The Witching Hour: A Nordo's Room Service Experience

This event is in the past
Thu - Sat, through Jun 26, 1 - 6 pm
Cafe Nordo Pioneer Square (Seattle)
This is an in-person event
Starting at $122
Those who receive this parcel from Cafe Nordo are cast as new initiates of the Society of Nocturnal Mysteries—a journey that begins with lighting a candle and choosing a powerful crystal from an embossed velvet satchel and ends with you making an executive decision as to whether or not to "put the army of fears you have unleashed back in the bottle or recruit them to be your allies in this astral plane." The organizers add, "You toggle from object d’art, to interactive website with short films, to artisanal cocktails, and whoopsie-daisy!"

Cafe Nordo

109 S Main St Seattle, WA 98104 Venue website