Tres Leches

This event is in the past
Sat July 20, 2019, 6:30–7:15 pm
CHBP Neumos Stage
Another group that earned some love in that NPR piece about bands redefining Seattle music, Tres Leches are a power trio in the untraditional sense: There are three members (Alaia D'Alessandro, Ulises Mariscal, and Zander Yates), but none of them are anchored to their instruments, instead trading off between guitar, bass, and drums. And their sound isn't static, either. Their self-styled genre description is pretty apt—"art punk, distortion pop, dark basement"—and finds them flexing their chops within an established theme before gracefully (or raucously) sliding into another one. Check out "Reading Rainbow" off 2018 debut studio LP Amorfo for archetypal Tres Leches. It's a fine slice of seething weirdness and crunchy intrigue marked by odd melodic flourishes, staccato lead shouts, and backing vocals that swirl, coo, and echo in ghostly layers.  by Leilani Polk

CHBP Neumos Stage

Seattle, WA 98122