The People vs. Agent Orange

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This new documentary shows how the United States military's widespread chemical warfare in Vietnam left subsequent generations with ongoing, severe health problems. It highlights the work of Tran To Nga, a French-Vietnamese journalist who has sued 14 companies that produced and sold the potent defoliant dioxin used against her and others in Vietnam. Tran is seeking damages, and a legal victory would be a first as there has been no compensation provided to a Vietnamese victim since the war. A ruling on her suit is scheduled for May 10. There is also a group of people closer to home in the Pacific Northwest fighting their own battle. Carol Van Strum has worked for decades to expose the dangers of chemicals like Agent Orange, which the US continued to use despite the detriment it caused to people's health. Van Strum was also one of the leading forces behind the Poison Papers, an online archive of records that drew city attorneys' attention from Portland to Seattle. The People vs. Agent Orange directors Kate Taverna and Alan Adelson are longtime collaborators who worked on this documentary together. They pursued this story after seeing the damage these chemicals could have on people in photographs and began digging into the history of the ongoing crisis. by Chase Hutchinson

This is an online event

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