even more magical era that was Seattle in the 1980s and ’90s, a time when everyone lived in a punk house and everyone sucked gay cock. That TV show was Almost Live!, and it was basically like Seattle’s SNL, and everyone loved it. While I never watched Almost Live! live, I've spent a good deal of time watching it on (gasp) the internet, and I’d like to posit that The Future Is 0—a live game show—carries on the tradition of Almost Live!’s nerdy, affable, charismatic humor. But, of course, they are not the same thing, and Seattle has sucked since Almost Live! ended and the Kingdome exploded," wrote The Stranger's Chase Burns last year. The game show will once again be at the center of this year's online benefit for On the Boards.

This is an online event

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